Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nothing Cohesive

Just a few Kid-Bits and stories. Nothing cohesive = D

My spa day was wonderful! I had really bad morning sickness that day but the spa scents calmed it thankfully. Very relaxing. Thanks again to my loving husband for treating me. : )

The pregnancy journal for baby #3 is up. It will be updated either Friday nights or Saturday. : )

Kyla can count to six! We heard her the other day saying over and over "One...oooh...eeeh." So my FIL taught her four (she pronounces it "fo-wuh". Very southern of her. LOL!) and she just naturally knew that after "fo-wuh" comes "fih" and "sic". But don't expect her to do it for you on cue. She must be in the MOOD to count. LOL Kyla has never been a trick pony. She doesn't ever perform when we ask her to show off her skills.

She's also learning her colors. She can say blue, green and yellow. She's still sorting out which is which though. ; ) She still thinks she can spell and is always spelling and asking us what it spells. "A-E-A-E. Whas Dat?" Um...that's nothing. But good try.

I cannot seem to punish Kyla when she's been mischievous. She is CONSTANTLY getting into the back bathroom and takes all of the baby shampoos and lotions and such and plays "basketball" and throws them into the tub. Every time I catch her, I walk in the room and say sharply "KYLA ELIZABETH!" And she immediately drops to the ground and ducks her head down, hoping I won't see her. I'll stand there for a good 2-3 minutes staring at her with my best "angry mom" face and she won't look up. When she FINALLY does, she just peeks her eyes up. When she sees I'm still standing there, she gives me her biggest grin and giggles at me. LOL it's so ridiculous because you cannot NOT laugh when she does this!

Her newest game is to give everyone "the stink eye". She narrows her eyes into a menacing little glare until we tickle her and say "Don't you give me the stink eye!" Even McKenna gets the stink eye from her.

McKenna saved her sister's life the other day! I had a bag of trail mix. Well I knew it had almonds in it. And while Kyla has not had a reaction to almonds, we still don't give them to her, just in case. But the trail mix also had SOY nuts in it. I didn't even realize. Anyway I had a baggie of it in my purse, zipped up, on the dining room table. Kyla found the bag. McKenna saw it and immediately grabbed the bag and ran to me with it because she saw it had nuts in it! I'm so proud of her for being on the look out!

We're going to Vegas this weekend. McKenna is pretty excited because Daddy booked us a room at The Excalibur. So she's gonna stay in a "real castle"! But she has been most concerned that there won't be any beds at the castle. We've had to assure her over and over that yes, there will be beds and we will all sleep in the same room. She's still weary. She'll be thrilled once we get there. There's a pool, a princess shop, a carnival midway. Plenty of stuff to do. We're leaving Saturday morning. Sunday we're having a triple baby dedication for Kyla, Gavin (my nephew) and Carter (my cousin's little guy). We'll be home on Monday. We're gonna try to squeeze in some fun things for the kids while we're there. Maybe take them to see the volcano at The Mirage or the pirate ship at Treasure Island or the Statue of Liberty at NYNY. Those little things in Vegas that kids love.

McKenna told me the other day "Mommy, I prayed to God for the baby and God decided that the baby is a boy." I think I'll be a little freaked out if she's right. Like the time she came bolting out of her room frantically saying "SOMEONE'S AT THE DOOR! SOMEONE'S AT THE DOOR!" And I said " one is at the door." And then the doorbell rang.

Here's a cute pic I snapped of the girls this week. Lately they like to snuggle in Daddy's recliner and watch their morning cartoons together:

I can finally post those two projects from Scrap Gypsies:

Teacher Gifts

I included a card that said: "You have planted the seed of knowledge and understanding. You have watered it with your love and patience. Because of your sunny warmth and tender care, our daughter is blooming into a beautiful flower." And I tucked a little Target gc in there.

Early Start:


Please say a prayer for Erick. He had a truly awful situation to deal with at work today. I can't say anything about it but I can assure you that he is neither in danger nor under investigation but he did have to witness something terrible. If there are any public news articles then I'll provide a link but I can't share any details. But please do keep him, his co-workers and the minors in the institution in your prayers. They're all very shaken.


Mom said...

This weekend will be so much fun, I can hardly wait! Definately praying for Erick and everyone on that end! Thanks for Sharing! I love you! Mom

Maegan said...

Prayers sent!

Zoƫ learned her colors from reading "Elmer's Colors." It is a darling little book about a colored elephant. In fact, there is an entire little series. Kyla would love it. (You can even buy little stuffed Elmers).

Way to go McKenna! What a fantastic big sister she is. She does such a great job of looking out for her sister. Very sweet.

I read your pregnancy journal. What a wonderful idea! I may just have to copy that when we are blessed with a baby.

Enjoy Vegas!

Liz said...

Shannon I'm getting into reading do you have any recommendations for parenting books?