Thursday, November 24, 2005

Every good and perfect gift is from above.

(James 1:17)

I give thanks to God for all his blessings - both obvious and disguised. Here are a few of the obvious:

* My husband who puts his heart and soul into his job but does not let his family suffer for it. For the way he cares for the kids who are in the system with a genuine heart. For the way he is always looking for ways to help me or take care of me. For the way he takes interest in what interests me. For the way he is so involved with his daughters and takes joy in their smallest accomplishments. For this wonderful, generous, loving man - I am thankful.

* For McKenna who has become such a bright, loving little lady who is teeming with personality. For the way she makes me laugh and surprises me with all of the things she picks up when I think she isn't listening. For how well she's doing in her first year of preschool. For the perfect big sister she has become to Kyla. - For this beautiful, talented, charming little girl - I am thankful.

* For Kyla and her healthy arrival. For how easy she made this transition to becoming a family of four. For her easy-going personality and her ginormous smile that no one can ignore. For the way she wakes in the morning with quiet, gentle cooing and waits patiently for me to come and get her and then greets me with the sweetest grin. - For this precious, adorable, sweet little baby - I am thankful.

* For our family that surrounds us. We are so fortunate to have most of them all around us so that every holiday and any occasion is a fun and memorable one. For my wonderful sister and that we are so close and can share in this experience of being wives and mothers together. That we love each other's children as though they are our own. Especially for the health of my newest nephew. For this supportive, loving family - I am thankful.

* For my friends. Especially this year, I have felt abundantly blessed with so many wonderful friends. Friends who make me laugh hysterically, who teach me and inspire me, who can share in the joys of my family as I share in the joys of theirs. For friends who I've never lost touch with, old friends who have resurfaced and new friends that I've made. I don't want to list names for fear that I might accidentally leave someone off. But if you think I might be referring to your friendship, then I assure you I am. No matter how often we talk - daily or monthly or every few months - for these friends I am thankful.

* For the opportunities God has provided this year - a 3 bedroom apartment with a backyard, McKenna getting to attend a wonderful preschool program at half the cost, the free services of a phenomenal web design and programming team for Circle Six Magazine, a skilled designer being willing to teach me the art of digital scrapping, for the wonderful friend that stood in line at 4:30 in the morning to get an XBox 360 and then generously gave the only one to Erick - I could go on and on with all of the wonderful provisions of the year. For these and so much more, I am thankful.

* Most importantly, for a God who loves me...who loves my family...who loves us all more than our minds can comprehend and more than our hearts can hold. For all the answered prayers. For the times He provided and for the times He withheld. For knowing better than I what I need, what my family needs. For His perfect timing. For loving me enough to die on the cross for me - I am thankful.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Know that you are one of the many blessing that I will be giving thanks for on this day!

Credits for Smileface: Papers from Bree Clarkson's "Sweet Ladybug" kit. Alpha from Bree Clarkson's "Playtime". Staple from Sarah Jones' "Aberdeen". Pearl extracted from an element in Traci Sim's "English Roses" kit. Font is Chalk. Inspired by Bree Clarkson's Scrap Maps (in DMM issue #1).


Kim said...

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Gina said...

I think I am going to cry! Thanks for mentioning me. ;) Love ya girlfriend! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO THE BIEGERS!!

(LOL...I feel like Joey and Chandler after the "Love Ya" comment.... like when they hug and then they NEVER shall speak of it again! LOL!)

Elaine said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO THE ENTIIIRRREE FAMILY! may you be chock full of turkey, stuffing, pie, laughter and hopefully catching a nap in between all the madness! :D

Shannon Bieger said...

Kim - Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Were you and Keith able to come home for the holiday?

Gina - LOL You are SO like me and my sister. On the rare occasion we express any sentiment we must quickly follow it up with some sort of joke. But I love ya too. You're a good friend and I appreciate you. Now enough of all this sappiness otherwise we will see all my Thanksgiving dinner resurface. = P (See, sentiment followed by joke).

Elaine - I tried to comment on your blog today and kept getting shut down. Damn myspace bastards. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Brad, Maddy and Gunter (LOL see, I know you love him as much as you love Maddy). Catching a nap? Ha ha ha - what the hell is a nap? I haven't experienced one of those since I became a mother of two. I'm running on pure adrenaline baby.


Julie said...

Such an awesome Thanksgiving post, Shannon!!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!
Hugs and Kisses to your girls, Erick if he'll stand for it, and Mel & her family too!!

Shannon Bieger said...

LOL "Erick if he'll stand for it". Well he might blush fiercely but I'm sure he'd appreciate the sentiment.

Happy Thanksgiving Jewels! I hope you guys had a good one! Love ya!