Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ode to the Lik-M-Stik

When McKenna and I say prayers at night, we always start and end them the same way and we say those parts together. In the middle, she lists the things about the day that she is thankful for. Here was tonight's prayer:

Mommy & McKenna: "Dear God, thank you for a wonderful day."
McKenna: "Thank you for a Lik-M-Stik. And another Lik-M-Stik. And a new cup and the straw. And playing with Kyla."
Mommy & McKenna: "And thank you for Mommy and Daddy and McKenna and Kyla and especially baby Jesus. Aaaaaaamen."

In case you couldn't tell, she got TWO Lik-M-Stiks today (remember those? The white sugar sticks that come with Fun Dip? I think they're actually called "Lik-A-Stik" but not in Kenna's world). Anyway, that and she also got a new cup with an accordian straw from her kid's meal at Weinerschnitzel.

In honor of her love for Fun Dip and her excitement over getting "a Lik-M-Stik and another Lik-M-Stik" I bring you this LO:

Lik-M-Stik Addiction
This was submitted to Gina's 3rd Font & Sketch Challenge. Credits: Papers are from Carrie Stephens "Candied Hues" pack. The pink journaling frame was originally from Shabby Princess' "Sweet Sprinkles" kit. It was a solid pink that I recolored, texturized and cropped. Fonts are MA Sexy and Beyond Wonderland. Journaling says: Riley Roo - You have unfortunately inherited Daddy's addiction to Fun Dip. You ask for "Lik-m-Stik and dust" all the time. Daddy can never deny you and he always buys two packs - one for himself and one for you. You both need your daily "fix!" Additional comments: In case it isn't clear - I did the bright filter on the main photo because I was going for a kind of "exposed" "caught in the act" look for that pic. And then the dusky/blurry oranges on the bottom are kind of like you might see in a movie when you're watching something through the eyes of someone on drugs. I was really playing up the whole "addiction" thing. LOL!

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P ; ) said...

LOL! Don't you just love the innocent prayers of children? Sooo sweet.