Thursday, May 19, 2005

It's a Girl!!

That's right! We're having another beautiful daughter! McKenna will have a baby sister! Read more about it in our pregnancy journal:

As soon as we found out we were having another daughter, we went shopping! This is what we did when we found out McKenna was a girl so we thought we would do the same for Kyla. Here is what we bought:

Oops, forgot to take the sticker off the front:

And matching dresses for McKenna and Kyla to wear the day we bring Kyla home:

McKenna is doing great. She loves to count all day long. She can count to 11 and her favorite thing to count is either her snacks or her toes.

She is signed up for her first classes! Starting at the end of June, we will take a Mommy & Me Music in Motion class. This is for 17 month-3 year olds and teaches them music with singing, simple instruments and basic dance. The class is once a week for 7 weeks (45 minute classes). After that class ends, we are taking Mommy & Me swimming classes. It will help her to feel comfortable in the water, to practice kicking, blowing bubbles, holding her breath under water and other useful techniques. Its 5 days a week for 2 weeks (30 minute classes). And then starting Sept. 1, she will begin attending preschool! Its a Christian preschool, hosted at the church right across the street. She will go one day a week for 4 hours a day. I really wanted her to get to be involved with other children and to get to learn and explore things in a more class-like environment. She is so very social so I think she is going to love all of these classes!

A couple of blessings that have happened for us:

* A 3 bedroom apt. on the GROUND floor will be opening up this July! We are so extremely happy that we'll be able to get in there before Kyla is born so that we can get her room situated. There are actually two different apts. opening up. Please pray that we get the one that does not have anyone above us! That would be ideal!

* I work 3 evenings a week at the church across the street. I had decided that I wasn't going to continue once the baby was born. But I did want to stay on for one night a week because that would give us a tremendous discount for McKenna's preschool costs. My boss was able to find someone to take my extra hours and will keep me on for Wednesday evenings only. With the employee discount for preschool and the amount of income I'll make on that one night a week...McKenna's preschool will end up costing us only $7 out-of-pocket!!

God is good whether He gives abundantly or witholds. But we are so grateful that He has given so abundantly to us with these particular blessings. Most importantly, He has given us more than we could ever deserve with these two healthy daughters.

Here is a silly pic of McKenna from this week:


Juliet said...


I'm glad to hear things are going well. Cute outfits!

Vickie said...

Congratulations! I'm becoming a bit of a regular reader of your journal now, your daughter is so gorgeous, she's got me hooked!!

I have two little girls, and they are so much fun, you will have a ball! I'm really pleased that your pregnancy is going so well, and thos dresses are completely adorable. Congrats again!