Friday, August 04, 2006

Shifting Priorities

Once Erick and I decided to go ahead and create DST, I gave myself permission to throw myself 110% into the project UNTIL the site was successfully launched. Now that it's up and running (for the most part, I still need to finish the directory), I have promised myself that I need to set a strict schedule. A site with over 1700 members could be very time-consuming if I allowed it to be. I like to take care of any issues as soon as they come up and be involved in the forums and leave praise in the gallery. So it could take as much time as I wanted to give it. There is ALWAYS something to do at DST.

But my dream was not to run a website. My dream was to be a stay-at-home Mom. And while I LOVE this new role of a running my own business, I can't let it take away from what I truly love to do - taking care of my home and my family. So now that the site is up and running, I am working on a set schedule for myself. Making sure I have time to shower and time to clean the apartment. Making sure that I'm still reading to my girls and teaching McKenna how to write her letters and spell words and teaching Kyla how to speak words and just general snuggling with them both. Now that the heat wave has cooled off a bit, we're enjoying our backyard again (we had a TON of wasps hovering in our grass during the heat wave. Add that to my list of plagues!) And for my own sanity, I need to make sure that I find time to scrap. I would completely resent this venture if I made myself so busy that I didn't get to scrap anymore. For me, digi-scrapping is, of course, a way for me to preserve my family's memories. But it's also creative release for me that I actually crave. I used to scrap almost daily and now I'm lucky if I can scrap once a week. I think that will change though. It probably won't be daily but I'm sure it will be several times a week and I'm happy with that.

And today I'm going to MAKE time for a little Yankee Candle tart shopping. Yay! Are their fall scents out yet? I'm so ready for Halloween already. I'm the worst, I know. Halfway through any season and I'm ready for the next one.



McKenna's birthday went wonderfully. We had a small party here with just family and close friends. Small in our apartment still feels huge. She got just about every Little Mermaid doll that is in existence and she seems to love each one for it's own special reason. She got the CUTEST clothes. OMG I am just in love with every little piece of clothing she got and I've been trying to snap a picture of her wearing them all because she just looks adorable in them! I keep forgetting to upload pictures but I'll do that soon and I'll post a link. Erick and I bought her a Barbie tricycle and my sister bought her a princess helmet. It is soooo stinkin' hilarious how huge this helmet looks on her! It's her size. It's just that she's such a midget that she looks like the helmet will make her topple right over!

What else....she got a few books that help her write her letters. That's her big thing right now is learning to write and spell. Erick and I were both early readers and I think McKenna might have picked that up too. She spells words that she sees on signs and can recognize some. She memorizes entire stories and can write a bunch of her letters. So you can already see those skills beginning to form.

She had her 3-year appointment on Tuesday. She is 33 3/4 inches tall and 25.5 lbs. So she's barely 5th percentile. Still taking after Mommy it seems - she'll be the shortest in the class I'm sure! When Dr. Cater walked in and he was asking his questions, making sure she was doing all the things a normal 3-year old should do. He asked how her language was and McKenna told him in a stern, bossy voice "Don't TOUCH me!" He laughed and said "Well her language is fine." LOL! She definitely has her opinions and is confident in expressing them. We're just working on expressing them in a diplomatic tone.

When she's about to do something she knows she's not supposed to, she'll tell me "Mommy, don't look at me. Just look at your computer. Turn your head." LOL!

I was making Top Ramen for our lunch and she wanted to help. When I use the stove, I just let her stand on a kitchen chair at the end of the counter. So she was watching and I said "Now we have to wait for the water to boil." Her eyes got real wide and she cried out "Mommy! No! No! That's for growing flowers!!" I was so confused. I said "What's for growing flowers honey? Water?" She said "No, SOIL!" So I laughed and tried to explain to her the difference between soil and boil. She was really skeptical though and wouldn't believe that I was NOT going to put soil in her noodles.

Kyla is a climbing monkey now! I really have to keep an eye on her because she has an interest in things that we never had to worry about with McKenna. Like climbing on top of the princess table or trying to climb into the toilet. I can usually catch her diving over the Dora sofa or Daddy's exercise bike.

She loves to wrestle her big sister. Whether she has the upper-hand or McKenna does, she's usually laughing hysterically. She loves to pounce on McKenna while she's watching tv. The only time she gets mad is if McKenna is sitting on her like she's a pony. I don't know how many times I've said "Get off of your sister! Kyla is NOT a pony!" But if McKenna ever hurts Kyla she's quick to say "I sorry Kyla. Can you ever 'div me?" (Can you ever forgive me?)

McKenna loves to play with Kyla even more now that she is mobile and can sit up. When it's time for Kyla's nap, Kenna will frantically grab onto Kyla and says "No! Don't take her! I just playing with her a little while!" Kyla is also getting closer to saying "Kenna"! She says it "Keh-ah"! She knows exactly who we're talking about when we say "Kenna" or "Sissy" and if we tell her to go find her sister, she'll go right to her. If McKenna is napping, Kyla will crawl to her door and bang on the door. McKenna has her own list of words that she would like her sister to learn. These include: Sissy, Rocket Ship, Baby Pants, Dragon Man and Catepillar.

Kyla is really good about obeying when we tell her no. She'll stop whatever she's doing and shake her head "no" and then crawl away from it. Well, most times. Sometimes she thinks its funny to make us say it again and again. But generally, she's gotten pretty good about reading the tone in our voices and will crawl away if we've given her a serious "No, no!"

She is still the most smiley, laid back, happy baby you could possibly imagine. She's very affectionate and one of my favorite things that she does is when I'm in the kitchen chopping fruit or something and she'll crawl in and rest her head on my feet while I work. It's such a loving gesture, that little girl just has the sweetest way about her.


I've decided I probably won't post my layouts on my blog anymore. It just doubles my time trying to get all the links and codes and credits together. But I have moved all my layouts to a flickr gallery and you can always click on the Digital Scrapbook Gallery blinkie in the right column over there to see the latest. I'll be uploading my layouts at different galleries in the digi community, depending on which products I used. And I'll keep a gallery at DST too, of course. I just decided to make flickr my complete gallery as opposed to 2peas.

Ok, Kyla is waking up so we're off to the mall for some tarts and who knows what else! Have a wonderful Friday!


Laura said...

Yay! I'm so glad for your new priorities! ;) I've missed seeing your layouts and pictures of the girls.

Kenna is so funny! I love the bit about her telling you to turn your head and look at the computer when she does something she shouldn't.

Kyla sounds like such a sweetheart too. It's been a while I think since I've seen pictures of her, I can't wait to see her now.

Anonymous said...

oh Shannon- I'm so happy that you'll finally be able to take some time for you and your family. Don't worry about that directory too much- it looks awesome!

Too cute about McKenna getting soil and boil mixed up. :)

Be sure to start a thread when you scrap a LO!

God bless,
Laurie Garza

Elaine said...

Good for you for setting up a schedule! i have to make an effort to do that because you can get carried away with juggling so many things at once, that you forget the important stuff!

LOL! at McKenna telling you to turn your head when she's doing something wrong. Maddy does the same thing! She'll go, "No mama! Sit on the (com)'puter chair! Sit over there!"

Our girls are little sneaks!

and AWWW how cute! Kyla rests her head on your feet! That girl is so lovey!

Congratulations on your successful venture!! I'm so happy for you guys!!

Britt(any) said...

Yay for a schedule! Heck, I don't own DST and I always find a million things to do there. :) I'm really glad you aren't letting yourself become crazy-busy with this venture. (Although I think all 1700 DST members would lead a revolt if we thought you were overworked...)

I love reading your tidbits about your kids--they're hilarious! I definitely think you should try and get a picture of Kyla falling into the toilet.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I saw some of your latest LOs and they are, like always, beautious.

Kelly said...

Great plan for your priorities!

And you have the two of the cutest kids EVER! :D

momy4him said...

good for you for setting your prioritites. you are a smart girl for putting your family first!

your girls are soooo cute! i love reading about the adorable things they say and do!

Robin said...

Good idea to set limits now! I totally know how running a site can take over your life!!!
ROFL @ your dd telling you to look at the computer!

Melanie said...

It's wonderful that you are claiming your life back! The children are little only this one time in their lives and it's important to make those moments you so badly want to scrap "real" before they can actually become memories! Experience them first hand :)

And thank you for all you have done at DST! It's been an amazing 6 weeks!

Julie Jewels said...

Good for you, my friend! You know I'm behind you 100% in everything you do!!

Love to hear stories about the girls! They are just the sweetest and I'm so proud of them and the fact that they'll both be my daughters in law someday! LOL