Sunday, February 05, 2006


No, not for you. For my Mom! We threw her a surprise party last night! I, of course couldn't talk about it here because that sneaky broad reads my blog. But my sister and my Mom's best friend (Sherri) and I were all planning this for about a month now. There were ten women and we threw it at the Improv Comedy Club. Mom had mentioned that she had a gift certificate there and would like to go sometime so on Sunday last week, I emailed her and my sister and we staged a little skit where I pretended like "Hey, you know what we should do? Let's go there for Mom's bday on Saturday!" So we faked out all the details and had the plan set. My Mom and sister were "supposed" to meet here at my place but I told my Mom that my sister had just called, there was traffic (which there always is anyway so that was believable!) and that Mel would meet us at the club. Then a short while later, Mel called and we acted out a little pre-planned phone conversation where she told me that the traffic let up so she just went straight to the club and already bought the tickets. So we said "Great! We'll meet you there in a few minutes."

So my Mom and I arrive at the club and we told the doorman that my sister had just purchased tickets and left them for us. This poor guy was a terrible actor and you could tell he was nervous about his "big acting moment" where he needed to act like he had no idea where our tickets were. He looked confused and shook his head and quickly (almost non-existently) skimmed his list and then said "No. There aren't any tickets." So we gave him my name, my Mom's name, my sister's name. "No, sorry. No one left tickets. Let me get the manager." She came out and we told her the tickets had been left for us and that my sister was waiting for us inside. She said she'd go look for Mel (this was the part where she would go let the guests know we were there and get everyone quiet, turn off the lights, etc.) A few minutes later, she came back to us and said "Ok, yeah she's in there. She just forgot to leave her name at the door." So she led us back to the club and all the lights are off (which isn't unusual, since the tables were all candlelit and it's a nightclub after all) and then the lights go on and everyone in the whole club yelled "SURPRISE!!"

Now you wanna know how you make a recently-turned-50-year-old think she's losing her mind? Throw her a surprise party where she knows 10 of the guests but 150 people yell surprise. She looked thoroughly confused and she whispered to me "Who are these people??" OMG it was hilarious! I told her "OK that table over there - you know them. Everyone else is just being festive." Even though it's quite misleading when you first see it, it was still cool. Plus if you know my Mom - she is all about having the whole world celebrate her birthday with her. She's invented "the 30 Days of Beth" and people actually bring her small gifts, take her to lunch, etc. on each of the 30 days. And if no one does, well then she buys herself something! Now this idea is patent-pending so don't even think about stealing it.

Anyway, back to the party. We had dinner at the club. Mom opened her presents and got lots of wonderful presents from everyone. We had cake during the show. The comedians were all hilarious and especially the headliner, Daniel Tosh. I highly recommend catching his act or even getting his cd if you can. You know he's a good comedian if, after the show, I'm repeating his jokes to Erick ("Ok, first he said this thing about...wait, no that's not how it goes. Ok, he compared God to a vampire. Now wait, let me start again) and Erick STILL thought the jokes were hilarious even after I butchered them!

All in all, a successful party. I know everyone had a great time but most importantly, my Mom had a great time. She is totally a "girls night out" kind of lady, she has a wonderful sense of humor so the comedy club is just the place for her. It was a blast and hopefully she felt loved and special, because that's exactly what she is.

And Alyson, we missed you terribley. The party would've been FIFTY times more fun if you'd been there. We love you too.

Hopefully, there will be some good pictures coming my way so I can scrap the event! I couldn't bring my camera since that would've tipped my Mom off! So whoever has pics...send 'em to me pretty please!


And here are a few more LOs I've done:


Credits: Almost everything from Gina Miller. "Playful" collection, Stitches from her "Stitch Essentials" pack, Flowers on the photo and all the brads are from her "Flowery Fresh" element pack. Heart overlay by Dianne Rigdon. Tear action by Atomic Cupcake. Quote is Mother Theresa. Fonts are AL Sandra and Kristen ITC.

My Nephews
Just a LO of my two favorite little men.

Credits: Papers from Gina Miller's "My Sweet Son" collection. Brad from her "Flower Fresh" pack. Decorative stitches from her "Stitch Essentials 4" pack. Straight stitches from her "Stitch Essentials 1" pack. Antiquated Brush Swirls by Michelle Coleman. Chocolate filter from Photoblast.

My Dearest
This is my sister and her husband on their wedding day. It's such a sweet and loving picture.

Credits: Polka dot paper, love paper, red ribbons, tag - by Andrea Burns. Black paper, red bow, black stitches, envelope & notepaper, brads - by Gina Miller. Red Rose by Josie Celio. Antiquated Swirls brush by Michelle Coleman. Staples by Shabby Princess. Tear action & inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake. Goldenrod, Vivid Color and Colorwash photo actions from Photoblast. Fonts are AL Sandra and Blackadder.


The Pineapple Gardenia tart is definitely one I'll buy again. Light, sweet and just a tiny bit floral. I don't like heavily floral scents so this one is perfect (IMO).

Is there anything fruitier then the mini-show on the Disney Channel called "Johnny and the Sprites?" The answer is "Yes, the Doodlebops."

Ok, time for more coffee. And then the question of the day - scrap or clean?


Julie Jewels said...

Awww! How sweet of you girls to do that for your mom! You never even mentioned it on our board!
sneaky sneaky!!
I'm so glad to hear it was a success and that your Mom was surprised!!

Love the new layouts! But I've already told you that!!

Jen said...

what a sweet thing to do for your mom! :) I think I need 30 days of me- think Tim will buy it? ;)
Love the Smile LO- what a cute picture!

Elaine said...

okay, I'm adopting "the 30 days of Elaine." Your mom is a genius! And having the party at the Improv is my kind of party! How cool! What a great birthday!

CUTE LOs. I love love love Kyla's giant smile and big eyes! SO cute!

Gina said...

Oh yay! It sounds like you guys had the perfect party! I was totally laughing at your Mom whispering "who are these people?" LOL!

I wanted to Blog about "Johnny and the Sprites" a few weeks back and just couldn't think of anything nice to say about it. LOL It's bizarre.

Elaine said...

OH and one more thing: what's more flamin' than "The Doodlebops?" The BLUE GUY from the Doodlebops.. why don't they just call it, "The Fag Hag and Friends?"
Oh wait, that was me in college.. hee.

SaSa said...

What a fun party for your mama!! :) I'm glad it all worked out so well.

The new layouts are beautiful.

Oh, and I vote scrap today while you have your sweetie home. It's easier to stop mid scrap than mid toilet. LOL

momy4him said...

so glad your mom enjoyed her day adn that you all got to spend it together!
johnny and the sprites-ugh! glad i'm not the only one who thinks that show is irritating! the doodlebops make my fleah crawl...
who comes up with these freakish shows for kids anyway??!!!!

Kim said...

What a fun night out for your Mom!

And I love the LO of Kyla. I love her BIG smile!

Mom said...

OH MY GOSH! The night was truly just as you described it, it was so much fun, I was totally taken back when there was Grandma and Aunt Dawn from Las Vegas, Grandma had her own little lie going. Amazing, I am not an easy person to surprise, but you girls definately pulled it off! God Bless you all for helping me celebrate turning 50, and for being my VERY SPECIAL GIRLS! I am truly BLESSED! Love, MOM

Erin said...

I am so glad the suprise was a success. It was so fun to read and "watch" it unfold! Happy (late)Birthday Shannon's mom! YAY!!!!!

Those pages are beautiful girl! You have such a wonderful variety of the types of layouts you do. And you master each one!

HuniBuni said...

scrap of course.. johnny and the sprites my kid knows all the songs..other kid likes the doodle bops..yuck!

THe story about your mom is too funny hope she had a great time!