Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm procrastinating...

I've got tons that I could be doing but no inspiration to do them. I'm dying to scrap but the past two nights that I've tried to, I get stumped. I have an idea in my head but cannot figure out how to pull it off. So I think I have to come to terms with the fact that it's not happening. My stubborn side is fighting it though which is why I've come to a scrapping impasse. Maybe if I force myself to create McKenna's birthday thank-you cards then I'll be able to break down the barrier.

We are having the greatest weather here lately. The mornings are sort of gloomy and the evenings are cool. But the afternoons have been clear skies, 80 degrees and with a soft breeze. So nice! I STOCKED UP on Yankee Candle tarts and they had tons and tons of new fall scents so I've been burning those in the mornings and evenings and feeling ready for fall. So far I've burned Biscotti, Vanilla Cupcake, Sugarcane & Vanilla and Gingerbread Maple.! They are all so yummy! I'm dying to start some fall baking. I have the best recipe for Pumpkin Spice Cake that I love to make. It has a little bit of orange zest in it that makes it so extra good! I'll share the recipe if anyone wants it.

Speaking of fall....I'm starting to begin that obsessive search for the perfect Halloween costumes for the girls! Well, I should really say "for Kyla" because I'm pretty sure McKenna has her own ideas about what she wants to be. She has been telling me for the past 9 months that she wants to be Cinderella again but I'm trying to talk her out of that. The fun of Halloween is to be something DIFFERENT each year! So I'm pretty sure I can talk her out of Cinderella but I'm 80% sure she'll still opt for some sort of Disney character. Kyla won't care though so I can still pick something fun for her. Right now, this is my favorite:

How cute would my little pudge look in that with little whiskers painted on her chubby cheeks? But alas, I usually change my mind a dozen times before I settle on something, so we'll see!

Ok, I have a couple of cute pics of the kids that I wanted to share, just because (just because it's allowing me to procrastinate LOL!)


And is it just me or can you just visualize the teenage McKenna through this picture?

Here's one of Kyla and my youngest nephew, Gavin. They had their own little playdate yesterday while my sister and I took the older kids to a birthday party:

And look! Kyla has enough hair for a little bow now!

Did you all see my new couch in the background of the pic with McKenna? Here is a closer look:

We absolutely HAD to get rid of those oversized, purple, velvet sofas. They were fun for a newlywed couple in a rock band (well, he was in a rock band. I was just booking their gigs.) But those sofas had seen their final days. So we went to Living Spaces and found an aMaZiNg deal on a sofa and matching recliner. We are sooooo happy and they are sooooo comfortable! Everyone who has sat on them said they feel like they could just take a nap right then and there. We're slowly switching out our old furniture from light wood to dark wood too so our living room is starting to look really nice.

Ok, I'm off to grocery shop. We're getting back into the swing of things now and I'm doing my weekly menu plans again. Yay! And since the weather is cooling off, it's time to bring out some of my favorites like the broccoli/cheese/ritz casserole and the kielbasa stew, both of which were given to me by Gina. I have no idea how many recipes I have collected from my Aug. 03 playgroup over the years but almost every single one is a guaranteed heart attack. But ooooh so good. Great. Now I'm gonna go grocery shopping while I'm hungry.


Elaine said...

I can't wait for you to start some fall baking too.. that way I can come over and gain some holiday weight. :P

and OMG, Kyla would look so cute in that Halloween outfit.. and FYI her cheeks alone would make a burlap sack look cute! They're the most pinchable cheeks I've ever seen!!!

Julie Jewels said...

Definitely scrap thank you cards! They're easy and will get your creative juices flowing again!

Okay, so not only did Brian stay home with 2 little ones (shocking in itself!) but he pulled the camera out too? AND the house looks like it wasn't completely destroyed? That man is my new hero! LOL

LOVE your new couch!! It looks like the same color and fabric as mine (Sage green, microfiber?)
So when can we come over?
I need to see the new furniture and Nick needs to give Kenna the picture he drew for her! And well, since we're coming you might as well cook for me too! LOL

Melissa Ives said...

Aww..the photos are so sweet...McKenna looks so much like you. I'm glad her party went well! And congrats on the success of the site launch! It's a great place!

Kim said...

McKenna looks so much like Melanie in the "teenager" picture. She's adorable. And I can't believe how big Kyla is getting!!!

Maegan Birr said...

I am stalling too and reading blogs. ;) The pictures are adorable! I too am looking for the perfect Halloween costume for Zoƫ. I don't know if she will have an opinion or not this year. I showed her a costume catalog and she barely glanced at it. Hmmmm. Decisions decisions. Last year she was Dorothy with the little sparkly red shoes and everything. Gotta love it!

Gina said...

Heyyyyyy now. I can't believe the purple sofas are gone. lol But I do love that green!

Love that picture of Kyla and Gavin. Kyla has cute little shaggy bangs. :)

Oh and how funny- I have the SAME cat costume in mind for Emmie! She's all into having a nose and whiskers painted on her face.... but today, after being so excited to be a kitten (her idea), she is telling me she wants to be a dog. lol So we'll see what happens.