Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Some Drivel

Now THAT'S an enticing title. Sorry, but I just don't have any fascinating title to tie everything together. So you get some random bits of drivel. Yum.

- You know it's a good sandwich when you ate the entire thing and then an hour later you wanted to eat the same sandwich again. Erick and I discovered this little place near our Target that serves the BEST sandwich I've ever had. Grilled chicken breast, served on a toasted croissant, with melted swiss, tomato and a creamy PESTO sauce. Now I'm not one to get that excited about food but holy mother this is good! Therefore, I hereby offer this sandwich a tied position for my favorite "fast food". It sits proudly next to the carnitas crispy tacos of Chipotle.

- A random fact about me - I almost never finish every bite on my plate. I mean, usually I can't. I've always listened to my body and when I start to feel full, I just stop eating. Because if I keep eating, my body will reject however many bites are too many. Seriously! If I eat 3 tacos instead of two, I will get a repeat view of the third taco. Now don't go thinking I'm bulimic. I don't intentionally get rid of the extra. It's just like my stomach has a no room for "topping off"! It's weird. So I almost always have leftovers on my plate. I've actually been scolded at a Japanese restaurant for not finishing everything on my plate. That waitress did not get a tip.

- See on the side there how it says "currently reading" and the book is called The Pact by Jennifer Sturman. Well it's said that for a long time now but I finally started it about a week ago. It's really terrible. Or maybe it's not terrible but I'm just not in a chic-lit place right now. I am 99.9% sure I'm gonna give it away. So today I went to Target and for some reason, I didn't realize that their "Bookmarked" section had such a great selection! Back in the day, Target's book section had about 3 decent books right? I don't remember there ever being such a good selection before. Anyway, I found at least a dozen books I'd like to read! But I made myself narrow it down to one. I chose How to Be Lost by Amanda Eyre Ward. The synopsis reminded me a little of Deep End of the Ocean AND a conversation I recently had with Traci. At first I thought "Why torture myself? This book will probably make me worry about the safety of my girls!" So I picked up Best Friends by Martha Moody. Finished my shopping. Got in line. Went to put the book on the conveyor belt and I thought "No. This is not my book. I want the other one." Grabbed the book, went all the way back and picked up "How to Be Lost" instead. You know how it is. To actually invest in a book, to open it up for the first time, you have to feel EXCITED to read it. You have to feel drawn to it. I might have felt drawn to the other but I was MORE drawn to this one, which made me feel less enthusiastic about the first. It was all very Sophie's Choice. I don't wanna talk about it.

- What else did I buy at Target? Not much else. I'm trying to be good. Even though I am officially a shopaholic, I'm trying to teach myself that just because I want it, doesn't mean I have to have it. Do I want to end up like those crazy ebay ladies who can't stop buying things and then end up with a garage filled with 512 used notebook folders that were sold in bulk and they just HAD to have yet never use? No. No, I do not. So I was good. I only bought the book, some hairbands, a Tinkerbell beach towel that we had promised McKenna, two little mini pots with flower seeds that they were selling in the dollar spot (by the way, WHERE can I buy a small bag of potting soil? Target only sold GIANT bags. I need like 4 TBS for goodness sake!), a new shampoo that promised me it was a conditioning shampoo that is not oily and will not cause build-up (yeah, we'll see. We'll see.) and the rest was all necessities. Yay for me!

- But we did take Erick shopping at the mall! First of all, how awesome was it that we went on the day they were clearing out all of Robinsons-May? BIG clearance savings baby. He picked up the most rockin' Calvin Klein jeans for only $40! He bought 2 pairs of jeans (in 2 sizes smaller than he was wearing in January might I add!) and 2 really nice button-down shirts. It has to be said, with his new haircut and his weight loss and he's been toning up so he's actually getting some noticable muscle definition in his arms and husband is looking quite the hottie. I was really excited for him. I always go shopping with him. I'm always there in the dressing room. I always see that look on his face that shows how unhappy he is with the shopping process. And today he looked shocked at the fact that he not only fit into these clothes but that he looked damn good in them. So that was fun to see him ENJOY the shopping experience for once.

side note: I did not allow him in the shoe store. You all know how bad he is in a shoe store!

- I do have four things on my "wish list" right now.
* Freestyle
* CK Maternal
* Estee Lauder's Beautiful Sheer
* Michelle Coleman's Flourish Brushes

I am such a fan of any brush that Michelle creates. Well and pretty much all her kits too. But we're just talking brushes right now. She always creates the most elegant, fun, versatile brushes! Half the time, I load in one of her brushes, one little click on my LO and with that, the whole LO is transformed - comes to life. Just like that.

- I realized today that I get as excited about new cleaning products as I do about new beauty products. Is that normal? To be excited that I got a new bottle of Fantastik Oxypower? It's not even a NEW product to me. It's just a refill because I had run out. Yet it makes me happy to be stocked on cleaning supplies. Pitiful? Little bit?

- Did you see on that Target list I bought headbands. That's because I think I'm gonna grow my hair out. I like my hair shoulder-length. I prefer it short. But after enough short cuts, they go crazy with the layers. Instead of reducing my existing layers, they cut additional layers. So now I feel overwhelmed by layers. I wanna grow it out and start fresh I guess? Who knows if I'll stick with that plan! I am so fickle about my hair and need to always try something new I guess. Oh and thanks everyone for your input on the color. I've decided to let this color fade out (it's demigloss so it gradually washes out over an 8-week time span) and then stay blonde through summer. Then come fall I'm gonna go back to the dark brown. I love LOVE that I can actually do both. I never thought I'd be able to pull off that kind of versatility so I'm pretty happy that I got responses from you guys about both colors. That assured me that both DO look good! Thanks!


Ok, end drivel.

Question of the day: If money were endless, what beauty product or treatment would you indulge in? I'd get professional microdermabrasion treatments twice a month. I loooooove what it does for my skin. Plus you get a facial with every treatment. But that would run me about $350 a month so that ain't happenin! I did it for 6-months before we had kids and when we had lots of disposable income. It was heaven. The day after treatment was always the best. My skin would be all smooth and firm and clear and had a healthy glow to it. One day, one day. And you?


Julie Jewels said...

I think all of my blog posts are drivel! LOL
I'm shocked that you found a sandwich that ranks up there with Chipotle! Wow!

That's so cool about Erick's shopping experience! I actually felt proud of him too!!

I'll bring you some potting soil. It's impossible to find little bags. From time to time Home Depot will give some away as a sample, but it's rare! See..playdate excuse right there! LOL

I would most definitely indulge in a daily/every other day massage. My back is so screwed up still, so that would be most theraputic for me!

Stephanie said...

Aren't most blogs just drivel? LOL! ;)

I would definitely do the laser hair removal thing. I HATE shaving. I HATE waxing. I HATE both razor burn & chemical burn. LOL! After that, I would go for a weekly pedicure and massage. :)

Maegan said...

First, my answer to your question. I would try professional microderm abrasion. That sounds cool and my skin could definitely use it. I would also see a plastic surgeon about my stretch marks. Evil little (or not so little) things!

I was laughing about your new favorite sandwich. Kelly made one for me last week that sounds disgusting but it was surprisingly good. Ready? Ham, swiss, humus, and Bar-B-Q baked lays for crunch. It was actually yummy!

As for tiny bags of dirt...go to Home Depot. I bought four of those little pots at Target too. I think I may plant herbs in them.

Gina said...

I bought the Flourish brushes yesterday and used them on today's "Dirt Don't Hurt" page. :)

LOL I do the SAME thing. I am actually kinda of excited when I come home with new wood wipes or a newly scented Windex. Makes me want to clean. I always thought that was weird.

I would get a massage in my home, once a week. That would be $200/month.

Delighted Mom said...

I totally relate with the new book thing. I hate to start a book only to realize it is not that good and you have wasted valuable time reading it.

Way to go Erik. Losing weight is so much fun.

Indulge in? For myself? What does that mean?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I want to meet the sandwhich you wrote about in paragraph 1.

alisa said...

I picked up those same little pots for Ashlea and Rivers! Rivers totally got a kick out of watching the dirt grow when we put the water in! They check every day for sprouts!

Laurie said...

LOL...At least you're making blog posts!! I have been so lazy lately!! I keep making excuses to not post...I guess I just don't want to type that much and try to make everything seem much energy, lol.

How fun that Erick enjoyed his shopping experience. That has to be so wonderful to see him feeling good about himself!! :) Sounds like you had a fun little trip to Target too! I need to learn to be good....self control, Laurie, self control. I think I need to have someone teach me exactly what that means. :)

I forgot to comment on your previous couple of posts...what a beautiful page you created for Kyla's Made me all teary eyed. And then you're Easter entry for McKenna...another tear jerker. So emotional and sweet and way awesome that you took the time to write all of that for her...she's lucky to have you for a mom. She sounds like she is the sweetest little thing ever...LOVE the part about her frantically trying to get her jammies on!!

Gosh, if I could indulge in any beauty treatment....I would soooo love to go to a really expensive salon and get a gorgeous cut and color that is so different from what I usually do. There is just something about a really expensive hair cut and color that is sooo appealing to me....maybe someday....

Have a wonderful night and happy almost Friday....oh yeah....I say I'm too lazy to post in my blog...look at how much I just typed right here!! LOL. No excuses, I think I'll update now....maybe..... :)

momy4him said...

drivel? you? nevah!
how fun it must have been to shop with erik- it sure helps when they are enjoying it too!
i would get my hair done twice a month, and a full spa treatment at least one weekend a month! a girl can dream!!

Jennifer said...

LOL about the Sophie's Choice over the books. I am the same way. I will spend crazy amounts of time at the bookstore just trying to decide which one I want. But I guess I have solved that problem by not reading anymore! Sad but true.

Um...massage, mani, pedi, facial...I'll take it all please!

Kim said...

YAY for Erick and his weight loss!!! I wish I could report that I bought pants 2 sizes smaller than I was wearing in January! I'd take that over any beauty splurge any day! :)

Britt(any) said...

I think that I would just take the money and go wild at Bath & Body Works. I always feel guilty when I buy a whole bunch of products there---probably because I've been on a college budget my entire adult life. I might also get a professional massage. Ahhh.....

Melissa Ives said...

Hey...didn't you get a little soil disk with your pot and seeds? I picked up a whole mess of them Monday. (My sunflowers are starting to sprout!)

Isn't Michelle AMAZING...I just used her Boho Chic kit for the first time last night...It's my favorite page thus far!

Is getting boobs lifted a beauty treatment? If so that's what I want. :P

Elaine said...

I love drivel, seriously, it's a great lubricant.

as far as your questions go.. MASSAGES, any massage.. swedish, hot rocks, midgets walking on my back..couple with this pumpkin scrub I got in Cabo a while back. I was all relaxed and my skin was glowing like JLO after that. I LOVED it and I would get it every weekend if I could.

Tell Erick woot woot on his weight loss! I think both our hubbies are going to disappear right before our eyes. Brad has lost 22 pounds... I just NOW got into the double digits.

That SANDWICH sounds AWESOME. OGOD. I gotta go down there and get that or find it down here because unlike you, I do indeed get excited about food. Its any wonder why I'm NOT an oompa loompa. ( saving grace.. oh and let's not forget HUGE PLANET BIG EGO.. ;P)