Tuesday, November 14, 2006


McKenna has something new that she wants to be every day. Here are things that she has told me she wants to be when she grows up:

* An astronaut so she can touch the moon
* A doctor "like Dr. Tater who looks like Pop-Pop"
* A teacher
* A dance teacher like Miss Valerie
* A "real ballerina" (of course)
* A "ballerina in the Care Bear show so I can do my twirls" (this sentence is completed with an actual twirl)
* A cake baker at the Sunshine Bakery "so I can make beautiful birthday cakes every day"
* Cinderella
* She wants to have "two tails" when she grows up (this is Ariel the Mermaid's dream - to have two tails aka legs so she can dance). I don't think McKenna realizes that she already has two tails.
* A singer

I know that she also dreams of having a wedding ring some day because one day she asked to wear mine. I told her no because the ring is a very special gift from Daddy to Mommy. I told her it was my special wedding ring. Next thing I know, she has her eyes closed and hands folded and she's saying "Dear Jesus, please send me a beautiful wedding ring. Amen."

Her most common wish when she wishes on stars: "I wish with all my heart to have all the candy's of the world."

Kyla is obsessed with our computers lately. I mean OBSESSED. And when she climbs into our chairs, she is as pleased as punch. She laughs and giggles and pounds on the keyboards. It would be the cutest thing ever if she hadn't deleted some of our files. LOL!

Luckily for her, she's very generous with the kisses. She kept giving kisses all evening long and rubbing her nose with mine every time I said "Snuggle snuggle snuggle". She's quite the lovey these days.


amy said...

lol what a great list! glad you're writing it down..so much of that type of thing i think i'll remember forever...

brianna said...

Ahh, to be little again.:)