Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

A leprechaun snuck into our home last night!! Look at all the tricks he played on us!

He turned all the kids' furniture upside-down:

He turned our picture frames upside-down:

He made this silly thing out of Mommy's vase, Daddy's underwear and a flower headband:

He turned Mommy's special breakfast cake green:

He turned our milk green:

And he turned our toilet water green too!

We knew it was a leprechaun because he left trails of his footprints and special leprechaun dust all over the place:

But at least he was nice enough to leave us cookies, rainbow candy, gold and a sparkly shamrock for each of the girls:

McKenna's reaction was pretty funny. When we walked in the living room and she saw the furniture upside-down, she ran back in her room and laid on her bed. When we went in to check on her she said "I'm just gonna go back to sleep." LOL she was in total denial. When she finally warmed up to it (she thought it was hilarious when she saw the milk was green) she decided she had to go potty. Erick and I waited for her reaction to the green toilet water. She went in, stared at it, then came back out and pretended like she never saw it. She said "That's ok. I don't have to go. I went yesterday." LOL!! Once I showed her that flushing the toilet brought back the clear water, she felt much better about it. It was so funny though. She was really unsure about this nonsense. But of course now that some time has passed she's been telling Kyla all about the leprechaun who snuck in our house and played tricks, laughing hysterically at the photos. And she has had no problem eating the rainbow candy (after she made Mommy eat the first one of course. She wanted to make sure it wasn't poison I guess. LOL!)

Kyla's favorite part is definitely the skittles. She stands at the counter beneath the bowl of candy and holds out her little green snack bowl and says "ah-ba? ah-ba?" Ah-ba is her way of asking for something. LOL she's like a little puppy waiting there with her bowl like that.

So we had some of the Chocolate-Orange Guinness Cake which I think should really be called "Orange-Glazed Guinness Cake" (it tastes nothing like chocolate and the icing is really more of a glaze) and can be used as a breakfast cake or a dessert cake because it's not overly sugary. We chose to have it for breakfast since we know we're in for a heavy dinner tonight.

McKenna didn't have dance class today so we had a nice leisurely morning as a family. Erick works 12-8pm so we'll have a late dinner around 8:30. The girls will already be in bed so it should be nice and calm. In a few hours I'm gonna get the corned beef started. Can't wait for the whole house to smell like corned beef and Guinness! YUM! I'm also gonna make Maisie's recipe for Irish Soda Bread. I'll start that just about an hour and a half before I serve dinner so that it can come out of the oven, get slathered in butter and go right on the table while still warm. Can't wait! (Edit: Nevermind. Erick just called. A bunch of people called in sick today....on St. Patrick's day - how convenient. So he'll most likely be staying until 9. I'm still cookin' all of it but it looks like we'll be eating separately. Boo.)

Hope you're all having a great St. Patrick's Day or just regular ol' Saturday!

Special hugs to my parents who 30 years ago today were due with their first baby (me!)

Oh and also, check out this layout I did about something that happened to my poor sister this week:

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Anonymous said...

Shannon, this looks like it was to fun. I bet you had a good time with her reactions. Loved the photos, thanks for sharing.


Kerrfunk said...

I was so glad to see that my house is not the only one that gets visited by leprachauns. My daughter's birthday is 3/17 - she turned four this year - and this was the second or third year those mischievious little guys visited our house, turning toilet water green, and creating random havoc.

btw, I know Erick from Relevant. And I mentioned your business site to my sisterinlaw once and she knew about it.

Happy day --


Melissa Ives said...

Poor McKenna...your leprechaun freaked her out! I'm glad she got used to it though!

Melanie said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! "I don't have to go, I went yesterday" Hahahha! I love my niece! She's too dang smart for her own good.
That looks like a lot of fun. Kyla probably just jumped right up to eat those skittles huh?! lol

Thanks again for the LO, Brian forwarded it to his whole family! lol.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE it if you could share your corned beef recipe! I'm having a hard time finding one that sounds good...

Elaine said...

omg first. Poor Melanie!!!!! I thought Gavin dropped the knife on her toe or something but still...OUCH!!!
I love the little visit from the leprechaun and 'Kenna's reaction is hilarious. She's not down with having the leprechaun mess up her orderly world..especially her toilet! hahahahaha! (I don't have to go, I went yesterday! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Shan's Dad said...

Shan, that mess is looks like your's and Melanie's room when you were little, even the green toilet :).

The Gilles Family said...

Oh my goodness! So adorable! Tell those little Irish beauties that we love and miss them! I can't wait to start this with Carter!

Maegan said...

BWAHAHA! Wow, you two went all out! I LOVE McKenna's reactions. I was literally laughing out loud. So funny!