Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thanks a lot Volkswagen

In case you don't know this about me, I have a pretty serious fear of driving. The fear is so bad that to me, I think I am perfectly logical to be this afraid of driving and I think everyone else in the world is foolish to not be MORE scared to drive. How quickly your life can change when you're just driving along. You can't account for what other drivers will do and your life and your family's life are at risk every single moment that you're on the road. Mind you, I'm not freaking out as a passenger. I'm usually not thinking about the dangers of driving unless I notice that people are driving especially eradic. But when I'M the one behind the wheel, I'm absolutely convinced that I'm going to cause a major accident. I've tried to conquer this fear several times and have only made the situation worse. It's to the point that I'm sick of anyone asking me about it, I'm sick of the reactions, sick of the jokes. It's not a funny situation anymore. It's debilitating.

So you can imagine how much I absolutely LOVE these new Volkswagen commercials (sarcasm). Have you seen them? Various commercials where people are driving happily along, engrossed in a coversation. When out of the blue, totally unexpectedly they're struck by another vehicle. And the next scene is them standing next to the car saying "Holy...." The commercial is obviously meant to send the message that you never know when an accident will occur and you want to be able to walk away from it. If you drive a Volkswagen then you'll survive the accident thinking "I could've died if not for this awesome vehicle that saved my life." Ok....that is not a good commercial for me. That does not help my fears. It's too realistic. I picture it in my mind as a certainty. I mean, the chances of you being a driver and NEVER being in any sort of accident are fairly slim. So I see that and just think that is my inevitable future if I ever drive. However, it is good marketing because I do want a Volkswagen now. I mean, if it's the super car of the new millenium and you're telling me that my family will have a better chance of surviving then by all means, give me the keys. Because I AM going to be a driver one day. I don't know what it will take to get me over this fear. Actual lessons with a Drivers Training instructor? I don't know. It'll happen. It's just become a rather large hurdle. But I've overcome other large hurdles. I quit smoking. I got over my fear of the dentist and now have a healthy smile. I labored two babies for goodness sakes. I will do this too. I'm just saying.....Volkswagen ain't helping!

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Credits: This is Britt. I don't know what label to give her as far as her relation to me - I guess her technical term would be my almost step-niece. LOL! Silly. But to me, she's just Britt - one of two very lovely sisters who have come to be like family to us. She's graduating this June and she and her friend had a professional photo shoot done. I just had to scrap some of these pics. Isn't she beautiful? The title represents just three of the positive words I think of when I think of Britt. Background paper by Kellie Mize; Leather straps by Carrie Stephens; Paper flower and arrows by Katie Pertiet; Beads, notebook paper, flower decals, messy edge frame brush by Jen Wilson; Ribbon by Sara Carling; Frabels and Spring Spreys by Fhung Lie; Font is AL Sandra. Photograph by Amelia Lyon.


Ok, I'm off. We're having a family day today. I think we're taking the girls to have a picnic in the park. Probably a trip to the bookstore. Possibly Target. And then tonight we're having a family dinner - baked salmon, grilled filet mignon, cheesey scalloped potatoes, a salad and for dessert a Boston Cream Pie. Yum, yum, yum Delicioso!

But before I go, Erick just shared some awesome movie trailers with me that I wanted to share. A movie about Leonard Cohen - one of my all-time favorite artists. This is going to be my Rattle & Hum. I can't wait for this one.

And then this movie trailer. I have to warn you that I absolutely bawled when I saw it. Not just a little tear but actual crying where I needed a tissue and a minute to shake off the sadness. But still.....I wanted to share because this is going to be an amazing film that we should probably all be sure to see.


Britt(any) said...

I'm so glad you pointed out the movie about the WTC. I just went and saw Flight 93---oh man, it was GOOD. I feel a little crass saying it was good, but how else do you describe a movie like that?

Anyway, your dinner menus always make me hungy. Hmmm... :)

Maegan said...

I had a Volkswagen Jetta and it was my very favorite car ever. I would have kept it until I ran it into the ground but there was just not enough room with a carseat in the back. They are VERY safe cars. I highly recommend it.

As for the fear of driving, I have two suggestions for you. One, as I was driving around yesterday I saw a "Defensive Driving School" car driving around. That might be a good idea for you. My dad always taught me to be a defensive assume that people will do the wrong thing and to be prepared. It really does help but it makes me twitchy. I am always sure that someone is going to try to merge into me on the freeway. My second suggestion: hypnotherapy. I did that for about six months before Zoƫ was born to try and get over my fear of throwing up (mine, others, the grossness in general). I wouldn't say that I am completely over it, but I don't have panic attacks anymore. Hope that helps!

Jennifer said...

Those VW commercials are very scary. I have a Jetta, and I had a Passat before that and I do love them and think they are very safe! I love your new page...I am so behind on praise but I will catch it in the gallery sometime soon!

LeeAndra said...

*hugs* I feel that kind of fear abt something, too. Not that I'm going to name it b/c doing so will give me the heebie-jeebies, but I know how that feels. And people making fun of you for it is sorta akin to someone stabbing you in the heart and then laughing, isn't it?

love, me <><

Laurie said...

Those commercials freak me out everytime!! Driving can be very scary. I've gotten to the point where I really don't like it anymore...too much rush hour traffic, too many people driving like idiots :)

I hope you guys had a wonderful day together!! Your dinner sounds wonderful!!

Juls said...

I thought I was the only onw afaraid of driving! It diabled me so terrbly (for the same reasons) that I didn't learn how to drive until 2 years ago,infact, I got my first licence while i was living on o'ahu 2 years ago today. and only because my now husband forced me to, saying that it would be almost impossible for me to be a mom if i couldn't drive my kids to the dr or school or basic things we have to do everyday. not onlt that, but i hail from oregon, and we don't pump our own gas (it's aaginst the law) so i didn't know how to do it. I failed my rd test 2x. im bettter now. as long as im driving i feel like it's ok tohave my kids in the car becuase at least im controlling my own vehicle, it's when someone else drives, like my nascar wanabe husband that I freak out about their saftey. oh well...but i do have to say, those commercials make alot of sense.

Gina said...

OMG YES I've seen those commercials!!! I just kind of sat there shocked the first time.... what the Hell? They are terrible.

Hope you had a fun family day!

***omg is this a "U" or a squished "V" in the code.....***

Gina said...

"V" ;)

momy4him said...

lol i was just reading jul's comment. you would never know she just got her license two years ago. she drives me to la when i have to go to the airport, and i trust her with my life.

i just finished watching that trailer and it made me cry. can't wait to see this movie.

Elaine said...

I agree that the VW commercials are scary. I get all into the conversation and then WHAM!! So yeah, Volkswagen does make their point. I hope you get over your driving fear. I don't fear driving, but I'm definately not nonchalant about it. I don't do any "extra-curriculars" while talking on the cell phone or messing with the radio. Just take little baby steps into it and you'll conquer your fear.. are at least keep it in check.

MMMM. Can I come over for dinner??

Julie Jewels said...

Shannon, I completely understand your fear of driving!! After my accident there was no way I wanted to get behind the wheel of a car again. My Mom forced me to though and thankfully she did! As much fear as I still have, with Angel gone so much I have to be able to drive the kids around! I'm seriously skittish though and just cringe whenever I see brake lights or hear squealing tires. Gives me shivers just thinking about it! I can't even watch those VW commercials! No way, no how!

Anywho...have a great family day! I hope the weather is nice enough for a picnic! That sounds fab!

Elaine said...

Oh god, I'm dying over you comment on my blog:

"And with that, I'd like to close this post with a poem I wrote using only drivel and the snapping of my fingers...."

ROFLMAO!!! Okay, that is officially how I'm going to walk in and out of a room from now on.....

Sara said...

Shannon, I totally agree with you on those horrible commercials. I don't even have my drivers liscence yet {long story} but at 25, the longer I wait the more anxious I am about driving.

My fear is the same as yours. I fear that I can't control what the other drivers do. I fear that with one quick turn I could veer off the road or something.

I am going to be taking driving lessons with a paid instructor soon so that I can hear from an expert exactly what I need to work on.

My DH says driving is all about confidence.Now I just gotta find me some.

Just know you're not alone. ;)

Alyson said...

I HATE those commercials! the only redeeming quality is that they almost curse, and that makes me giggle. Other than than, I have to change the channel everytime!

jenn v said...

I've just caught up on reading the last several entries and I got to say I seriously LOVE your attitude. You are one super person. How weird is that for me to say to someone I don't know, but that story about how you met your husband. I was actually glued to the edge of my!! Yeah, now you are thinking i'm a crazy person. i'm not, just love your refreshing outlook.

so the car thing....i had something happen like that to me in terms of an accident. everything was fine (and I didn't have a VW). It's been 10 years since that and I still am constantly scanning and searching for things that could potentially happen. In the beginning it was exhausting for me to drive and then it became better. I just got the biggest car i could - GMC Yukon XL and I feel lots better!!

Anonymous said...

My wife was driving a 2006 passat on the freeway at the traffic regulation light for two seconds when a drunk driver at 4:30pm ran full speed, no brakes into the back of her passat violently throwing her around and ito the car in front of her causing the airbag to deploy, also throwing her around and hit a second time before the other car or( drunk driver )hit the wall. I arrived at the scene in dis belief she walked away eventually. this car saved her life and no joke I thought of that commercial. Thanx VW and God for GO Vdub!