Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kyla's First Haircut!

My poor shaggy little Kyla. Her hair grows STRAIGHT down into her face. I'm usually not a fan of bangs but this poor kid needed them. She did really well with her first cut. At first she was scared to get in the little yellow car but then she saw McKenna was sitting in one too so she instantly warmed up and had a blast. She watched Elmo and when that lost her interest they put on Baby Einstein. She looks so cute with her little bangs!



McKenna also got a trim. She had previously gotten ahold of Daddy's goatee-trimming scissors and cut bangs for herself. They were sort of longish and swept off to the side and actually looked pretty good. Her stylist today was so impressed with how good they looked and said "Well, I think I'm just gonna give them a little trim because I think they look good this way." LOL!



And one of the two girls together (Kyla's shirt is a mess because she tried to eat her lollipop inside the wrapper and ended up drooling all over herself):

Kyla also said a new word today: Sorry! (Sah-wee) McKenna went to give Kyla a kiss and Kyla turned and bonked her in the head. McKenna started crying and Kyla went over to her and hugged her and said "Sahwee!" McKenna looked up and said "Baby, wipe my tears away!" So Kyla patted her head and gave her a kiss. Really sweet.

Anyway, I need to print and trim McKenna's Valentine cards for her party tomorrow and sign some cards for the girls and write Erick a loving message in his. I bought him some of his favorite candy and an XBox 360 game which I already gave him. He bought me a HUGE bouquet of flowers and some Pleasures perfume and body lotion (my favorite springtime scent!) Yes, we've already exchanged gifts. You know this about us, don't act surprised! LOL! Wanna see the pretty flowers he gave me?

When he proposed to me, he gave me a bouquet of roses and stargazer lillies so this was a really sweet gift that he always remembers those kinds of details. :)

I hope you all have great plans for Valentine's Day! We were on the waiting list for the Melting Pot but all they have is a 4:30pm reservation for Wednesday and then they are booked solid through Feb. 20th. Can you believe that?!?! Sheesh! So I think tomorrow I'll just make us a nice dinner. Haven't decided what just yet.

Have a wonderful, romantic day tomorrow everyone!


Julie Jewels said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Kyla looks absolutely adorable with her hair cut like that!! I LOVE it!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Divian said...

Well, first, aren't your two girls absolutely GORGEOUS!

And those flowers...hmmm, I am jealous!! :) So beautiful!

Happy Valentine's Day, Shannon!

Melissa Ives said...

Awwwww...how sweet do those two look together?!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jennifer said...

Oh wow, that haircut makes Kyla look so grown up. It's adorable!!! So is McKenna's, don't want to leave her out! Happy Valentine's Day!

Lauren said...

With Kyla's haircut, I can see her resemblance to McKenna so much more. Very cute!

The Gilles Family said...

Oh wow! I need to bottle me up some of that cuteness and sell it for millions! How stinkin' cute are they? Squish their cheeks for me!

Laura said...

Awww, they both look so cute! I like McKenna's hair like that with the bangs to theh side. They both look so different in that picture of them together!

Britt(any) said...

Those pictures of Kyla are amazing! LOL! I think she looks a lot like you in that second picture....and she looks a lot like McKenna, too.

Happy VDay!

Elaine said...

Haircuts are AWESOME. Both of them are SOOO cute!

Erick rocks...
(and you're a lil' bit country..)

That is all.


Maegan said...

Kyla looks adorable with her new haircut! Both of your girls are just so darn cute. It's sickening really. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Rebecca said...

Your girls are so adorable! I loved seeing these pictures. I can't believe your baby is already saying "sorry". That's amazing! We can't get Sean past "uh-oh"!