Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's wrong with me?

Here we are, smack in the middle of July and I am so ready for Fall! I'm burning a Cinnamon tart right now! I just bought this table runner and these stuffed pumpkins from Lakeside (I figure they'll be an easy way to dress up the place for fall but if the kids grab at them and pull them down, nothing breaks!):

I'm already stalking Yankee Candle for their fall tart burners. And I can NOT wait for school to start again! Not because I love having my kids gone. I really don't. I miss them to pieces when they're gone. But because I love the new fall clothes (have you seen Naartjie's fall pieces?? Soooo cute!) and seeing the kids make friends and returning to dance class, getting ready for the Winter recital... *sigh* I just love it all! And now that I'll have my OWN car to get us around, I'm really looking forward to being that busy Mom chauffering her kids around to all their activities. Aww! My dream! Well, it won't be TOO crazy. I was reading that here in OC we have a tendency to wear our kids thin with too many activities and that we should try to limit it to one extra-curricular activity per kid. So McKenna will be returning to dance. Kyla is gonna take a short (4-week) music & rhythm class which ends before Fall begins. See, I'm staying reasonable! LOL! Even still, with preschool, MOPS, dance and church...we'll have something going on every day of the week!

Speaking of busy, we've got something fun every day this week! Yay! Thursday we have an OB appointment. I normally get worried a few days before each appointment. But since I'm feeling great and we just heard the baby's heartbeat a few days ago on my sister's doppler, I'm not worried. After the appointment we're stopping at the mall. I wanna pick up some more fall-scented tarts from Yankee Candle. And I wanna get McKenna some new outfits from The Children's Place for her birthday. I HAVE to get her this newsgirl hat. She'd love it so much!

Friday we're having lunch with my friend Julie and her boys (Nick & Matthew). I'm looking forward to that! I haven't seen them in so long! And after lunch we're gonna stop at The Sweet Factory to pick up some little mini whirly pops for the goodie bags (from "The Lollipop Guild" of course!) And quite possibly another stop at The Children's Place. ; )

Saturday my Mom got tickets to see Oliver! and she wants to take McKenna. My ...well I guess we'll call her my cousin though I think she's really my third cousin - is starring in a local production so my Mom thought McKenna would get a kick out of going to see it. I really think she'll love it! They're gonna have a little Grandma/Granddaughter day - lunch and a musical. So cute! While they're doing that, Erick and I will be hard at work changing the furniture around so that the girls are in one room. Well, Erick will be changing furniture. I'll just be keeping Kyla out from under his feet. ; )

Sunday we have church and afterwards we're going to a BBQ/Swim party for young families. This just sounds so fun to me! Trinity has so many young families in our age group right now and they foster such a close-knit, family environment. So I'm really looking forward to getting to meet people after church. Usually we just get 5-10 minutes before or after the service to chat and then everyone has to split. LOL! So this will be a fun get-together!

I'm off to read my book. I don't think I mentioned a week or so ago that I finished Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. It was ok. Not a lot of meat to the story but kinda cute. Now I'm reading After This by Alice McDermott. I just love her writing style. She writes in a way that almost makes you slow down to savor the written word. I know that sounds cheesy but that's just how she writes. She's very eloquent. I love her!

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