Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Can I share a few more pics?

I don't have much of an update but here are some pics I wanted to share:

She loves these sunglasses. She brings them to us, says "This" so that we'll put them on her....

Then she stares at herself in the mirror! Sometimes she says "Hi!" to herself, othertimes she gives herself kisses! LOL!

When babies are newborns, all you can get are sleeping pics. But once they become toddlers, sleeping pics aren't as easy to get. Had to get one while I could! I wish I could just curl up next to her and snuggle her all night.

A little visit to the portrait studio today. It was so hard to get her to sit still! She just wanted to crawl all over their props. They tried to take a picture of her next to a giant lady bug but she just kept sitting on the lady bug like a horse. Silly kid. But we did manage to get her to sit still for this pretty little picture:


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love her. I saw that this was posted on my birthday. Seriously, this was the best present I could have asked for. She makes my heart smile.

Love you guys!

Nanomoxy said...

Whenver I need to smile a bodacious smile and giggle - I search out McKenna photos!

And I miss the Mrs. Where have you gone?