Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happy Sunday Friends!

I love Sundays. Erick works 7am-3pm which means we have him home by 3:30pm. We've decided that we're doing church tonight. We used to go every week (Not that we could miss a week. Erick was the worship leader at any church we were attending). But since we had kids and he stopped leading, we tapered off. McKenna was not a flexible napper, nor was she pleasant when overtired. So that made it difficult to go. Erick's schedule made it impossible to go for awhile. And then when Kyla was born we assumed we were going to have the same infant-napping issues so we just kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that worship was going to have to come via cds and Praise Baby dvds. We've been to church but very, very sporadically over the past 2 1/2 years.

And I am really missing it. I am dreadfully unmerciful these days. And impatient. And tired. Really tired. I need to find rest with my Savior. And when we looked at our current routine we realize "Wait...we CAN go." We have a wonderful church literally steps away from our front door. They have a 5pm service that we are pretty sure will fit the worship style that ministers to us best (post-modern). They have childcare for Kyla and Early Childhood Sunday School for McKenna. Kyla is way flexible and easy going so we're not at all worried about that. McKenna is asking me daily if she can go to church to sing songs about Jesus. So I know she wants to go. And the Sunday School classes are the same classrooms where her preschool is. So I think she'll feel comfortable, even if it's different kids and a different teacher. So we ARE GOING and I am really feeling happy about that. McKenna is almost 3. I believe that children should be exposed to the Word and Worship as early as possible. I believe that church should be a part of our regular routine. Erick and I are both committed to finding a church that will always be a place our children will enjoy, a place with a thriving children and youth ministry. Thankfully, the church experience is very different then what it was when most of us adults were growing up. It really is fun. Especially the high school ministry which is usually when kids start to turn away from religion. I hope and pray that my kids will establish a relationship with Jesus in these early years and then they will grow to establish a relationship with their church that will help them to feel like it is their home and their safe haven. A place they can go to to feel safe and loved through those trying teen years.

Usually when we decide we're going to church, SOMETHING comes up that distracts us enough to not go. But I'm planning ahead. I'm pulling strings with naps so that we'll all be ready on time. I've got the chicken for tonight's dinner marinading already, zucchini is all chopped, salad is made. So when we get home after service I can just heat everything up and serve. Nothing is stopping us today.

Oh and speaking of dinners, I'm trying a new recipe tomorrow. I was looking for a new low-fat chicken dish to add to our menu. We're having honey-mustard chicken and carrots sprinkled with chopped honey roasted peanuts. Doesn't that sound yum? I'm excited to try it. I'll let you know how it turns out since I know a few of you (or your husbands) are eating healthier as well.

Two little things I wanted to add - so far, my book is AWESOME! Oh, just realized I need to change that on the side. The book I'm reading is How to Be Lost and it is really, really excellent. Definitely a book that draws you in and keeps your attention. More on that when I've finished though.

Also, Melissa you were right. There were soil pellets in those little kits. LOL I'm a moron. So McKenna and I planted our little flowers yesterday and she is so excited. She tells the sun "Keep my flowers warm so they can grow please!" And this morning she took her job of watering them very seriously. She uses the little shot glasses that we brought home from Ireland. LOL, glad we finally found a use for those, five years later. Anyway, I hope she actually gets to see some flowers grow out of this experience! She's really looking forward to it.

Ok, I'd better wrap this up. My Mom is coming over for lunch.

Recent LOs
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Proverbs 16:3
Stephanie encouraged me to join the challenge at TDC to scrap your life verse on a 4x6 card. I wonder if my MIL knew that when she wrote this inscription to me in a book she gave me once, that it would become my life verse.

Credits: I used Kim Christensen's Dirt kit (papers, elements) and some elements from her Celery kit - both from her In the Garden collection and available at SBB. Inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake. Fonts are Carpenter and AL Scratched.

The Original

Credits: Ahh, Carrie Stephens. Everything she creates is eye-candy. Most of this is from her Unmistakable kit except for the leather straps (Good Times kit). Staple by Kim Christensen. Button by Ronna Penner. Alpha by Jennifer Pebbles. Photo Action by Photoblast. Fonts are Problem Secretary and AL Scratched.
Lyrics by U2: Everywhere you go, you shout it. You don't have to be shy about it. You are the first one of your kind.

Pure Beauty

Credits: I am always so inspired by Shawnie's work, I finally decided to lift her. This is a lift of her Pure Beauty LO found here. Watermelon papers from Gina Miller's Garden Treasures 2 collection, yellow paper from Soft Gardenia (Garden Treasures 1); Glitter flowers from Gina's "Glitter Specialties: Flowers" pack; Fhung Lie's Artistrokes Spring Spreys; Messy Stitches by Katie Pertiet; Fonts are Susie's Hand and CK Cosmopolitan.


Credits: My cutie pie, photogenic nephew Luke. = ) I used Orange Blossom by Angie Briggs; Star stamps by Shabby Princess; Happy Border stamps by Nancie Rowe Janitz; Photo action by Photoblast; Font is Susie's Hand.


Question of the Day: What is your favorite family meal?


LeeAndra said...

Yeah for church! I love post-modern church services where everything just totally vibes.

*lol* How surfer gurl did I sound there? Yikes. But hopefully, you'll know what I mean. :)

love, me <><

Shawna Taylor said...

We don't get to church as often as we should since we had the girls either. Our church doesn't have a nursery anymore so the kids are with you during the service & mine don't seem to behave. And Rob gets embarrassed if the girls are not quiet so most times we don't go. But we are going to try to go more often!

My favorite family meal is one that includes my dad's homemade mac-n-cheese or my grandma's noodles! It seems those 2 dishes never last at any family dinner we have! I know the recipe for the mac-n-cheese but I need to get the noodle one so I have it!

Stephanie said...

Going to church every week is one of our goals for our 21 Day Challenge because we had been slacking off. This was our 2nd week in a row and it's been so awesome to get back! Today, our pastor was talking a lot about parenting and how important consistency is and showing your children that you love Jesus and the Church (like Jesus modeled in Ephesians). He mentioned that if "we" (Christians) don't show our children consistency in attending church then they won't see our love for the church. I found that to be very relevant for our household and thought I would share with you. Sorry for being so long winded about it. LOL!

Favorite meal: Chicken & Rice Bake (my Grandma's recipe). And I posted that one last week if you want a copy of it too. hehe

Kim said...

Awww... remember the good old Bell Memorial/Bible School days?!

Favorite family meal...? It would have to be my potato and green chili enchiladas with Spanish rice. Yum.

Julie Jewels said...

Good for you for getting back to church! Your post sounds like you're really ready for it!!
A Sunday evening service is exactly what we need too!

Your new dinner sounds yummy!

Favorite family meal nowadays for the boys is bbq'd ribs. They love babyback ribs! Something about boys and tearing the meat off the bones with their teeth! LOL

momy4him said...

good for you for going to church! i am lost and all mixed up when i am not fed spritually, it keeps my head clear and my heart in the right place and makes me feel all good inside!
you name the place shannon and i'll meet you there!
you know i am having the hardest time finding that alpha by jennifer peebles- a little hint? please?
favorite family meal here is a pot roast cooked all day in the crock pot, with carrots and potatoes, rice, and broccoli. yum!

Gina said...

So did you make it to church?

How was the new dish?

Our favorite; I actually love meatloaf, and since the kids like that too, it's a good option for us to make. Meatloaf, buttered noodles and corn or a green veggie. And lots of gravy!

Melissa Ives said...

I'm glad you found the soil!!! My sunflowers are already coming up! Please ask McKenna to ask the sun to keep my flowers warm in Wisconsin too!

I love your layouts...especially The Original...that face!

My favorite family meal...hmmm...does frozen pizzas count? No seriously...:D

Alyson said...

hahaha, I LOVE that LO of McKenna! What a funnyface! I almost didn't recognize Luke! Sigh. Gotta move back. Gotta move back!

Family meal, huh? Hmmmm...let me think. I LOVE when my mom makes potato cheese soup in the winter. And I LOVE any meal Mike and I make together. Tonight it's Rachel Ray's New England Tuna Melts. Yum.
Happy Monday.

Angie Wags said...

Making Church a regular part of the routine is a smart idea!

My favorite at home meal would have to be barbequed filets, baked potatoes, caesar salad, french bread, and a great bottle of wine.

Delighted Mom said...

I am so proud of you for making that commitment to go to church. I know how diffucult it can be, trust me. WHen we got married we made it a commitment and so we always go, no matter what. (can I tell you how hard that was when Ryan broke his ankle and I took all four kids by myself) I feel that the kids have learned so much and truly are developing that relationship with the Lord. When those sundays come that everything falls apart, I seem to get the most from church.

I have to tell you I love the LO with Luke. Very handsome. I have a hard time finding boy papers I like and that Lo is great.

Elaine said...

OOH. I"m loving the LO's but really, which LO of yours do I NOT love. None.
So there you go.

Okay favorite family meal is when my family gets together for ANYTHING. There is always an abundance of Lumpia, bbq steaks, chicken, pansit, rice, etc etc. SO much food.. so little time...