Thursday, November 10, 2005

Someone's Stinky.....

Oh, it's me. (You're gonna have to imagine that was said in my best Barney Gumble voice.) It's probably true though. I didn't shower today. I'm not ashamed to admit that. I had nowhere to go except to drop McKenna off at preschool. And since McKenna didn't wake up (which means I didn't wake up) until 8:15 and I had to give her breakfast, get her dressed, read her "Wudolph the Big Nosed Deer" (as she calls it) before we left (because I had promised her I would read it to her when she woke up) AND have her to school all by 9am well....a shower was the last thing on my mind. Besides, half of the other woman dropping their kids off were probably in the same stinky boat as I was - the "No-shower-threw-on-a-track-suit" boat. The other half are in the "Dressed-to-the-nines-can't-leave-the-house-without-makeup" boat. You gotta hate that boat. They probably have caviar on that boat. Let's sink it.

Anyway, I thought I should probably get in here with some stories and pics before it built up into too huge of a project again. I'm just gonna list them at random:

* At the current moment, McKenna keeps coming up to me with her tea party cups and saying "Mommy, pour dat? Sure!" What she wants is for me to pour some of my soda into a cup for her so she can pretends its "Mmmm, hot toffee!" She thinks if she adds the "Sure!" onto a request that it will trick me into thinking I'd just said "Sure" and will do what she wants. Just now she brought me a cup and said "Mommy, drink it! Drink it the tea!" So I took a "sip" and said "Oooh, it's hot!" And she appeared truly offended and said "No Mommy! No it's NOT hot! It's NUMMY!" LOL my bad apparently.

* Today after Erick left for work, I hear her walking back and forth from our room to the front door saying "Daddy got keys? Ipod? Hat? Badge? Sure!" Erick had just left for work. I think she was doing some pretend play of his departure and making sure he had all the stuff he always takes with him.

* If anyone has a toddler, I highly recommend this puzzle. My MIL bought this for McKenna and it has been so amazing watching McKenna with it! Under each letter there are picture associations (ball where the B goes, carrots where the C goes, etc.) and when you put the letter where it belongs it says "B is for Ball". Within 3 times of doing this puzzle, McKenna was able to identify all the letters, all the subjects, knew exactly where to put every letter and was saying all the sayings along with it.

* She found this small acrylic tray that we had and took it for her own. Well, I found it, with plastic cookies on it, inside her toy oven. I told her that she was so creative to use that as a cookie tray. She took it from me saying "I bake cookies for Santa! Uh-oh. I spilled it."

* She has a little obsession with high heels lately (thanks Cinderella). She even helped me pick out my latest pair the other day. What am I saying? She DID pick out my pair. I had one pair picked out and she insisted I try on another. Lo and behold, the pair she chose was cuter AND more comfortable! So I bought them! Anyway, she likes to line up her shoes and she says "It's hard to choose." Then she puts her feet in her "glass" Cinderella slippers and says "That was easy!"

* Usually when she wakes in the morning she calls for me (lately she calls me by saying "Let me out!") Well one morning, no call. So I decided to peek in on her and she had taken off her pajamas and put shoes and socks on. She said "Look Mama! I put shoes and socks on right feet!" And she did! Apparently, Erick taught her left and right.

* One morning while watching Cinderella she said "Cindawella's beauful Mommy." I said "Who else is beautiful?" And she threw up her arms and said "Kenna's beauful! And Mommy's beauful! And Kyla's beauful! And Daddy's beauful!"

* Overheard while she ate some "Shreks" (Shrek fruit snacks) "It's the best EVER!!!!"

* She'd just finished a plate of fruit salad. She brought her plate to me and said "Trick or treat! More salad?"

* She pronounces ravioli as "Rabbit-oli" LOL!

* Right now she is watching this dvd and it always blesses my heart to hear her singing worship. Every dvd is called a "show". Its usually prefaced by some key word so I at least know which one she means. Cinderella show, Dora show, etc. This particular dvd she calls the "holy show". LOL! I guess that's because so many of the songs have choruses that say "holy".

* She does two things to Kyla that crack me up. She shakes Kyla's hand and says "Nice to see you." Or she squeezes Kyla's pudgy arm and says "Squishy squishy."

* Kyla is absolutely precious. Her smile totally melts us. She loves when you stroke her ears, cheeks or under her chin. She lifts up her chin and gives a big grin whenever we do it.

* She also loves when you make a big, loud, squeaky kiss sound right in her open mouth. That gets big smiles too.

* And today she was in her car seat and I attached this toy bar on the handle. She had a pacifier in her mouth which she would not let go of but she couldn't help but give a big smile to her new toy (thank you Bruce for the gift!)

Here are a few pics for you:

This is why pens shouldn't be toys:

"I am so not in the mood for pictures before breakfast."

"I am so not in the mood to be tickled before breakfast."

McKenna and her Mommy. Guess which one of us got a new haircut and which one of us needs one.

If you'd like to see some more of McKenna's art projects, I've created an album of them on shutterfly. I'll add to it every week.

McKenna's art projects


Gina Rae said...

"She thinks if she adds the "Sure!" onto a request that it will trick me into thinking I'd just said "Sure" and will do what she wants."

OMG Emily does this too! LOL Only she says "Okay" very softly with this little head tilt and she bats her eyes - gets me everytime! LOL

haha at her being sneaky in her room. Em does that too, only she likes to rifle through her hair accessories drawer, so a lot of times I wake to about 150 clips and bows on the floor and she says "ooops... I made a mess". :)

I was also cracking up at the pen picture! hahahahaah Did that come off easily?

Shannon Bieger said...

LOL Well I wouldn't say "easily". I was able to get it faded in the bath but it wasn't until a face wash the next morning that I was able to get it all off.

Jen said...

Gotta love the "sure" comment. Micah says, "Okay?" They sure are sneaky! Be lucky you got off easy with it just being a pen- when Micah was a little younger- he found a marker- not a washable one of course- and colored all over his arms, legs and shirt. That was fun ;)

Julie said...

That's so cute that she adds the "Sure"!!

That morning face is so funny!!!

I seem to remember SOMEONE saying they'd get me a copy of that Worship DVD. LOL