Thursday, May 12, 2005

Just a tiny update this time.

McKenna can now count to 10 flawlessly and confidently. Thank you Sesame Street.

A few days ago we took her into a candy store. She literally acted like a kid in a candy store. She was running to each bin and pointing "This! That! Have some?" Eventually she just started reaching in and grabbing pieces and sticking them in our bag. I tried to limit it to Jelly Bellies and mini M&Ms but she did pick out a LARGE gummie shark. Erick loves those too so I figured "She'll never eat this but we'll give it to Daddy." Well as soon as we left the store, she reached in her bag and pulled out the shark. With every bite she would say "Mmmm, yummy". She ate the WHOLE thing! It was huge! I couldn't believe she ate it all!

Today she lugged her little training potty out of the bathroom all on her own and sat on it. I was pretty proud of her for taking the initiative. She actually sat (naked tushie and all) on the potty for a good 10 minutes just reading her books with me and watching Monsters, Inc.

Then she took her baby doll, shoved her in the potty and said "Baby go pee pee." She always wants baby to do, watch and eat everything that she does.

Tonight I came home from work and Erick was giving McKenna her bath. She was being such a sweetie pie. She kept standing up to wrap her arms around Erick's neck, gave him a kiss, then wrapped her arms around my neck, gave me a kiss. Then she'd sit down to play and then a few minutes later stand up and say "Hug?" and do it all over again.

Then when I put her down for bed she gave me a giant hug and kiss, blew kisses to me as I laid her down, said "I yah you" (I love you) and then when I told her "Sweet dreams" she repeated "Sweet deams".

She really melts my heart.

Here are a few pics:

Here she is producing great music. Mix Master Kenna:

Here she is playing "the hugging game" with her neighborhood friends Stephanie and Audrey:

I was sooooo thrilled. She let me put a ponytail in her hair finally! She always fusses if I try to do anything with her hair so even though this is totally silly looking, its a big breakthrough for us. It at least keeps her hair out of her eyes AND it gets her used to the idea of having her hair cared for. (She'd just woken up from a nap here so she was a little sleepy still):

And she's let me do it every day since! Here she is in the new romper that Grandma Beth bought her. She's inviting you to a tea party:

Today Daddy bought her this fairy princess outfit (skirt, crown, wings and it came with a wand which isn't shown). The bathing suit is also new. McKenna picked it out herself. Its a Sleeping Beauty suit and I think she liked it best because it sparkled.

That's all for now! Don't forget to check our pregnancy journal next Thursday when we find out if we're having another daughter or a son!

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