Monday, May 23, 2005

Potty Time!

I can't believe I forgot to mention a big milestone in McKenna's life! She went peepee in the potty for the first time on 5/15!!

We had her potty out in the living room so that anytime she wanted to, she could sit on it and kind of start warming up to the idea. Well, that particular day, she had a bit of a diaper rash so I told her she could go diaperless for a bit but if she had to go peepee then she needed to go in the potty.

About two minutes later she says "Mommy....present?" I turned around and she was sitting on the potty and I said "Yes, if you go peepee in the potty then you get a present." And with that....she let it flow! LOL Guess she wanted to make sure she really WOULD get a present first!

Afterward she was SO proud of herself that she ran around the toilet squealing "I did it! I did it!" When Daddy got home, we took her to the sweet factory where Daddy (twisted guy that he is) bought her this:

We also bought a bag of pink, blue and red Jelly Bellies so we could start a reward system. She gets 2 pink beans for trying, 3 red beans for peeing and 5 blue beans for pooping. Until today, she had only earned pink beans.

Then this evening she asked for beans so we told her to try to go potty. She wasn't interested in trying but while sitting on her little scooter, I noticed she started to poop!! I quickly picked her up and put her on the potty and told her if she put more poopoo in the potty, she would get blue beans. So she did and she earned her beans. I didn't consider that a total success but I did still want to reward her with the blue beans so she would grasp the concept that actually GOING potty gets her MORE beans and the colors she likes the best.

And after she got her beans she ran around the apt. dancing and singing (to the beat of a Conga line) "Poopoo in the potty! Poopoo in the potty!"

Silly kid.

Here are a few more pics for ya:

Taking the plunge and running through her Elmo sprinkler:

Muddy but fun:

Playing with Audrey and Stephanie:

The girls came over to play with McKenna's dress-up box. McKenna offers Stephanie a cookie because a bride needs to eat on her wedding day after all:

McKenna's first set of pigtails:

I'm having waaaaay too much fun with her hair these days!

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