Sunday, September 10, 2006

Time for class!

Well, McKenna goes back to school tomorrow. I love having her around but I'm excited for her because I know she'll really enjoy her class this year. We had her orientation on Wednesday and she met her teachers. Miss Carlene who worked with her Mom for 15 years and now this year will be taking on her own class. And Miss April who is young and most likely in college so that she can have her own class one day. They both seem very nice and McKenna liked them right away. She loved Miss April and what little girl wouldn't since she had long hair, long earrings and shiny lip gloss! And when she met Miss Carlene, McKenna stuck her hand out and said "Nice to meet you." It was pretty cute because it was the first time she'd ever extended her hand as a greeting and she looked at me all unsure like "Am I doing this right?" I was proud of her for having good manners. : )

I'm really excited because this year she has more little girls in her class. McKenna has plenty of little boy friends but hardly any girls. There weren't that many in her class last year and the ones that were there were pretty quiet and shy. Since McKenna was only there one day a week, she didn't really get a chance to make lasting friends. I don't think she could name a single kid in her class picture. This year she has a whole bunch of little girls to play with! She made a friend right away - a little girl named Hope who had blonde hair that was curly like McKenna's AND she was wearing a bright green shirt like McKenna was (Tinkerbell of course). Since McKenna's class is "The Cat Class", Hope came up to McKenna with her "paws" in the air and said "We get to be CATS!!" LOL! So dang cute!! So I'm really glad that we decided to do two days a week this year because I know that will make her feel more a part of the class and she'll be able to establish a better connection with the kids.

She's also starting her Tippy Toes class next Saturday. That's an introduction to ballet, tap and jazz for 3-5 year olds. Mostly it's learning the technique through music and games and not so much a formal lesson so I think she'll really enjoy it. Plus she gets to wear a tutu and ballet shoes and she's pretty excited about that! The class is pretty short, 9am-9:45am so that means she won't get bored too quickly. I think it will be a good experience for her.

And that's all the classes for now. She really wants to take that Daddy & Me art class where everything they make is from edible products. But I don't want to pack her schedule so we'll look into that once the dance class ends.

And some little Kyla brags - she isn't quite ready to walk but she stood hands-free for the first time last night and she stood for a long time too! So she's getting more confident about the idea. And she's added a few new words so now she says: Turtle, Duck, Cup, More, Sissy, Mama, and "Hi Daddy!" She says that last one clear as a bell too! Smart girl, wrapping Daddy around her finger like that!

Anyway, I'll update on McKenna's day tomorrow. I should sign off because my sister is coming over with her family so we can have a playdate and I think they're here!


Maegan said...

How exciting! Zoë is starting preschool this week too. I can't wait for her to have some little friends. :) Only have McKenna in one class in addition to preschool is a really smart move. I booked Zoë this summer to keep her busy and holy cow, it wasn't relaxing at all! I so looked forward to Thursdays...the one day we didn't have classes planned.

Enjoy Hawaii! We are going at the end of the month. I can't wait!

Kim said...

I need to stop reading your blog because it makes me want kids. NOW! Not good, considering my wedding isn't until next April. Grrrrr.... ;)

Laura said...

Awww, McKenna going to school. I know I should find something for Rhett too, so I don't have a repeat of what I did with Jack starting school, but he's still a BABY!

You are going to take pictures of this right. I mean, how can you not? ;)

Congratulations Kyla on standing!! I can't believe she's going to have her birthday next week!

Julie Jewels said...

I can't wait to see Kenna in her tutu!! Little cutie pie!
Wow! Kyla stood!!!! She was so not standing on Friday! Little stinker! Think she'll walk before her birthday?
I'm an eensey bit jealous you and Mel got 2 playdates in one weekend, but I guess that's a priviledge of being sisters, huh? LOL

Delighted Mom said...

She sounds so big for her age. I bet she had a great first day.
Those growing up moments are so bitter sweet.

Melissa said...

Awww...what a sweetie, rather two little sweeties you have! I'm hope McKenna does well in school!