Tuesday, March 27, 2007

So much for scrapping!

ARGH!!! Right in the middle of scrapping and CS2 just shuts down on me. So infuriating!

Anyway, today was super laid back. I got to sleep in until 10:15am (nice!) and Erick had coffee ready for me. McKenna had been insisting on making me a vanilla cake with pink frosting and sprinkles for my birthday so we baked that. The whole house smelled of cake, coffee and fresh strawberries (Kyla's morning snack) and it was heavenly. The windows were open, sun was shining, soft breeze blowing. Then all of a sudden - dark clouds, gusty winds and rain. WTH?? Where did that come from? Crazy.

So that was really the most interesting thing about the day. I worked out. I did a lot of DST work. The girls were well-behaved all day. Erick helped me with housework. I made us oven-fried chicken, dill mashed potatoes and sauteed zucchini for dinner. Washed 2 loads of laundry. An all-around nice day, productive.

I've got a few kid-bits:

Both girls are super affectionate lately. McKenna is just out-of-the blue telling us how much she loves us, singing songs about how much she loves us or saying "Mommy, you're just so pretty." Kyla will run right up to us and throw her arms around our legs for a hug. Or if we're sitting, she'll come up and kiss us. Sometimes she gets on a roll and gives me a kiss with a big "MWAH" then gives her sister a kiss with a big "MWAH" and then gives the table a kiss with a big "MWAH". She really likes to spread the love around. LOL!

She's been saying a lot more words! Just repeating everything we say like "Beshou" (Bless you), "Dive" (dive....something we tell her during a game we play), if she sees a duck she'll say "Kwah kwah" (quack, quack). "Mo pee" (more please) if I remind her to say it. She usually asks for more by saying "ah-ba" so I remind her to say "more please" and she will. Our favorite though...."Ove Ou" (love you). She tells all 3 of us and we all gush over her whenever she says it. There's been a bunch more but I can't remember them all. It's been cute though to hear her talk so much.

I've mentioned that she gets bored with the same food. Tonight she wolfed down the very unlikely combo of cake, mashed potatoes and zucchini. She'd already had dinner so the cake was given to her as a treat. But she saw Erick and I were eating something else and she wanted THAT! So she literally had all 3 items on her plate and was eating them together. LOL the kid likes variety!

She has a little morning ritual when she wakes up. As soon as we get her out of her crib she points to her stuffed animal net and says "Dat?" We pick out a stuffed animal and she gives it the biggest squeeze with a huge cheesy smile on her face. McKenna wasn't into stuffed animals too much but Kyla just loooooves them. Every night she has to cuddle her Curious George doll on one side and her Dopey doll on the other.

I think McKenna has gone and grown up all together on me. She's just been so helpful with chores (even when I don't ask) and clearing her own plate after a meal. When I tell her something, she will say "Ok Mom. I understand." (Any chance she'll still be saying this when she's a teenager??)

Twice when we've been out in public we've seen one of her little friends from school. She'll say "Hey, there's my friend Camryn!" It just seemed so grown up to me that she recognized kids from her school and was like "Oh, there's my friend" as though she were a teenager or something. Her friend will wave "Hi McKenna" and McKenna waves back "Hi Camryn". I love to hear about the things she does with her friends. She says her best school friends are Camryn, Alexis, Carina, Luke, Kailey and Addison but NOT Symon. She says he isn't nice. Don't worry, we've had the talk about always being nice to a person even if they aren't nice to you. ; ) I'm not gonna let my girls be snobs.

You know those inserts that come with DVDs? She ALWAYS takes those out and reads them. She calls them her "newspaper" and she'll even take them to read while she's on the potty. LOL! I swear I don't know where she got that idea from because neither Erick or I read the newspaper on the toilet!!

She really is getting the hang of this reading thing. There is a game on one of her Disney dvds. It shows an object (let's say a crown) and then next to the object it lists three words: Roses, Dance, Crown. The point of the game is to choose the word that matches the object. She knows to sound out the word and figure out which letters match the sounds. She got every single one right in that game! There were 9 different words and she got them ALL!!! I couldn't believe it!


Ok, that's all I can remember for now!

Last thing...be sure to stop by Scrapbookgraphics today (Wednesday) for the Celebrity Scrapper Fashion Show. They are releasing the products for their 2 new interns (Michelle Godin and Berna Datema) and to kick-off the event they asked "Celebrity Scrappers" to "model" the designs in a layout. I was honored to be invited as a Celebrity Scrapper and had a blast working with Michelle Godin's designs! So be sure to stop by "The Catwalk" and check out all the layouts! Isn't that the cutest idea?

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Jen said...

I wonder if the stuffed animal thing is a second child deal? Micah didn't like them at all- Addie- well she is hidden in her bed by them. We have a Dora doll, cabbage patch baby, a duck, a lamb and her build a bear Monkey in there right now. Oh and a new baby was added last nite- and they better not be out of place ;)