Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Changing Rooms

Gavin's birthday party was lots of fun! Pictures here if you'd like to see.

McKenna ended up spending the night because she had been begging to for a couple of weeks. She had a blast and didn't want to come home when we came to get her the next afternoon. She even helped Uncle Bri make french toast in the morning.

While she was gone, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to go through all the toys and start clearing out old stuff and re-organizing the stuff we were keeping. With a dog and a new baby on the way, not to mention two birthdays coming up (which always means more toys coming in) I really wanted to get organized! It feels a million times better having that all done! And I'm about 85% done going through their clothes so once that's done, I'll feel like a huge weight has been lifted!

Today we went to put a down payment on McKenna's bed. She decided she wanted the castle bed and I was happy with the choice because that thing comes with a nice sized storage area underneath! So I'm thinking we'll put two of the toy bins under there:

I'll wanna get them a nice, white dresser soon as well. And possibly this storage bench where we can put their dress up clothes:

And finally, we were at the Disney Store the other day and they have this new line of wall decor that would be perfect for their rooms! It's the cutest stuff! They have these art pieces and wall lamps that have charcoal drawings of the Disney characters. TOO cute! And there are a bunch of pink and purple ones so we're thinking those will make for a really adorable little girls' room!

And after that...we start on the baby's room! Of course, we won't start any decorating until we know if this is Killian or Katelyn! ; )

I'm off to settle in for the night! I think I'll just watch some tv and work on labeling the bubbles for the party goodie bags. I made little labels with blue sparkles and in pink it says "Glinda's Magic Bubbles". I'll tie a little irridescent ribbon around the neck and it'll be a cute addition!


Delighted Mom said...

I am so excited for your girls to have such a lovely bedroom. We have a house bunk bed for the girls and once we got it they played in their rooms much more. Happy children...Happy mommy.

Maegan said...

Oh my goodness, the girls and Zoë are going to have matching rooms! We just ordered that bed for Zoë too! She is just going to FLIP when she sees it. I fully anticipate finding her asleep at the base of her new slide. :)

Britt(any) said...

Killian...so manly sounding!!! I personally think you should go with something less unique....like Princess Conseula Banana Hammock or Crap Bucket.

Just sayin'. :) :) :)

(BTW: The new bedroom furniture sounds so cool and I might be a little jealous. I had the most boring bedroom growing up and I didn't realize that until now.)

Britt(any) said...

Shoot. It was supposed to be Crap BAG, not bucket.

And I call myself a Friends fan.