Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good Times, Good Times.

I'm pretty happy (ok ECSTATIC) because the fabulous and talented Lauren Barden is redesigning the DST website for us and she has thought of EVERYTHING. Things I didn't even know were possible. A lot of it is behind the scenes administrative things that will completely make my job soooo much easier!! I'm really, really grateful for all that she and her husband Ben are doing and I am THRILLED beyond belief at the idea that I'll have less admin stuff on my plate for DST so that I can finally put more time into making family memories and then scrapping family memories! ; )

I do have some cool scrap news but I can't share yet. One thing I CAN share is this. I was so flattered that my layout was being talked about so nicely by people who I didn't even know! What a total compliment!

So today my nephews came over for a playdate. Utter chaos as our playdates always our but always fun too. Gavin is starting to talk so much and he and Kyla were really interacting a lot today! They were making each other laugh these huge belly laughs and when Kyla wasn't in Gavin's line of sight he'd call out for her "Kywa!" And Luke and McKenna always crack me up because they're 3 but they both think they're the grown ups. So to hear them having their conversations but still mispronouncing words is the cutest! McKenna and I had made an art project several months ago with marshmallows made into a snowman. Well the marshmallow hardened and has remained perfect, just stale. Somehow Luke got it down off the bookshelf and took a bite out of the snowman's head! LOL! So later the two of them were sitting at the table eating M&Ms and they had the following conversation:

Luke: McKenna, my just sorry I broke your pwoject.
McKenna: Dats ok Luke. I wuv you.
Luke: My just wuv you too.

Little sweeties. : )

Erick was gone at work from 6am-2pm then from 2pm - 5pm he hung out with his buddy from work and then at 5pm-midnight they were at House of Blues for dinner and a concert. Since I took care of the kids all day, Erick is treating me to a kid-free day of shopping ALL by MYSELF at the mall tomorrow! It's gonna be so relaxing!! And the best part about getting a break from home, I end up missing Erick and the kids like crazy (yes, even if it's just a few hours!) so I usually can't wait to get back to them!

Last thing....If you wanna help a great charity (the Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt) AND you wanna do a sweet thing for people I love, you can VOTE for CARTER as the most photogenic baby in Nashville! (If you don't know who the Gilles family is, Alyson is my cousin and she and Mike are Godparents to my girls. And Carter is their unbelievably cute first-born!!) So if you wanna help, it's just 50 cents a vote! More details on Alyson's blog!

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Maegan said...

I love it when Zoë and her little cousins get together. You are right, listening to them talk is just adorable. Zoë has her own little blog that her cousins check. (So cute) so the other day I posted a video clip of Zoë saying hi to them. They are just going to flip. Good stuff. Have fun shopping!!!