Friday, February 24, 2006

What did we do before Netflix and Tivo?

Sometime last week, I could not find anything on tv to "watch" (by watch I mean half pay attention to while I scrap). I found Grey's Anatomy and thought "Why not?" and left it there. (It was the bomb episode for anyone else that watches). I totally got hooked!! I only caught the last 20 minutes and afterward I jumped right on my August Mommy board and asked them to catch me up on who is who and what the heck was happening. So I decided I definitely wanted to become a GA fan. I borrowed Season one from Netflix and I'm tivoing any new episodes that come on. I got the dvd a couple of days ago and I'm LOVING this show! But thank goodness for awesome inventions like Netflix or Tivo. What did I ever do without them?


So we have a few important firsts coming up for McKenna. Monday she's having her first school portraits taken. Awwww! It's funny, we can take the most phenomenal pictures with our Canon Digital Rebel and it costs us nothing. Yet we're willing to pay $36 for these pictures (which will probably be mediocre in quality) just because how cute is it that she's going to get her FIRST school portraits taken??

And I've mentioned how much she loves to brush her teeth right? A dozen times a day she brushes and then comes running to me saying "Look! They're shiny like pearls!" So when I went to the dentist the other day she asked when it was her turn to go to the dentist. I promised her I'd make an appointment and got the number of a pediatric dentist. I called today and they asked if there was a reason for the appointment and I said "Well, she's been begging me to go so I thought I should take her while she still thought of the dentist as a positive thing." The woman said "Wow, she WANTS to go? Definitely bring her in then!" So she's all set for Tuesday morning!

And finally, I think next month we'll be registering her for her first dance class! With all the dancing she's been doing, I told her that if she wanted to, she could take a dance class someday. So now she has been talking so much about "I take a dance class someday?" that I promised her I'd look into it. I called our community center and he said yep, she's old enough and sign ups begin next month! I'm excited for her! They have a couple of classes but I think we're going to do one where it's NOT Mommy & Me. I've noticed that she participates in things better if she doesn't have one of her parents hanging around. If we're there, she wants to cling to us. If we're not, she listens to the other adult present and participates. The classes for her age are usually ballet/tap combos and very fun and laid back. No pressure for them to do anything other than enjoy themselves and wear their little tutus and ballet slippers (which is really the best part anyway). So I think she's gonna get a real kick out of it.


Tomorrow night there will be an exclusive ACOT chat with Gina Miller at 9pm EST. I hope you'll be able to come. I'm 90% sure I'll be there. Tomorrow is my nephew's birthday party and I would be REALLY surprised if I wasn't home in time! So plan on being there because those who have gone to a Gina chat can attest to the fact that we always have a blast!

Which reminds me, I really need to get off this thing and make the chicken tortellini salad for the party tomorrow! And I need to wrap Lukey's gift. We got him a Buzz Lightyear shirt and some shorts and we also got him the Water Wheel Play Table. The boys finally have their own backyard to play in so I thought this would be great for those warm California days. And by the time it's warm enough, Gavin should be pulling himself up and will probably be able to enjoy it too!

I love my boys. I can't wait to see them tomorrow.

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Live Out Loud

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Baby Blues

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Jennifer said...

Grey's Anatomy is a fab show! So glad you are hooked. You know the writers of that show have a blog (just in case you needed another blog to read). It is

Oh, and I have no idea how I survived without Netflix and Tivo! ESPECIALLY Tivo!

I can't wait to see McKenna's adorable school pictures, and dance class will be so fun!!

Kim said...

OMG... those blue eyes... beautiful.

I also love GA. Actually, I love McDreamy!

Julie Jewels said...

So glad you're becoming a GA fan!! it's a totally awesome show!!

I feel the same way about school pictures-you HAVE to get them!!

Awww, a dance class? How freaking adorable! Can't wait to see a scrap page on that!

Aaanndd...I'll see you in a few hours! LOL

SaSa said...

We'll have to have a GA chat. ;) I LOVE Grey's Anatomy!! I have to get a TIVO thing. Then when 3 of the shows I want to watch come on at once I can actually watch them. LOL

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! Those "Baby Blues" are adorable. And so are her little cheekies. ;)

Elaine said...

Tivo and Netflix are lifesavers!!! I've heard a lot of good things about GA so I think I might join the bandwagon too.

WoW! lots of Biggies for Kenna'! Dance class! Dentist appointment and getting her school pictures! How awesome!

Oh gawd I love the Pudge-cicle LO! SO FUNNY and so cute! Kyla has gotten to be a little chubblecakes!! CUUUTTE!!

Gina said...

Awww school portraits! I can't wait to see them. :)

That's so cute that she'll be going to the dentist. I bet Emmie would like it to, but my dentist said not to bring her until 4, Maybe I'll look into a Ped. one.

momy4him said...

she'll be the cutest dancer in the class i'm sure!

love the new layouts of kyla, super adorable!

i saw one ga episode at my inlaws house, loved it- but i don't watch tv at home, or else i'd be hooked too!

Jen said...

how cute will a dance class be? oh gosh- I simply can not wait for Addie to be that age!
I have yet to see GA though I have been meaning to tune in- I just somehow forget- even with a DVR. I know- I am a dork ;)