Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Buddy the Elf...what's your favorite color?"

Sorry, I saw ELF about 6 times in a row today (toddler NEVER gets old!) and when I saw all the pink in my blog, that quote came to mind. In fact, we've watched ELF so often within the past 24 hours that ELF quotes may be the only thing flowing through my mind at all.

Weekends are usually pretty slow for me so I've been using today to get caught up on a bunch of stuff. Replying to emails that have been sitting in my in-box for months. Literally. I usually check my email really quickly - often when I'm on my way out the door or in the middle of a project. So I don't reply right away. And if I don't reply right away well then forget it. It's a lost cause. It will take me days if not weeks if not months to reply to it! Because the further down it drops in my in-box, the more in danger it becomes of falling into "the void". I am definitely an "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" person unfortunately. I don't choose to be. Just the nature of how I function I guess.

So anyway, this year I've been hearing from a lot of old friends. I don't know what it is about this year. Maybe because it's the year of my 10 year reunion? However, none of the people I've heard from actually graduated with me. I went to a different high school during my junior & senior year. So I'm not sure what brought me to their mind. Maybe just browsing through I guess. Nonetheless, it's been fun to hear how old friends are doing and what is going on in their lives. Two of the friends had contacted me fairly recently so I took some time to reply to those emails today. I told them I had some pictures of all of us that I was gonna post. So to all of our embarrassment:

Kristine, Kim, Shannon, Kara and Keisha
(I think this was the first day of school in either first or second grade):

Jenny, Kim, Rhonda, Jill and Shannon
(Valentine's Dance in...hmm...I think seventh grade?):

Wasn't that fun? I've got LOTS of embarrassing old photos. Who wants to go next? Elaine? Alyson? Meeeeeeeeelanie? ; )

One of the things that struck me today as I was writing back to Kristine was how much I appreciate Erick. I've always appreciated him. But today as I was writing to her and just mentioning all that he does I thought "How does he do it all?" He has his full-time job as a Deputy Probation Counselor that he really puts his heart and soul into. He truly has a passion to see these kids rehabilitated. And then he is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Circle Six Magazine which keeps him busy of course. Yet, he still seems to be 100% available to the girls and myself. He helps me with chores. He takes the night feeding with Kyla. He goes on every errand with us. And yet, none of us girls are hurting for quality one-on-one time with him. He's always the one who is reminding me to stop and take time for a hug. He wrestles with Kenna, snuggles with the girls on the floor and watches their "shows" with them. With all that he does, it amazes me that I'm not one of those wives who complains that she never sees her husband. You'd think it would be that way. But he makes sure it's not. I love him for it. I think on our next date night we'll make snow angels for two hours, and then we'll go ice skating, and then we'll eat a whole roll of cookie dough as fast as we can, and then to finish, we'll snuggle.

Ok, well anyway - that's all for tonight. Both girls are bathed and ready for bed but not yet tired. I think I'll wind Kenna down with a bedtime story and maybe by the time we're done, Kyla will be ready for bed too. I'm committed to re-scrapping at least one of my earlier pages once their asleep.

Before I go, here is a cute picture my sister took yesterday. She brought the boys over for a playdate yesterday. Luke wasn't able to nap because our landlord came to fix our carpet in the room where he needed to sleep. So I was holding Lukey and he fell asleep on me. Isn't he a precious?:

Ok, now I'm really gonna go. Because this place smells like mushrooms and everybody looks like they want to hurt me. (Again, ELF quotes for those who have no clue what I'm saying).


Elaine Chaney said...

OMG. Those pictures from way back when are so cool! It's funny because that is how I still see all of us. and yes, bring on some old doodly pictures of me.. I can take it! haha!

Gina Rae said...

Cute older pictures! Look at how much tinier you are in the first picture. THAT'S where McKenna gets her itty-bittyness from! (well, we already knew that though... but it was fun to point out!)

Ok but please, don't barf after you speed-race the cookie dough down!

Oh and I would like to say- I thought we agreed NO ELF until after Thanksgiving? I was thinking about watching it yesterday and then I said "No, that wouldn't be right...Shannon and I already discussed it anyway". Hrmph! LOL

Shannon Bieger said...

Elaine - asked for it!! LOL!

Gina - I thought the same thing about the shortness! I was like "Well no wonder - I was a runt too!" I always knew I was shorter but I thought I just had exceptionally tall friends! LMAO Except for Miss Elaine here. She's 4'11! At least I was always taller than her.

Oh crap. I am busted. Ok, to make amends, I will not watch Christmas Vacation until AFTER you've broken it in for the holiday season. ; )

Kim said...

Oh wow, I am not even sure what to say other than what was my mom thinking dressing me like that?!

Shannon Bieger said...

I especially love that 4 of us have bangs that go ear to ear. Nice. It's like a mini-mullet for the first-grader.

Jen said...

Oh- Elf- now I am going to have to pull that out- what a great movie!

Julie said...

I'm laughing at your Elf comments wondering what people who've never seen it must be thinking of you? ROFL
Niiiiice older pictures! LOL