Tuesday, September 12, 2006

School, This, That

Her first day went great! I'm feeling a little "eh" about this class because the teacher has communicated so little to us parents. Last year's teacher gave us a schedule of daily activities and every month we got a sheet telling us the lesson themes and special activities. This teacher seems a little less "planned" which makes me feel like it's a daycare instead of a preschool. So Wednesday I think I'll ask her some questions about what they'll be doing this year. Last year I would've been fine with no structure or routine but this year, McKenna is 3 and learning to spell words and write them out so I'd like to know that we're paying for her to actually learn something, ya know?

She seemed to enjoy her first day. The teachers said she did great, played well, barely touched her lunch (that's not at all unusual for McKenna!) She made another little girl friend named Bella. They shared dollies. She brought home 3 art projects, all kitty-themed. I'm sure I'll be updating McKenna's art project folder for anyone who likes to look at preschool art. : )

Here is a picture of her before we left:

I actually had a really cute pair of boots that were supposed to go with this outfit but in the weeks that passed since we bought them, McKenna finally broke out of a size 4 shoe and into a size 5. Figures! She wore a size 4 forever it seemed and of course the first day of school is when we noticed "Hey, these don't fit anymore!" So she wore these instead which we now realize don't fit her either. Time to go shoe shopping! But anyway, you'll have to imagine how cute this outfit was with little tan boots with embroidered flowers on them. And a little cream colored knit beret which I actually bought for pictures but had no intention of sending her to school in. LOL! Is that wrong? That I bought a hat because I knew it would make for cute pictures?

Here is one of her in front of the classroom:

Notice that the photo is blurry and McKenna is looking away? That's because Kyla, the fastest crawler in the west, was making a break for the exit gate. Little stinker!

So how did Kyla do without her big sister around you ask? Well on the walk home she kept looking at the back of the stroller where McKenna usually sits and saying "Sissy? Sissy?" then looking at me with an alarmed look on her face. I think she thought Kenna fell off the back of the stroller and we lost her somewhere! LOL! But she did fine. She napped for 3 of the 4 hours that McKenna was gone and woke up to have lunch so the schedule worked out perfectly for us. Here is a pic of her being happy that she gets to watch one of HER shows for a change! Gooooo Wonder Pets! Yaaaay!

And just for fun, here she is playing "Where's Kyla?" She's funny when she plays this game because she always has to leave one eye uncovered because she likes to see your reaction:

And here she is "flirting":

Here's a layout I did to commemorate McKenna's first day:

Credits can be found here.

So that was a successful start I think. Today was busy because we had to run to Party City to get supplies for Kyla's birthday party. Of all the themes, I think she recognizes Dora the most. So it's a Dora the Explorer party which is good because we'll have just as many little boys as girls there. At least with Dora you can find some more gender-neutral goodie bags and such.

After Party City we went to Hills Capezio. That's a dance shop where I used to buy my dance supplies and now we were there to buy McKenna her first real dancewear. *sniff* Erick reminded me of a time that we were there to buy for me and we said "One day we'll be here buying dance clothes for our little girl." And today we were. We bought her the prettiest pink lace skirted camisole leotard, nude ballet slippers and of course - a pink dancer's duffle bag. I think she already has white tights but if not, those are easy enough to find. The only problem we're having is tap shoes! So far we haven't found them in anything smaller than an infant's size 7. McKenna is a size 5. We could probably get away with a 6 but any bigger and she'll be slipping and falling during class. I looked online and have found some in a size 6 but I can't tell if it's a toddler 6 or a child 6. So I have a call in to the instructor of the class to see if she has a recommendation. I'll be sad for McKenna if she doesn't get tap shoes though because she thought those were just the coolest when she tried them on at the shop. And Kyla thought it was hilarious that sissy made a tapping sound every time she stepped down!

So this week is going to be pretty busy for us! Tomorrow McKenna has school and Erick (even though it's his day off) has a staff meeting and then I have to work for 3 hours in the evening. Thursday is my MIL's bday and then Erick works. Friday is our only day to run any errands we need to get done. Saturday McKenna has dance class and then Erick works. Sunday is Kyla's birthday party and then Monday - HAWAII!!! It's going to be so hectic but at least at the end of all that chaos I can relax on a beach with a mai tai and my husband. Actually, I've never had a mai tai. Are they good? Do I want that? I'm not much of a hard liquor girl, even with fruit and slushie stuff mixed in. But I don't think you can really drink a merlot on the beach. It's just not the same. The point is - I will be forced to relax! Which is exactly what I need. Ever since DST started, there really is no down time unless I make it a point to ignore all emails and PMs long enough to scrap. So this will be good because I can't take my computer with me and I'll just have to do nothing more than enjoy the trip!


Kim said...

Mai Tais are not my fave, but you must have at least one Blue Hawaiian while you are there. Take a look at the drink menus wherever you go. The best fruity drinks are the ones with pineapple. Yun! Have fun in Hawaii!

Jen said...

Isn't it crazy how fast our kids grow?

Gina said...

OMG please tell me that is a typo!!!!!!!!!!! lol Both of my kids wear a size 8 shoe! Woah! And their feet aren't even big (well, Andrew's are....)

I love McKenna's pretty school dress!

Seems like Kyla and Andrew kind of reacted the same way. Awwww!

I was going to tell you my MOm got Emmie's taps at Walmart... but they are a 7 so that won't help you. Maybe the school can custom order? Our school will order for you if you want/need.

Bay Breeze baby- Malibu rum, pineapple... I think cranberry in a Bay Breeze. Or is that a Sea Breeze? Whichever, Malibu & pineapple is the shizzle. lol

Laura said...

So many things to comment on, I hope I remember...

McKenna looked adorable for her first day! I thought how that one little piece of hair was not pulled back was so cute.

I love the first day page, the glittery part and ledger paper.

And the picture of Kyla flirting, so cute!

WOW! Such a busy week!! At least at the end you have a huge pay off! Hawaii!!! Have a great time!

Robin said...

Your girls are just too cute Shannon!!! :) Love your page too!

jennV said...

Shannon she is just too cute. Oh...i'm getting nostalgic too. Of course, I won't be buying any dance stuff for my boys, but maybe I can tag-a-long with one of my friends when they do it with their daughters.

Have a great time in hawaii. Relax. You gotta get a sex on the beach...love those.

Britt(any) said...

First of all, as a teacher myself....definitely talk to Kenna's teacher. I would love it if more parents actually took time to ask me about curriculum and stuff I was doing. I know you'll do it anyway...but just really want to let you know that if it were me, I would appreciate your gracious input. :)

AND....your kids are incredibly cute. I mean, seriously. If I didn't want to sound like a crazy internet stalker, I might say that I would come kidnap them, that way I never have to go through the pain of childbirth. Since I'm NOT a crazy internet stalker, I will do everything the old-fashioned way (and frankly, I don't feel like trying to find my way down to CA. I really am that lazy). I hope you have lots of fun in HI. I would say get a tan, but it prolly doesn't matter too much in Cali, does it? Welp, this comment is insanely long, so g'nite.

momy4him said...

your girls are so cute!!
actually, i think a glass of merlot on the beach with a nice sunset, sounds pretty good to me!

melissa said...

I think you deserve and will love a Mai Tai! Yummm!

Glad McKenna loved school...she looks so sweet in her new dress and backpack!

Have fun in Hawaii!!! Don't worry we'll take good care of DST...eh, eh, eh...<~~~that's my evil laugh...

Elaine said...

Oh gosh, this was the best post! McKenna looked so cute for her first day and cracks me up that the backpack is practically as big as her!! and what cute tiny lil feet she has! Maddy just graduated to 7s! I'm like..okay, bigfoot, next thing you know we'll be sharing shoes next year!!!
And Kyla gets the tv to herself! That's awesome!!!

Have fun fun fun in Hawaii and yeah, I gotta agree with Kim, Blue Hawaiian is great and hey, never hurts to have a pina colada either. ARGH! Take me with you!?!?!?! I swear I fit in a carry-on, no problem!

Julie Jewels said...

Oh my gosh! I love these pictures!! Kyla flirting is just adorable!!
I can't wait to see Kenna in her dance outfit!!
OH! And I so can't wait to smoosh those cheeks with kisses at her party!!

Maegan said...

First off, before I forget, my favorite tropical drink is a Lava Flow. It is a pina colada with strawberry. It is very yummy and doesn't taste much like hard liquor (which isn't really my thing either).

McKenna looked adorable on her first day! I have one picture of Zoë and she is walking down the hall holding her Daddy's hand. I couldn't get her to look at the camera to save my life. I suppose that is a good thing though, I am glad she likes preschool. I feel a bit "uhhhh" about her preschool as well. I don't see any lesson plans, art work, nothing that really indicates it is preSCHOOL. When I picked Zoë up on Tuesday they seemed surprised that she knew her ABC's. Hello?

If you don't post before you go to Hawaii, have a WONDERFUL time!

Alyson said...

OK, I admit, I fully gave up the Mai Tai's after day one, and totally had my wine on the beach. Mike and I actually kept some champagne and wine in our hotel room, and we would take glasses out onto the beach at night time. It's TOTALLY romantic, and way tastier since I'm not a big fruity drink fan. LOL read that as you wish. And I love your girls! Mike just pointed out that he's never met Kyla! We MUST remedy this, ASAP. Love you!