Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bring on the Summer!

Whew! It's been in the 90's the past couple of days. Fortunately, I'm really looking forward to summer this year and it's all thanks to my Dad and Cheryl. I can't believe all that they did for us. That half of the grass that I mentioned before, it was already fermenting when they bought it so within a day or two, it was pretty bad. Thankfully, Lowe's gave my Dad his money back but that meant getting rid of half of it and having to replant more. I don't even know how many hours of work, driving around from store-to-store, etc. that they gave up helping us put this yard together. It looks so beautiful - lush green grass, Sierra bark chips bordering the lawn, solar malibu lights at all the corners, a beautiful potted Blue Potato Tree (grows the prettiest violet-colored flowers on it!) with pink and purple Impatiens (I think that's what they are?) at the base. They wanted every detail to be nice so my Dad even fixed the leaky water spout! And he lent us his patio table and chairs for the BBQ. It all looks really, really beautiful! And if that weren't enough, while we're at the chili cook-off tomorrow, they're coming over to CLEAN our CARPETS for us!! Aren't they amazing and generous and wonderful? Thank you so much Dad and Cheryl! You have no idea how grateful we are for all that you've done!

The girls and I enjoyed the yard all day today. McKenna had lunch at the table and took breaks to cool off by running through the sprinklers. And since Erick went to dinner with his out-of-town guests tonight, the girls and I had dinner out there too. It was so relaxing and fun! We cranked up our new Brooks & Dunn cd, the girls had rice and green beans (didn't matter how messy they got, we were outside. Woohoo!) and I had a refreshing greek salad and a frosty glass of Diet Cream Soda. Yum! Then we had popsicles for dessert. It was so nice to get to enjoy the fun, messy summer treats and not worry about mess! Bring on the Watermelon next! I think tomorrow morning we'll have breakfast outside. It just seems really appealing to enjoy the fresh morning air, have some coffee, maybe even bring my laptop.

Our neighbors behind us have a trampoline and I don't know how many kids. But there are two little girls who are always jumping and trying to get a glimpse of McKenna. I can hear them shouting "I see her! I see her! Hi! What's your name? Hi!" So I lifted her up so she could talk to them and tell them her name. Then while I cleaned up Kyla, the little girls kept jumping so they could talk to McKenna. It was so adorable! They would say "Can we see your favorite dolly?" And McKenna would run and find one to show them. Then they'd say "Can you dance for us?" And she would proceed to show off her best ballet moves. With everything she would do they would say "Awwww! She's so cute!!" Don't you just love the natural friendships that form between toddlers and young girls? It's the sweetest thing! I wish we had a little door way between the two yards so they could all play together.

So anyway, today was our first day of really getting to enjoy the yard and it was wonderful and I can't wait for many more warm summer days ahead! Here are a few other things I love about summer:

BBQing (best meal ever - steak, baked potato and salad - right Laura?)
Fresh fruit
Making peaches stuffed with amaretti cookies
Making homemade Citrus Punch (if anyone wants the recipe for either of these two, just say the word and I'll post it next time.)
Summer tarts
That "spent the day in the sun" feel on my skin (with sunscreen of course!)
Tank tops (I must own a billion!)
The smell of pool toys
Night-time ice cream runs with the kids
Tangerine Sorbet from Coldstone
Corona w/lime on a warm night
Hearing birds chirp late at night
Sleeping later because the girls usually go to bed later

And NORMALLY I would absolutely despise looking for a swimsuit. I HATE the process. But for the first time in my entire life, I tried on a suit and loved the very first one I tried! I couldn't believe it. I bought a a the JUNIORS department. And I felt good in it! Can I get some high-fives here? Woot! I wanted something cuter than a one-piece but it couldn't be TOO revealing since I would be wearing it at our annual family BBQ for the 4th of July. All of Erick's family is there and I wanted to feel comfortable being around them in a swimsuit. This was a perfect fit! Woohoo! That was such an awesome feeling!


Recent LOs

4 Generations

Credits: Alright, first I have to explain how bad I looked in this photo. I was like 5-weeks post-partum and still had my braces on. Bleck. This was taken at my sister's wedding with myself, my Mom, my Grandma and my first-born DD. I can't believe it took me so long to scrap such a special picture but I'm glad I waited because this kit was perfect for it. It is so elegant and I was just in love with the mauves and sage colors. So beautiful. I used Collection Seven from Gina Miller's new Designers Studio line, Staple by IOD, photo action by Photoblast, Fonts are Artistamp Medium and FG Script Elegant. Oh and I also did this as part of Traci Murphy's Outside the Box challenge at Scrapartist.
Journaling says:
To all of the women in this picture, McKenna, you were a gift. You were my first child, you were my Mother's first grandchild and you were my Grandmother's first great-grandchild. One of the special jobs that God gave you was to promote each of us to a new role, to make us something more than we were. How blessed we felt to begin our new roles with you.

Give Me Wings to Fly

Credits: This kit is so pretty. I was trying to do whatever I could to use all my favorite things about it. I still barely scratched the surface. Everything is from Gina Miller's Collection Four kit from her Designer's Studio line. The blank tags for the names and date were from Collection Seven. Photo action by Photoblast, Inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake, Font is Papyrus.


Credits: The GMD team is lifting each other and Gina Miller is our inspiration this week. No pressure right? LOL! She had too many great layouts to choose from so I chose my pictures first and then looked for a layout that would work with 3 photos and some journaling in a design that I loved. That helped me narrow it a little more. I chose her "Born to Dance" layout since it was a recent favorite of mine! Everything is from Gina Miller's "Designer's Studio: Collection Six" kit. Fonts are Papyrus and Perpetua.
Journaling says: It is the setting for some of my favorite childhood memories. It was where your Daddy and I went for our first anniversary. It is where we welcome the beginning days of fall as we see the leaves turn, we sample the early season wines, and we see the harvest of pumpkins and apples beginning at the local farms. It’s where we always buy a special Christmas ornament from the Jule Hus and we spend hours in the quaint shops. It’s where we enjoy food at Pea Soup Andersens, AJ Spurs, Paula’s Pancake House and The Heidelburg. It’s where Daddy and I would walk through the old-fashioned toy shoppes and pick out toys for our children before youwere born. It was where we took our first vacation as a family and bought Mr. Bongo Monkey. It’s where we hope to make many special memories for you as well.


Product I recommend:
Back in the day when we were a dual-income, no-kids family, I was able to afford bi-monthly trips to an Esthetician for facials and microdermabrasion. I used the nicest products on my skin. But alas, I can't afford all that good stuff anymore. But the one product that is worth every penny (and lasts a long time so I only need to buy it once or twice a year) is Biologique Recherche's Lotion P50V. It's a toning/exfoliating treatment and is so fabulous! I can't even describe it. I just know that no toner has ever come even close to being nearly as good. I figure I can splurge on this since I never let myself pay much for anything else. Get my shoes at Payless, get my hair cut at Supercuts. I mean c'mon. I gotta have at least ONE pricey beauty item right? Well, that and my lipgloss. ; )


Julie Jewels said...

Your backyard sounds heavenly! I love those blue potato trees! we have one in our front yard too-they're my fav!

You'll have pictures to share, right?

How cute that the girls kept talking to Kenna like that!

Go you on the new swimsuit! That's so awesome!

Melanie said...

The backyard sounds AWESOME! I want to see pictures! I love thinking of McKenna and Kyla playing back there :)

I know what you mean about the warm Summer treats. Tonight for the first time we stopped the ice cream man and let Luke pick an ice cream off there. He LOVED it. and I loved that even as it melter all down his arms, I could just hose everything off. lol.

Brian wants to know if the solar lights are bright? (Such a guy question)

Kim said...

Been so crazy busy that I haven't been able to do the regular surfing of my favorite bloggies. Popped in today and read about 5 posts. LOL
YAY for your yard stuff. Gardening is my favorite thing in the whole world (even thought I SUCK at it- lol). I'm sure you will have so much fun playing outside this summer.
And I love hearing the little updates on your baby girls. So stinkin' cute Shanny. Glad to know you are all doing well. Love ya sweetie!

MandaKay said...

Let us see the bathing suit girl!!! Congrats on finding a keeper! Glad to hear you and the family are doing well.

Maegan said...

A small swimsuit from the juniors section? You rule! That is awesome. I also prefer suits from the juniors section, they are much more my style. I just need to find one that covers my stretch marks. Darn those things!

Laura said...

Your back yard sounds beautiful! That is a TON of work your Dad and Cheryl did for y'all!!! And cleaned your carpets too! Wow! Very generous!! I hope you'll show us pictures soon. Oh, btw, outside is the BEST for shooting pictures, so stick the girls out there too, for a little photo shoot. ;)

Was this for me:
BBQing (best meal ever - steak, baked potato and salad - right Laura?)

Did I mention something about that once?? Who knows what all I've mentioned at this point? LOL

I hope your crazy busy weekend is winding down nicely and you still have your sanity. Well, it sounds like you do.

OMG, I can't believe how much different you look AFTER having kids. You look so much younger and so much different than in the Solvang layout! Lucky you!!

Britt(any) said...

Ahhh....summer. I love popsicles at about 7 PM on a warm summer night.

Word. (That's me saying the word for the recipes....) :)

Shannon's Dad said...

When Shan said I fixed the faucet, she meant I "really fixed it". I actually broke it off, and their shutoff valve only partially works. They had to leave a sink faucet on all night so their yard wouldn't flood. The manager was kind enough to have the damage fixed, but I'm sure the Bieger's are on the "watch" list.

Kim said...

Wow, how awesome of your Dad and Cheryl to do all of that yard work for you guys. My Dad is the same way... he loves to do things like that for me. I am glad you guys are enjoying it.

Size small "baby soup". Good for you! I don't think I have worn a size small anything since 6th grade! :)

Elaine said...

OOH! I gotta try that lotion! I'm the same at Payless, clothes from Ross, haircut..not in a while.. but I guess I can't use the splurge excuse because Hello. Madonna concert three times. there goes my splurge! LOL!

Okay, we have to have a playdate in your picture perfect backyard one of these days! I just love that you ate out there with the girls with the music blaring. Aaah the misty water colored memories you are creating! It makes me want to get my backyard done even more!

Gina said...

But there are two little girls who are always jumping and trying to get a glimpse of McKenna. I can hear them shouting "I see her! I see her!

LOL That is so cute! Like McKenna is royalty behind the fence and they are trying desperately to get a peek!!

I want to see some yard pics! I love really green grass. And I keep thinking abut what a nice backdrop that new plant will make for some pictures of the girls!

So come on. You have to link us to this bathing suit!!