Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day Pictures

Here are some pics from my Mother's Day. Erick had to work a double on actual Mother's Day (notice a trend with our holidays? The County REALLY makes you pay your dues as you work your way up the seniority list) so I got to celebrate over two days.

On Sunday, McKenna gave me my Mother's Day gift - she slept in until 8:30am! We took my Mom to lunch and afterward we went to the park. And when we came home, McKenna took a 3 hour nap! So it was a very relaxing day for me! Also, Erick left me the sweetest letter which really made the day feel so special for me. Especially since I know he had to get up early to write it (he had to leave for work by 5:30am).

Pics from Sunday:

McKenna dressed as the Unabomber:

My pretty girl, all dressed up for Mother's Day:

With Grandma Beth:

Swinging at the park:

Me and my girl:

Me and my babies:

Then today, Erick took McKenna and I to California Disney. We had an absolute blast!

First we went to see the Playhouse Disney Live Stageshow. It had Bear in the Big Blue House, Jo-Jo's Circus, Stanley, Winnie the Pooh, bubbles and streamers falling from the ceiling, dancing, singing - it was so much fun. McKenna was enthralled. She actually got so excited at one point that she fell back into some strangers lap! LOL!

Here she is, entranced by the show:

Erick and I had the most fun just watching her:

Bear in the Big Blue House:

Jo-Jo's Circus. When McKenna heard the theme music start up for this part of the show, her mouth dropped open and her eyes got real wide and she let out a big excited gasp!

(Guess we didn't get a pic of Stanley). Here is Winnie the Pooh:

It does a Mommy's heart good to see her baby enjoy something so much:

Here we are on King Triton's Underwater Carousel. You should've seen me trying to get my ever-growing pregnant butt up on that fish!

Daddy, Kenna and the sealion:

Such a big girl that can ride all by herself now:

We had a great time at It's A Bug's Land. Here is the live show (so cute!):

Kenna and Mommy about to take a spin on Francis' Ladybug Boogie:

Woah! We were dizzy!

Daddy & Kenna soar through the sky on Flik's Flying hot air balloons:

Yeah! That rocked!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day as well!

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