Monday, March 13, 2006

Damn You Freda Felcher!

That's right missy! I'm talking to YOU! Making me go tart shopping. $40 later! Sheesh! Yankee Candle was having a BOGO sale on accessories. I saw a few tart burners that were so pretty but I already have two tart burners and didn't need any more. So I bought the votive holders that come in the Blue Mosaic line to go with my tart burner. So if you were thinking of buying a tart burner or any type of candle accessories, go now! BOGO FREE! (Go Amy H.!! Go!! And pick up my top 3 favorite tarts: Lemon Lavendar, Summer Fresh, Country Linen).

Ok, what else do I have to share.....

* Disney on Ice is a no-go. They only had crappy seats left. And why pay $40 for crappy seats when I can take her to see the Disney Princess Parade at Disneyland for free? But I do hope the ice show comes back through because I think that would be fun. Just....not from the nosebleed seats.

* Gina just released a gorgeous new line of papers and elements that are just aMaZiNg! And the price could not be better. Think about it. If you normally pay an average of $6.50 per kit and this line is the equivolent of 6 kits. That's $39. This line costs $27 for the papers AND elements! Cha-ching! Check 'em out:

Perfectly Pastel Papers

Perfectly Pastel Elements

* Carrie just released all sorts of luscious goodies at Fishscraps including a beautiful freebie called "Truly Delightful." I just downloaded her "Lucky Day" kit and it is the best Irish-themed kit I have seen yet! I'm not gonna link you because I want you to see all her new products for March. Stop by, grab the freebie....maybe throw another kit or two in your cart.

* I finally got to scrap with Angie's beautiful "Chasing Butterflies" kit. This kit is phenomenal. 16 papers, THREE alphas, and tons and tons and tons of elements! Embroidered elements!! Have I mentioned how much I love the look of embroidery on digital LOs? She created so many pretty embroidered elements that it was hard to choose what was going to be on the LO and what had to be left behind. It was like Sophie's choice. ; )

Here is the LO I created using Angie's kit. Everything is from the kit except for the stitch (Katie Pertiet) and the fonts are Mom's Typewriter and AL Age Old Love.

Ok, now I expect everyone to have spent at least $60 by the end of this post.

And after you have spent, stop by Laura's blog and grab her rockin' beads freebie!


My friend Julie Jewels tagged me like, oh....a week ago or something. So let me enlighten you with some useless trivia about myself:

Four jobs I've have had in my life:

1-Candystriper when I was 14.
2-Waitress at Texas Loosey's.
3-Shift Leader for Birthday Parties, Ticket Sales and Lazer Tag at Palace Park (now called Boomers)
4-Administrative Assistant for the High School Ministry at a large church

Four movies I would watch over and over:

2-Sweet Home Alabama
4-Return to Me

Four places I have lived:

1-Rowland Heights, CA
2-Irvine, CA
3-Brea, CA
4-Fullerton, CA

Four TV shows I love to watch:

1-Grey's Anatomy
3-My Name is Earl/The Office (I have to watch one and follow up with the other)
4-Related (Woohoo, high-fives to Shawn one else. We might be the only two people over the age of 14 that watch this show.)

Four places I have been on vacation:

1-Las Rocas resort in Rosarito
2-Las Vegas
3-San Francisco
4-IRELAND (sniff, sniff I wanna go back)

Four websites I visit daily:

1-My August 03 Playgroup board
2-Gina Miller Designs Creative Team board
4-Two Peas

Four of my favorite foods:

1-Salmon cream cheese pizza (no tomato sauce so its better than you're probably thinking).
2-My own recipe for New England Clam Chowder
3-French Fries

Four places I would rather be right now:
There's no place I'd RATHER here are four places I wouldn't mind being!

1-Las Rocas
2-Getting a pedicure.
3-Sitting at Starbucks with my laptop, my ipod and a Cinnamon Dolce Latte and scrapping.
4-At the Brea mall with unlimited funds and unlimited time!

Four Tags:
Alright....let's about some new readers....



Ok, that's all she wrote folks. I'm about halfway down my list of blogs to catch up on and I have some new chicas that I want to add soon too.

And let's see....I think I'll be ending all my posts from now on with a question. I mean, this shouldn't be all about ME right. How conceited am I? ; ) Let's talk about YOU. Today's question:

What is the last thing you bought for YOURSELF?


Ashley said...

Hey Shannon! Love the new color scheme you got goin here :)
I went to check out Yankee's tarts thanks to Gina, (geesh!) and almost got 35 dollars worth of tarts and then I thought, what the HECK am I doing?!!! I still have two tarts that haven't been burned from LAST christmas (that's 2004) simply because, get this, I am too lazy to put a tea light in the tart burner and then clean it out afterwards. So yeah, I got the hell out of there! :)
The last thing I bought for myself was today, I bought some Turbo Jam DVD's that I saw on an infomercial today. I hope they are worth it. I'm a sucker for infomercials, it's pathetic. lol!
btw, go to my blog and check out the contest I'm having. You have to go today!! :)

Gina said...

LOL Nice title Mare!

I wanted those mosaic votive holders too. They are so pretty!

Oh boo! I wish you could have went to the ice show. :( But yeah, I wouldn't spend the $$ on crappy seats either. They'll be back.

LOL I didn't do Julie's tag (sorry Jewels!) because didn't we do that quiz like 2 months ago? Aren't you repeating yourself Mare? Do you need them to up your meds at Shady Pines with Shanah? LOL

Last thing I bought for myself..... a ton of stuff! If I have to pick one, I'll say my new black dress.

GretGrrl said...

Cute layout - love that picture. And I like the new blog look.

So, New England Clam Chowder, eh? Are you a recipe sharer? I've been looking for a good clam chowder recipe, but since I've never made it before, it's hard to tell what's good or not just by the ingredient list/instructions. But some sage advice (and your recipe -- LOL) would be great. And it's not like I'll bring it to the same potluck as you & upstage you or anything -- pinky swear.

In other words, could I please have your recipe sometime?

momy4him said...

oh boy! those yankees are addicting aren't they?!!! tryin to stay away, but yankee just released a new collection for hallmark (gasp)! it's called the Yankee Candle Celebrate Home Collection and there are 10 new scents that i am dying to sniff! well, the pink grapefruit and cilantro sounds like a no-go, but there are others like sugared ginger and vanilla, and sweet magnolia and mandarin...

momy4him said...

oh! the last thing i bought for scrapmags count?

Julie Jewels said...

Where is a true Yankee Candle store? The one in Costa Mesa was closed last I checked-where do you go? Cause I'm thinking the stores that carry the tarts probably won't do the BOGO.

Bummer about Disney on Ice! But I agree with your decision! As though that makes you feel better, huh? LOL

Damn you for making me shop!

Y'know, when I did that little quiz on my blog I thought it felt familiar. But geez, nice and humor me! You're just a big ol meanie! Shannon is my nice friend! Thank you Shannon! :)

Almost forgot-what did I buy for myself? I cheesy 'diamond' studded fashion watch from Target for $12.

Jen said...

I realllly need to jump on the tart bandwagon. We have a Yankee Outlet about 45 mins from here- I may need to hit it soon :)
Last thing I bought for myself? Ummm- I have NO clue!! I tend to buy the kids things instead of myself. I guess probably something scrapbook related- oh yes- about a month ago I bought myself Donna Downey's "Designing with Photos" book :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah, Gina caused me to blow money on some tarts too. Evil woman!! ;)

The last thing I bought for myself was some new shoes at Nordstrom yesterday! I haven't bought new shoes in sooo long!

Stephanie said...

Love that layout, Shannon! At least you picked new people for the tag so it's new for some of us. :) Have a tartful day!

alisa said...

hmmmmm..... the last thing I bought myself would have to be my new pink RAZR. And I love it, love it, love it!

Anonymous said...

Ok....let's see if I can log on anonymously!!!! Will it count if I tell you that it's Shanah checking in?!!! Love the new color scheme but really Shannon....I'm quite adept at I need to come here and find MORE ways to spend (wink, wink!!!). How about a few tips so I can be clean and organized like you, find time to do all the beauty things like you, scrap prolifically like you....these are the things I need help with. Shopping....NOT!!!! Ok...last thing I bought....Appearex pills for my nails. Just because I've gone 43 years with NO nails...does not mean there is not hope!!!

Have a great day from you anonymous/not so anonymous friend!!!!

Elaine said...

I was feeling sorry for myself a bit because I could not remember what I had last bought myself..then I realized it was quite a biggie. Tickets to Coachella to see Madonna. I don't feel quite so sorry about myself anymore.. a little scared about early dementia setting in though.

I have to get on the scrappin bandwagon first and THEN I'll get on the tart bandwagon. Oh heck, I'll just do both. You're such a digi scrap/tart pusher!! :D

Kim said...

I still have yet to try a tart. I was so bummed because I bought 30 or so (online) a few weeks back, and when the package arrived, it was full of votives! They misshipped! Ugh.

Let's see, the last thing I bought myself was my Michael Kors handbag. Thank goodness I get paid tomorrow.

Stephanie said...

I forgot to say the last thing I bought myself. Silly me. My last "me" purchase was a work shirt at Ann Taylor. Love that store!!!

Melissa Ives said...

I'm sorry about Disney on Ice. It usually comes here once a year. So it'll be back, I'm sure. I'm totally going to have to start burning tarts. actually I'm going to start buying stock in the company! I'm sure it's soaring now, thanks to Gina. :) I completed the quiz you tagged me feel free to stop over at my place! ;) What haven't I bought myself recently...Oh! I got the soundtrack to Aida the broadway musical.

Laura said...

Hey Shannon! Thanks for the link, you're sweet! :) Did you drop Cool Hand Luke from your list? I always think of you when I think of that movie. Wayne loves it and you're the only girl that I know that loves it too.

OMG, I cannot believe you spent $40 at Yankee Candle. I'm probably there's not a Yankee Candle store here, or I might have joined y'all on this binge.

Last thing I bought for myself...a Star magazine. That's right, I like the trash. LOL

Joy said...

Ohmigosh - I can't remember what I bought just for ME! Hmmmm...oh wait! A pair of gorgeous brown leather shoes from Aldo. ;0) How could I forget those?

Alyson said...

haha, I put my tart burner in my guest room, and I was like, "Is it rude to go into Jeff and Monica's room to steal back my own tart burner?" hahahaha, LOVE IT! THanks for getting me hooked!

Hmm, last thing for MYSELF? Umm..oh. Yeah. haha. Underwear at Target. I get all gushy inside thinking about them. They're black. With pink polka dots. I heart them.

Margie said...

Cute layout!! All this tart talk and I am no where near to buy them!! I think last summer was the last time I bought some tops for myself. Unless you count a couple digi kits I got last week-but those aren't spending on ourselves-it's for our "family" right !!