Monday, November 13, 2006

School pictures

McKenna got her school pictures back. I had to laugh. Like most school photos, there are pros and cons!

They DID turn out cute.
The photo setting is darling.
They got a more natural smile out of her.

They didn't put her cute white sweater on her that I sent her to school with.
They moved her barrette so that it was right on the front of her head.
Why in the heck are her pants wet? They notify you of potty accidents and she's never had one in school so I don't know what's goin' on there!

Anyway, here is her photo:

And here is a pic I took of her before she left for school that morning:

Anyway, what else is new?

Kyla had a reaction to her vaccinations. Three days of fever followed by 2 days of a mild rash on her chest. She also had a really bad head cold and all the mucus in her system made her tummy hurt. She was constipated AND her belly hurt so she threw up all over today. Poor little thing. She went to bed at FIVE pm tonight! She's an early bedtimer anyway (usually 6:30pm) but tonight she just could not last much later. Poor little thing. And McKenna has the most horrible cough this week. Which means she is up, coughing and waking herself AND her sister up every morning at 6:30am. I have this mental thing where getting up in the 6am hour is just unthinkable. If they wake up at 7:02am, fine. But 6:59am is too early. It's weird. But anyway, my babies aren't feeling so hot so no one is sleeping very soundly these days.

My sister and I both needed a break so we went out last night. We went to dinner at Red Robin then did some Christmas-idea shopping. Then we went for coffee and decided "Hey, it's 10pm but let's see a movie anyway." I don't know if I want to admit to what we saw. Ok, I'll tell you. We saw Borat. It was HILARIOUS but also COMPLETELY OFFENSIVE. LOL! I would not recommend it to anyone if they get even a little bit offended. I mean, I laughed my butt off but I was also shocked at a lot of it. There were a few things that I thought were entirely unnecessary. But also, I'm used to a very off-color sense of humor so I was able to bust a gut nonetheless. Because the hilarious thing is that most of the people in the film, don't know the film is a joke. And it's so freaking funny to see how people react to this person who has absolutely no social boundaries. But like I said, I can't recommend it unless you're a person who can look past some VERY offensive jokes pretty revolting male nudity. (LOL I swear I didn't know that would be in there! Those who know me well know I would never have seen this movie if I realized there was male nudity in it!)

I'm getting so excited for Christmas! Erick and I have two shopping/date nights planned and I can't wait. I can't wait to put our tree up! I can't wait to start watching Christmas movies (woohoo ELF!) I'm so ready to start baking cookies (Mom, I'll email you those recipes right after this)! I bought the latest issue of Good Housekeeping because how cute does Kelly Ripa look with that plate full of cookies? So tonight I think I'll curl up with some hot cocoa and actually READ a magazine. And..... I think I know what my Christmas gift is gonna be this year. I don't want to say just yet in case it doesn't happen. But I am GIDDY about it.

Ok, so I'm going to end this post with a list of children's books that our family recommends. I've been meaning to blog that for awhile because we have some books that we just really, really love and I don't want to forget them. Some are very popular or traditional and some maybe not as well-known. So here they are, our favorite children's books:

I Love You So - I choke up at the end of this book every time I read it.
Snuggle Puppy - A favorite of both girls. You have to be able to make your own tune though. ; )
Goodnight Moon - I always thought this book was strange but now I love it because McKenna reads it to us and at the end she whispers the last line and it's just so sweet.
Today I Feel Silly - Such a great book and TOTALLY McKenna to a tee.
It's You Daddy - The most adorable book!
Butterfly Kisses - Another precious Daddy/daughter book. Makes me tear up listening to him read it to her.
Pooh's ABCs - An excellent way to teach the alphabet. McKenna has been reading this one on her own for over a year now.
The Chronicles of Narnia - McKenna loves to flip through this. Erick can't wait until he can go through it with her.
Hermie a Common Caterpillar - Such a good lesson in this one.
Twelve Dancing Princesses - This was my favorite fairytale when I was little and now it's becoming McKenna's favorite.
Touch and Feel Farm - This has been a great book to help teach both girls their farm animals.
Oh Baby the Places You Will Go - Erick read this to both the girls when they were still in the womb and they still love to hear it today.
ALL the Iza Trapani books - She takes classic nursey rhymes and songs and creates stories from them complete with some very detailed and beautiful illustrations.
Limu the Blue Turtle - We brought this back from Hawaii for the girls and they just love it.
The Princess Bride - Another book that is waiting for the girls to be old enough to read books in excerpts.
Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? - This is just one that we all have fun reading.
I'm a Big Sister - This was a big help in preparing McKenna for big sisterhood.
Good Morning Farm - Another great one that helped the girls learn their farm animals (and sounds).
What Mommies Do Best - We love this one and we have lots of inside jokes that go with it.
My Big Truck Book - Uncle Bri bought this for McKenna's second birthday and she loves it. She can actually tell the difference between a tractor and an excavator now. LOL!
Fairy Stories - McKenna loves to have this read to her or she likes to listen to the cd and try to follow along in the book.
Baby's First Mother Goose - I had this same book when I was little. Erick's grandma bought it at a yard sale and gave it to McKenna. Now it's a favorite for both of us.

If you haven't noticed, I blog about digi-scrapping a lot less these days. Since starting DST, I feel like an awful lot of our lives center around the digi-scrap community now. So I've kind of been blogging about that kind of thing less and less. I did start this blog to journal about life as a mommy so I like writing about that the most. Problem is that when I get the time to blog, I can't remember what I had for lunch much less all the sweet mommy moments from the previous week. So I'm gonna try to post just little blurbs at the end of the day. It might not be much. Maybe just an accomplishment, funny/cute story or a struggle that we're dealing with. Just little things so that I can still keep an accurate journal of our family life. So that's what you can expect from now on. If I remember of course. LOL!


Your Mom said...

LOL, cute picture though, school pictures are amazing you never get them how they looked when they left, perhaps a note pinned to her sweater saying "leave my sweater on, but take the note off" might have helped....LOL, I'm looking forward to your daily blurbs too! I love you! Mom

Melissa Ives said...

I was wondering about Borat. It looks hilarious! The school pictures are so cute!