Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!

I kept meaning to update the ol' blog but this week has been buuuuusy! We had a brand new site redesign unveiled at DST which I am just in LOVE with! Lauren Barden did it and she did a phenomenal job. The integration created less busy work for me but opened up my time to be able to concentrate on other projects (both work and personal). I'm giving myself practically no down time because I just want to accomplish so much in my day. I want to run a successful business but also maintain a clean home, cook for my family several times a week, spend quality time with my children and my husband throughout the day, have time to work out, have time to scrap, have time to read...It's crazy busy days but I'm feeling very lucky that I'm in a position to get to do all of these things.

I feel like today was non-stop! Erick let me sleep in until 9am because I was up until 1:30am working on DST stuff. I sure love that guy. He let me sleep in and then he ran out to get a few Easter things for us and he picked me up a nice tall Starbucks on the way home. <3333 Then we dyed our Easter eggs and had lunch. Erick went to work and the girls played in the backyard (where I discovered McKenna made Kyla a "dirt pie" which Kyla happily ate) while I folded laundry, did dishes, dumped the trash and made the bed. While the girls napped I worked out, scrubbed the shower and tub, took a shower myself, got dressed and gave myself a much-needed pedicure. The girls woke up and we played for a bit then I made them dinner, gave them both baths, put Kyla to bed, vacuumed, put Kenna to bed, threw 2 more loads of laundry in. Erick picked me up a Subway sandwich on his way home from work so I wouldn't have to cook anything for myself. Then I just spent several hours invoicing our May advertisers. Now I need to send the email to our May Featured Designer and put together Easter baskets and hide eggs. I anticipate another 1am bedtime.

I'm excited for the morning....the Easter Bunny (who McKenna left out a plate of lettuce for) is bringing the girls a Sit 'n Spin. They're gonna love it! We really didn't want to load up on more candy so we got them just a tiny bit of candy and then some small gifts (coloring books, gardening toys, little plastic bowling set, etc.) and the Sit 'n Spin. Plus McKenna insists that the Easter Bunny brings bananas and apples so we got them those too. It'll be cute to see if Kyla gets the whole hunting for eggs thing.

We've got our family egg hunt in the morning. After that we're having brunch at my sister's. Then home for naps and dinner will be at my in-laws. I hope to have some pictures for you though tomorrow is supposed to be chilly so I may not dress the girls in their dresses. We might just go for a cas Easter.

In the meantime, here they are at an impromptu visit to Mr. E. Bunny:

Both girls were SUPER excited to get to see him. Kyla was just plain ticked that the line didn't move faster and she would reach out and call "BUNNNYYYYYY!" McKenna gave us her best "Ariel smile" as she calls this. She told the Easter Bunny that she would like lots and lots of eggs and apples and bananas. The Easter Bunny nodded and quickly waveD us on as I'm quite sure he was about to suffer from a heat stroke. They had a fan blowing on him inbetween photos and they were ushering people in and out really quickly. Of course the mom before us was the mom from hell who made them take half a dozen pictures, fixed the baby's hair, half a dozen pictures, wiped the baby's drool, etc. So we decided to be the kind parents, snap the picture, wish the bunny a Happy Easter and we were on our way. McKenna was fine with it. Kyla was mad that she got short-changed a lengthy visit and proceeded to yell out "BUNNNNYYYYYY!" as we left. LOL! Poor baby.



MaryE said...

Keep on trucking girl. I always find it quite rewarding when I feel busy and productive. Cute picture! Happy Easter to you and yours.

Maegan said...

Wowza, I am going to start calling you Gina. ;) You are one busy lady! The picture of your girls with the EB is super cute.