Friday, January 19, 2007

Kid Bits and Favorite Snacks

I've noticed that I don't make time for myself to eat until like, 1pm. That's crazy. I end up weak and irritable. So lately I've been eating 2 small snacks throughout the day and then a normal dinner (and usually a small evening snack after). Some of my favorite snacks:

Fresh peach slices with honey
Fresh zucchini slices with ranch
Fresh apple slices with almond butter
Celery with salmon cream cheese
Trek Mix Granola Cereal from Trader Joes (cranberries, cashews & almonds with granola)
Tortilla chips with Mrs. Renfro's Black Bean Salsa
Tortilla chips with hummus
Asparagus & cream cheese wrapped in a slice of deli ham
Green Tea Muffins (mix from Trader Joe's)

Notice a trend here? All finger foods that I can eat while I'm multi-tasking. LOL! We find ways to do what we need to do I guess.

I really, really have to start writing down my kid-bits when they happen. I can never remember those things that I tell myself to blog about later! I'm not kidding, it took me two days to write this blog post because I couldn't remember any of the things I wanted to blog about.

Here are a few I remembered:

* Kyla walks everywhere all the time now. She loves it and we can't get enough of it. It's the cutest thing to see her toddling around like a little girl. She's so excited as she realizes she can do some of the things that McKenna can do now, particularly dancing! For the first time, she was allowed to walk around at the park. We usually don't let her down because she crawls all over and ruins her pants. But yesterday she got to run all around at Daddy's softball game and she thought she was pretty hot stuff. She even tried to wander onto the field to help Daddy cover second base. LOL oops.

* She's also showing interest in the potty. I am in no way considering us in training mode but we're letting her lead and when she shows interest, we talk with her about it or let her sit on the potty if she wants. Sometimes if Kenna or myself are using the potty, she'll come in and tug on her diaper and that's her sign that she wants to sit on the potty too. She usually just sits there with a big grin and then wiggles off and claps for herself. As well she should because it's great that she sat on the big potty without a potty seat and didn't even seem scared! I think I'll get her one of the potty seats like McKenna had used so that she can sit without being held onto. I think she'd like that and would probably sit a little longer that way. If we can get through potty-training without having to use a potty chair, I will be all too happy. Emptying those things is a disgusting chore.

* Her words are increasing though still a lot of it is just her version of the real word. Like when she's pretending to take our picture she says "EEEESE!" (Cheese!) and syrup is pronounced "ip-up". McKenna taught her how to do "High five, down low, too slow" and Kyla tries to do the trick to us as well. And one of her favorite games is the clapping rhyme "Down by the banks of the hanky panky". Today she said the name "Lucy" which is the name of the stuffed kitty cat that Santa brought her for Christmas. Lucy fell behind the couch yesterday and McKenna found it today. When I pulled it out, Kyla came running over and squealed "LUCY!!"

* That is something to note about McKenna. She's finally giving her dolls and stuffed animals real names. For ages she used to name her dolls by whatever they were wearing. "Purple baby." "Yellow baby." "Pink baby.". Now she's thinking up real names. She named Kyla's kitty Lucy (inspired by the less desirable name in the movie Cinderella) and she named her own kitty Dinah (the name of the kitty in Alice in Wonderland.) She named her stuffed puppy Cork (the name of the dog in Honey I Shrunk the Kids). So she chooses the names based on movies but it's just nice to finally have some real names for these toys other then just "Green Baby".

* She loves to write her own songs lately. She tells me that when she's in her room she "writes all the songs of her heart, just like my Daddy." (When Erick writes music, he's usually in our room). Her most recent song was written for Kyla and it goes like this:

Cinderella loves you
Cinderella loves you
She wants you to eat cake
And she wants you to eat pupcakes
And she wants you to drink tea
But most of all she really wants
all your wishes to come true

She sings it to Kyla while rubbing her back. Kyla either sits there with a happy smile on her face and looking into McKenna's eyes with love. Or she crawls away and McKenna awkwardly tries to follow, still rubbing her back and still singing. LOL!

* The girls love (and I mean LOVE)the mini-commercial they show when you visit They want to watch it over and over again and every single time they scream and yell and squeal because they just love it. (You would think that they hadn't just been to Disneyland the month before. Or more so that they hadn't watched the commercial fifty times already with the way they react to it!) So I got tired of refreshing it and I taught McKenna that F5 is refresh. So later that night we were saying prayers and thanking God for all our favorite parts of the day. And what does McKenna say? "Dear God....thank you for F5."

McKenna has outgrown her first leotard already (*sniff*) but fortunately, Kyla is growing quickly so she practically fits in it already. Here are some pics from the other night when Kyla got to put on a leotard for the first time:

Big sister, teaching the moves:

Little ballerinas, free stylin':

Ok, I've got to start working on the kit upload for the Bring-A-Friend chat at DST (that friggin thing takes forEVER to upload!) And then it's time to start dinner for the fam. Have I mentioned how much I love Erick's schedule since he moved to YLA? Now he's home for dinner 5 nights a week. One of those nights he gets home at 8pm which is a little late for a family dinner but perfect for us to have our own dinner, just the two of us. How awesome is that?


Melissa Ives said...

Awwww...that's all I can say...

Lauren said...

Dear God thank you for F5?!? Too cute!

Elaine said...

OMg. I'm dying over "Thank you for F5!" That is SO awesome.

Your girls are getting so big! Yay for walking Kyla!!

Thanks for listing down your snacks! I'm a bad snacker and I see you have a lot of healthy alternatives that I just never thought of!

Maegan said...

Your entire post was great, but I am still laughing about, "Thank you God for F5." THAT is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Dear God, thank you for F5!!! Now THAT is priceless. LOL!

Amy (abbysmommy)

Karen said...

I just happened to stumble across your blog. You little girls are so adorable!!!