Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is it over? Did we survive?

Well, our out-of-town guests came and went. It was a successful weekend, ending with the BBQ at our place. The night before, my Mom watched the girls and Erick and I went to dinner at CPK and then went shopping at Sam's Club for the BBQ. Kind of like a date night? LOL! Anyway, after we got home from that and then running with my Mom to her place so we could pick up her table and chairs that she lent us, it was way too late for me to cook anything. So I did ALL my cooking the day of. Erick was grilling cheeseburgers and hot links as the main dish. But I made 2 big batches of potato salad, 2 big batches of chicken tortellini salad, 2 chocolate cheesecake pies, and a batch of homemade citrus punch. I cooked from 9:30-3pm. Cleaned from 3-4. Got in the shower at 4 and by the time I got out 15 minutes later, guest were arriving (the first being my sister and nephews so I wasn't embarrassed that I was just coming out of the shower at least). But it was pretty much go, go, go from the moment I woke up at 8am straight through until I fell asleep during the guys poker game at 1am. Everyone seemed to have a great time though. It was such a laid back, fun group that it didn't take much to keep 'em happy. Just some good food, some beer and some poker. Easy enough ; ) Here are a few pics:

Erick & Kyla:

Erick & McKenna:

C6M Group shot (l-r: Jason, Bill, Mark, Erick, Chris)

Notice anything different about this one? LOL she insisted:

Erick & Mark flashing metal:

McKenna and her new buddy Amy play baseball:

Bill, Mark, Erick, Stuart:

McKenna and Amy having a tea party:

McKenna exhibiting that ANY party is a party for metal:

And for those who wanted yard pics...

The left side (see that table, my Dad GAVE it to us!! Woohoo! My Dad is the best!)

And the right side (that big black thing is our grill):

Pretty good size for an apartment huh? Didn't my Dad and Cheryl do an awesome job fixing it up? Well, you didn't see before pics but just imagine that it was lined with rotting wood fences, all dead grass, a giant bush that attracted wasps, a deserted garden in the corner and a big ugly palm tree. Oh and TONS of small rocks. Tons.

Here is a pic of my girls enjoying our California sunshine and some dinner:

And just a cute one that I wanted to share:

And this one is for my family. Tell me this kid is not the spitting image of me when I was her age:

Do you see it? I never realized that McKenna had my eyes. Not my eye color but the shape of them. Her face is identical to mine when I was little, isn't it? I never really saw it until I took these pics of her! So crazy!

For anyone else looking at that pic, I realize McKenna looks kind of spooky. LOL! She wanted to pose like a princess so I helped her with her pose. But she was so worried that she would budge and ruin the whole pose that she would NOT allow herself to smile with her mouth. I kept telling her to smile and she would just open her eyes wider and wider. It was pretty funny!


So there were sales and deals a plenty of a bunch of things lately and Erick wanted to treat me because he's sweet. And maybe because I had to do like, fifty loads of dishes after the BBQ. Could be that. LOL! So here are some cool things I picked up.

Don't you just love how you can buy so many digital products for practically nothing. I love that about digi.

2peas Fonts:

Some of Karen Hunt's new line at SBB:

Designer Digitals goodies:

Digital Design Essentials element packs:

3Scrapateers kits and templates:

Twenty dollars worth of BBW products on sale for $7.56? Cha-ching! Peach was my first Victoria's Secret sent that I got for my 16th birthday. I looooooove peach! But VS discontinued their line! So I was pretty excited to find a good one at BBW:

Half-off at NY&CO? Cha-ching again! I bought two pairs of the Thompson Crop pants, a white halter and this adorable sundress:

So that was fun. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to shop for myself again until, oh, August. We have Father's day, a graduation and a whole mess of birthdays coming up. So I had to stock up I guess ; )


Well this post has gotten long enough! I'm not gonna post layouts. I did upload four layouts recently that you can see if you click on the gallery blinkie up top. Three of them were for the UDS competition a few weeks ago and one of them was a gift I made for my Grandma back in November. I wasn't able to give it to her until February so I never showed it off online. But by the time I finally gave it to her, I'd forgotten to upload it! So you can see it in my gallery as well.

Question of the day: What was the last movie you saw in the theater? I honestly can't even remember what mine was!! Maybe The Family Stone with my Mom and sister??? Yikes!


momy4him said...

oh i'm first?!!!
you were quite the busy girl, weren't you? all that food sounds delicious too- love me some potato salad!
loving all the pics!!!
the last movie i saw in the theatre was failure to launch. did not like the movie, but matt was nice to look at!

Gina said...

Oh wow! Erick's face is SO noticeably thinner in that 2nd pic! WTG Erick!!

Kyla is getting soooooooo big. *sniff*

LOL That is an adorable picture of McKenna is her Princess garb.

The yard looks great! *clap*

I have both of those Thompson crops. ;)

Last movie: OMG... something a LONG time ago! Ask me again Sat. because we are going to see Cars!

Laura said...

I was just going to say the same thing about Erick, you can really tell he's lost weight! Wow!!

And that picture of McKenna and Kyla sitting facing each other. Kyla looks, well, I guess she looks her age, but I mean, I still think of her as a small baby and she's growing UP!!

Your yard looks great! I like that it's all private and enclosed like that. The tree in the corner, is that the blue potato one, it looks pretty!

Love the pants you got at NY and CO!! Wish we had that store here.

Thanks to your mention of the Peach Nectar scent at BBW, I went to see if I liked that scent today and ended up buying the body spray and lotion. Yum!! Wayne, smelled it and was like, "MM, you smell like peach nectar!" Haha

Mom said...

HAHAHA, I love the pic of Kenna in her princess dress/pose.... too funny and yes I definately see YOU in her, I am glad you all had a fabulous time at your BBQ and your yard looks awesome, WTG Dad and Cheryl! As for the last movie, it was last weekend, "The Break UP" Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn... Great movie! I love you!

Kim said...

OMG. I'm not the first to say this obviously, but holy cow!!! Erick looks so THIN!!!!! Go Erick! :)

Love your yard! It's perfect for your girls!

Last movie I saw? I seiously have no clue. Sadly, I think it was Super Size Me when I lived in la Jolla.

Julie Jewels said...

Oh wow! Your yard looks so awesome!! I did see it before (briefly) and Wow! What a difference! Great job Dad & Cheryl!!

The pictures really show what a great time everyone had! Glad Kenna had a playmate in Amy! :)

I love her pose in the princess outfit! So sweet!! LOL

Hmm...last movie was Ice Age 2. Not too long ago for me, I suppose!

Kim said...

Sounds like a PAR-TAY! So fun Shan! Hey, what is your citrus punch stuff? I've got a killer recipe that has a similar name....but would love to have yours too. :D If you are willing to share. I love drinks!!

Delighted Mom said...

I took a peek at your latest LO's. the picture of your Grandpa reminds me so much of your cousin. How fun to see such family resemblances. And then the pic of Kenna, She totally looks like pictures I remember seeing of you. So fun!

Last movie? probably a kid show like Aquamarine.

Alyson said...

Awww, I love your backyard! So southern California! Dude, I still don't have the potato salad recipe. How did it skip me? Sheesh. ;) And YES! Kenna looks EXACTLY like you. It was sorta eerie. Don't do that again. ;) kidding. You're both gorgeous!

Alyson said...

Oh. I forgot. My last movie in the theatre was The DaVinci Code. It was eh. I liked the book a thousand times better.

Maegan (Coffeebean) said...

The last movie I saw was Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire on New Year's Eve. We have no babysitter over here. :(

Erick is looking so thin! Good for him. It must be all your yummy healthy cooking. Loved all the pictures, especially McKenna in her princess dress. You are so lucky that she poses for you. I have to stalk Zoƫ with my camera.

I loved the VS Peach Hyacinth scent. I had every single product they carried with it and was so sad when that scnet got discontinued. I still have never found anything that is quite as wonderful.

traci said...

The yard looks awesome! And I can't believe how big the yard and your apt. are. NICE!

Elaine said...

Okay first. tell Erick. (with your permission of course)
WOOF! WOOF! "how yooo doin??" (joey style!) He looks GREAT!!!!

Your backyard looks awesome!! When can we come over??

Kyla is getting so big and OMG, McKenna looks JUST LIKE you in that princess spooky picture! LOL! (j/k. she doesn't look spooky, she looks adorable as usual)

Okay, last
HITCH. With a friend.

It's been AWHILE. Netflix has been my best friend.

Elaine said...

P.s. do you know i have baby pictures of you and mel posing with Santa? Dont' ask me how I got them? Did we exchange pics in jr. high or something?!? hahahahaha!

Stephanie said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! The yard looks fabulous! Sidenote: I was wondering how are you going to cut the grass back there? I know a guy who will probably want to charge you $50 but you could talk down to $20. LOL!!!
Last movie at theater: The Breakup
Last movie on dvd: True Lies (Don't laugh too hard about that.)

Shawna Taylor said...

The yard looks great & it sounds like your bbq was a blast! You have to share the Chicken tortellini salad recipe it sounds yummy!

Cute clothes, I so wish we had a NY&Co here. Maybe when we go on vacation in 2 weeks i can find a mall that does! Surely one of the 3 cities we're visiting will have one!

Last movie I saw in the theater was United 93, it was very intense and sad at the same time cause you know how it ends. But definitely a must see! Have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

hey, i haven't been by in awhile I'm sorry :( I'm a bad friend, bad... :) you still love me though right?
Love the pics, they are great, looks like you had some fun!
Let's see, the last movie I saw in the theatre... oh yeah, geesh, it's not even worth mentioning it's so embarrasing. It was Silent Hill and it was TERRIBLE! :) I no longer have to endure Eric's movie choices! Lol

LeeAndra said...

The BBQ looked superfun, Shannon! And your goodies are awesome (I have some of those, too). :)

love, me <><

Anonymous said...

Erick looks great! And, I was looking at the older posts... digging your backyard. **clap** Now, I want to come back for another visit (only WITH Abby this time). :o)

Amy (abbysmommy)

Melanie said...

HOLY Craparoni she looks EXACTLY like you in that picture! I am positive I have seen pictures of you at that age with that EXACT same look on your face! LOL, that is so cool!

I love the one of them kissing! They are best buddies :) So sweet.

Is this my SECOND time replying to your blog? Woah, Don't go expecting it all the time or anything. :)~

Laurie said...

Your yard looks gorgeous!! I can imagine that you all will be spending sooo much time out there!!

Your girls are SUCH cuties!! I just love that princess picture of McKenna, it made me LOL!! :) She seems like she just has the best little personality!!

Love seeing the shopping you did!! Why do I always forget about NY&Co?? I should go there the next time I go shopping!

Last movie I saw in the theater? How sad that I just honestly don't remember? I'm not big on movies and it's been especially that way since Libby came along.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!! :)