Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dress Rehearsal

Just wanted to post a couple of pics of McKenna during her dress rehearsal today. For weeks Erick and I have been wondering how she'd do because she would literally just stand there and pout during the routine practice in class. We videotaped Miss Valerie doing the routine so that McKenna could practice at home. And today McKenna did AWESOME! She really lit up on the stage! I'm convinced that she's just like her Mommy - she gets nerves leading up to it to the point that she'd rather not do it but once she's on stage, she is ALL ABOUT performing!

We had her professional photos taken but we snapped a couple of our own just so we'd have something to share right away. ; )

And she looks sad but she really isn't. She's actually distracted. LOL! But I thought it looked cute anyway:

Kyla decided she wanted to be the opening act. This is her hamming it up in front of the stage while we waited for the curtain to open:

The recital is Saturday night. We'll be sure to get video up for everyone to see as soon as we can!


Here's the layout I scrapped Mother's Day evening!

Credits can be found here.


Since I'm waiting for Friends to wrap up before I go to bed and read my book, I'll share three things that I'm loving lately:

TIN picnic plates! Aren't these pretty? But they're unbreakable and durable so they're safe to take on picnics!

Domino Magazine! It's all about decorating and style. It's so inspiring and pretty to look at!

Exotic Coconut Body Butter! It's sooo thick and rich and smells so yummy. I have the smoothest feet in the universe, guarantee it.


Ok, time to get the morning coffee set up and get to bed...squeeze in a couple of chapters of The Glass Castle (this book freaks me out).


Edhish said...

hi Shannon..
what happen to DST? I can't go in

Maegan said...

McKenna is just the most darling little bee! Oh my goodness, that recital is going to be adorable!

lukasmummy said...

I adore that layout you did its so soft and delicate.

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

McKenna looks so cute in her fluffy dress! Great layout and love those plates! So cool!

Lynn said...

She looks totally adorable! and now i have to go get that coconut stuff... :D

Monique said...

what a little cutie, i bet she'll have a blast at the actual performance! and what an adorable layout! so pretty and pink with the contrasting b/w photos, it's wonderful! hope you have a great day!

Emma said...

What a darling your little girl is and looks like a real charmer! Love the layout so soft and girly.

LeXiee said...

WOW!!! What a sweet looking little bee!

hluebner said...

Oh. Those kids are just adorable. Those dresses so ultra fancy! They all look like little flowers.

And your Mother's Day LO is great. The family looks great all dressed up!

I will have to go out and get that coconut butter cream. MY feet are the roughest in the world. Will see how it works. Thanks.

Elaine said...

Awwww! McKenna looks so cute and yes! She is definately a performer!

I LOVE LOVE Domino magazine!
I should try that coconut body butter because my feet are anything BUT smooth...well my heels anyways. My heels are a mess.

welli Designs - Sonja said...

Oh she is such a cute little bee! Adorable !!
Great layouts too !!

MaryE said...

So pretty! gotta love those "picture taking" dress rehearsals! Thanks for the recommendations too.