Saturday, September 18, 2004

Pictures and stuff!

Here are some pics that I just had to share!

"Shhh! Don't tell Mommy that I took my diaper off!

So serious but so pretty.

McKenna and Luke get their first pair of Mickey/Minnie ears.

McKenna and Luke enjoying a little dinnertime conversation.

And McKenna enjoying some chocolate cake at Uncle Brian's surprise birthday party tonight.

Other noteables of the day: She said pancakes and turtle today. Auntie Mel heard her say turtle so I missed that one but pancakes was pronounced "pawpakes" the first time and the second time (later in the morning) she pronounced it correctly. It was pretty cute. She can now point to her head, nose, tummy and heart. She can make the sound of a duck, dog, seal, octopus, alligator, lion and dinosaur. Pretty much anything a Laurie Berkner music video mimicks, so can McKenna! = D My favorite thing is when we sing the song "Pig on Her Head" and the lyrics are "Put your toe on your nose, put your nose on somebody else's nose" and at that part she always turns to me and we wiggle our noses together. Then in the video the kids all start laughing these big belly laughs and McKenna joins in with them. Its such a fun part of my day. I really need to set up a video camera for that particular song before she outgrows the routine.

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Rose David Paje said...

Wow! you have a very-very cute doll. =)
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