Thursday, February 23, 2006


McKenna notices all the smells. She always asks what I've been eating and I can NOT kiss her if I've been eating something she doesn't like. Anyway, I'm sitting here, drinking my morning coffee. I confess that my order for the day is that I wake up, drink coffee and then brush my teeth. Only because I HATE the taste of coffee or juice after I've brushed my teeth and if I brush after I drink coffee then my teeth won't yellow. Anyway, enough defending myself.

McKenna just gave me a kiss and said "What's that smell like?" and looked at me with disgust. I said "It smells like coffee." She said "No, it smells like dragon." LOL! What a meanie! Fine McKenna, I will change my order for you. I love you that much.

Speaking of things like .... teeth. I went to the dentist the other day for a cleaning. I *heart* my dentist. First of all, I have always been deathly scared of them and NEVER went unless there was a problem I couldn't bare (which usually resulted in the cringe-worthy words "root canal"). So one night, before Erick and I got married I woke up with a horrible toothache. My face was actually numb. I called Erick because I was scared to death. I had no idea why I'd lost feeling in my face. The wonderful man that he is drove 20 minutes in the middle of the night to sit with me. He stayed up all night and made sure I was ok (did I mention that I *heart* my husband too?) And then in the morning he took me to his dentist - Dr. Phipps. Dr. Phipps was so understanding about my fear. He really turned it all around for me. He took care of the horrible tooth and helped me get all my teeth fixed up and then referred me to a phenomenal orthodontist so that I could get my teeth straightened. I had braces as an adult (and all through my first pregnancy) which wasn't the best. But when all was said and done, it was the greatest feeling to have a nice straight smile and healthy teeth AND no fear of the dentist. But anyway, my dentist rocks. He's a Christian and he knows I am as well. So whenever I'm in his chair I get a little mini Bible study. He's extremely well-read and very perceptive about the Bible so I love it. Of course, I hate when he asks me a question. How am I supposed to answer with 2 hands and 3 dental instruments in my mouth? They do that kinda thing on purpose I think.


Sweet Moments

Credits: To celebrate Suzy (olivia_abi) joining Gina Miller's CT for the month of March, I'm honored to get to scraplift one of her beautiful creations! I used Gina Miller's "Pinky Pie" papers and elements from her "Weathered and Worn" cd collections; alpha by Tandika Star, border dots (recolored) by M. Shefveld. Fonts are: 2peas Brainless, CK Mama O, Cratch.
Journaling: McKenna, after dinner one night, you managed to convince me to give you a bowl of lime sherbert that was absolutely covered in every kind of sprinkle we had in the house. After a few bites on the spoon, you decided to stop wasting time with it and dive right in with your fingers. We sat at the table in silence, just the two of us. I asked you if it was yummy and you replied with "Yes. It's dood." (It's good). You didn't have time for conversation. You had to eat all those sprinkles before the ice cream melted! So I just sat and watched you, the only sound was your sweet little breath as you gobbled up your treat as fast as you could. For some reason, it touched my heart to see you there, so small and innocent, yet seeming so grown up at the same time. I realized how quickly you've grown, right before my very eyes and it dawned on me - your childhood is going to happen much too quickly. I suddenly felt an urgency to hold on to this particular moment, to never let it vanish. I wish I could pause your childhood and watch you eat ice cream forever.

Here is Suzy's original LO.


Kim said...

Feel blessed that you have a dentist you can trust! I used to, and he was in Fullerton. My Mom worked for him when she was pregnant with me and my family all went to him up until he retired last year. He was caring and honest, plus he did all of our work for free, which was nice. But I totally miss having a dentist I can trust, that isn't mining my mouth for cash!

Love the Kenna LO! She's so precious!

Elaine said...

God I need a good dentist with all this teeth talk.

Dragon Breath! LOL! That 'Kenna is hilarious. Cute LO.

Maddy hasn't said anything about my coffee breath yet, however she will dutifully call you a "Fa Face" if she hears a fart and then "sue me" (excuse me). Brad hears this a lot..take a guess why...LOL!

P.S. Took me THREE tries with that blog security thing!! what the? THey're giving me chinese characters to try to type in!

Julie Jewels said...

So now you have a new nickname-Dragon Breath! LOL
That Kenna is such a character!

That's awesome you have a great dentist and you get a bible study out of it too!
They do always ask you questions when you can't answer, huh? Why the heck do they do that?

Laura said...

Well, in Kenna's defense coffee breath mixed with morning breath is quite frightening. Dragon may be putting it nicely. ;) But that's still very cute that she came up with that name for it.

I'm the same way with the dentist. I need to go so bad, but I'm totally scared to. Wisdom teeth talk is probably what I'm worried about. I'm so glad you're so happy with your dentist though, that's not a fun thing to have to dread.

Gina said...

coffee breath mixed with morning breath is quite frightening.

Laura! bwahahah! This totally made me LOL!

Ok see, what we need to call you now is "DB"! That is what we call a select few family mebers of mine. Pam started it. Pam would be very proud if you started using her abbreviation. =D

Between you and Cat, I have been dually reminded I need to schedule a dental appointment. Argh!

OMG this is the easiest security code ever! It's like 3 letters long. LOL

Alyson said...

Ummm, am I weird that I LOVE the taste of fluoride? I'm still toying with the idea of dental school....would you let me work on your teeth? ;)

Tell Kenna HA! That's some funny stuff! Dragon! hahahahahahahahaha

Alyson said...

PS. Laura, when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, it was the BEST! haha SERIOUSLY. I was knocked completely out, and then when I woke up, I woke up laughing soooo hard, I couldn't stop! The only bad thing? That was how my mom figured out I was on birth control. The doc let it slip when he gave my mom the slip for the antibiotics. Yikes! ;)