Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lots to update!

Well, all is going great with the Bieger family. We have exciting news!
We're going to be having another baby! We're due Sept. 30 and we are
absolutely thrilled! McKenna has totally changed our hearts and our
lives and we are completely looking forward to having another child in
our family.

When I was pregnant with McKenna, I kept a pregnancy journal on our
website. I will do that again for this baby too. I think each child
might like to be able to have their own journal to keep one day. So if
you'd like updates on the pregnancy, I will be updating it every weekend

McKenna is just amazing us every day with how much she learns. She is
very opinionated and has a ton of personality. Lately one of her
favorite activities is to push the button on her Cinderella ride-on toy
and then she sings the song "Where's my prince" along with it. She
doesn't actually know all the words but she sings it in a soft voice as
though she's really singing along. Today she put on her first "show" for
Erick and I. She'd go off to the side where we couldn't see her, push
the button to start the song, and then come back to her "stage" so we
could see her singing while we ate lunch. Then we would all have to
applaud and she would give us encore after encore.

Her nap schedule is definitely changing. Some days she will cut out one
whole nap (I still lay her down for that nap but she'll just stay in
there, wide awake). Some days she will take 2 very short naps. I assumed
it was her teeth (I think those canines are still making their way
through) and it may very well be that. She is getting up pretty early
and waking up very cranky, which is not like her. We'll see what
happens. I usually wait for one full week of a changed pattern before I
try to make any schedule changes. It's been about 5 days now. She took
two really great naps today so maybe it was just those teeth bugging

She has her 18-month appointment on Monday. I don't think she has grown
much so I'm interested to see what Dr. Cater says about that. I know
she's going to be a petite kid but as her Mommy, I would like to see her
gain SOME weight!!

Some of her words that I love:

* Birthday (Bert-day) which she is practicing saying for her cousin Luke
(he'll be one on Feb. 9). So she's been saying "Bertday Lue!" (some days
she's really good about pronouncing Luke's name perfectly. Other days
she reverts back to Lue).

* Matthew (Matt-you) who is her good buddy (my friend Julie's son that
is the same age as Kenna).

* Cinderella (Rella) - She can even show you which of her 5 Disney
princess figurines is Cinderella. Which I have no idea how she knows
that. She has never seen the movie.

* Midnight (Mid-nye) - When she pushes the carriage button on her
Cinderella ride-on it says "Don't forget at midnight, I turn into a
pumpkin." So she always repeats the word "midnight".

* XRay (ex-way) - In her X alphabet book, there is a picture of Swiper
the Fox getting an Xray.

* Love you Elmo (Yah you Nomo) - I assume she is talking to Elmo and not
Hideo Nomo, pitcher for the LA Dodgers.

* Horsey (Sorsey) - She loves to ride on the bouncing pony from Gamma &
Ging-Ging. She sits on it and then gives us "cute face" and says
"cheese" which is apparently our cue to run and get the camera and take
pictures of her.

* Sister (sit-ter) - She's already very proud of her new job as big sister.

* Chaka (chaka) - Thanks to Erick and Uncle Bri (or Bwy as Kenna calls
him) and their love for the show Land of the Lost, Kenna can now say

Here are some pictures of our little monkey:

Playing with her Little People village. Notice that Cinderella is riding her horse on the street? She didn't come with the set. That's creative genius at work.

In this pic, she reminds me of Brittney, the girl chipmunk on Alvin and The Chipminks. Something about the little button nose I think:

Shevil Kneivel:

Gee, I wonder who she gets it from? Here is Auntie balancing McKenna on her feet:


"Oh my god, that crayon did NOT taste as good as I thought it would":

Wrestling with Lukey.
"You may be bigger but I'm wily!"

Taking a break to expand her mind:

Coloring with Daddy:

Trying on the new hat that her friend Emily sent her:

Having a tea party with Daddy. As you can see, the dress code was informal. Daddy chose this snazzy underwear/tshirt/snow hat ensemble.

"Mmmm, delicious."

"Thank you for coming to my party Daddy."

How McKenna announced her big news:

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