Sunday, February 06, 2005

18 month update

McKenna had her 18-month appointment on Jan. 31. Our doctor's office moved to a new location and we are SO happy with their new offices! They have a separate entrance for the sick and well kids. They have a ton more office space. Everything was decorated really cute and fun for the kids and it just seemed very clean and spacious. We've been looking forward to those new offices for awhile now. More than once we have gone in for a regular checkup and we've picked up some nasty germ because at their old offices, everyone had no choice but to be grouped together. So I'm especially excited about the separate entrances. McKenna was most excited about the automatic sliding door. ; )

Her appointment was pretty standard. She did not like having the nurses or the doctor touch her but that's no surprise. She grew half an inch. And though the nurse thinks she has lost more weight, I'm gonna go on record as saying she is still 20 1/2 lbs. Erick and I both watched the weighing process and she took everything so fast that we're positive she took it incorrectly. Not to mention that McKenna has been 20 1/2 lbs. steadily for months so that would be pretty surprising if she lost weight in the one week since we weighed her last.

Anyway, Dr. Cater again reassured me that she's just going to be a petite one. I'm so used to going to appointments and hearing that she has gained weight and I haven't gotten used to toddlerhood where they just don't grow as quickly.

She got one shot. Cried for a second and then got over it. She's on schedule or ahead on all of her developmental milestones. And that's really it. Not much else to report on that end.

She says/does a few new things that are particularly cute:

She has a Dora the Explorer bath toy and you can take each character and slide them down a water slide. Now Kenna always says "Weeee" when she goes down the slide so she put Boots the Monkey on and looked at him, waiting for him to slide down (on his own apparently) and said "Weeee." Then waited. "Weeeee." Still, Boots wouldn't go. So I said to her "Why isn't he sliding Kenna? Say 'What's up Boots?'" And she leans forward into his face and says "What's up Boots?" clear as a bell.

If someone sneezes and she hears another person say it first, she will repeat "Bless you." (Bess you)

Every day she will grab my hands and says "hands" (hans) and then she takes me over to the corner where we will either lay on our bellies and play with each other's hands OR she will say "BUTTONS!" (butt-iz) and we have to show off our belly buttons.

She loves to go through all of our dvds and look at all the pictures on the covers. So now she will pull out her favorites and bring them to me and say "show" (show). Her favorites are "turtle show" (tull show), "bunny show" (bun show) or "giraffe show" (gaff show).

I don't remember if I've mentioned that we finally turned her car seat to forward-facing. She LOVES it. Her favorite things to point out as we drive are: Dogs (woof-woof), trucks (uck), balloons (boons) and fast food restaurants (fwench fwy). That's right. She now calls every fast food restaurant "french fry."

Now we used to worry when she said "uck" because we didn't realize what she was saying at first. We wondered if she'd picked up her first curse word and if so, from where because Erick and I never use THAT word! Then we realized she was saying "truck" and breathed a sigh of relief. However, it was a short sigh of relief when I realized that she now pronounces the word FORK in a very obscene manner. LOL I don't need to spell that out for you phonetically do I?

I don't have many pics to share this week because she has a runny nose and its been pretty gross. But here are two:

"Who me? Spoiled?"

Celebrating Luke's first birthday. She now pronounces his name very clearly and calls him Lukey:

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Gina Rae said...

I'm laughing at the whole truck/fork dilemma... LOL! Looks like you had great weather this weekend. I still think it's unfair that you are outside in sleeveless while us NYers are bundled to our eyeballs!