Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today (Feb. 3) is my Mom's FIFTIETH birthday!! Now normally it's taboo to tell a woman's age. But since I have friends older than my Mom, since those same friends always feign a heart attack when they find out they're old enough to BE my Mom, and since everyone always remarks how young my Mom looks - I figure it's ok to tell you her age since it's a pretty important birthday milestone!

So everyone wish my Mom a happy birthday if you would like because she reads my blog!

Love you Mom!

Credits: Most everything from Gina Miller's "It's My Life" papers and elements. Stitches from Gina Miller's Stitch Essentials. Goldenrod filter on photo available at Photoblast. Inked edges action from atomic cupcake.

And while I'm posting LOs:

Dear Shannon

Credits: Credits: Paper and most elements from Gina Miller's "Dewdrop" collection, Khaki Typekey alpha also by Gina Miller. Messy stitches by Katie Pertiet. Notebook paper by Amy Martin. Paper tear action from Atomic Cupcake. Vivid Color filter from Photoblast. Font is CAC Pinafore.
Journaling: Dear Shannon, When she's older, she won't cling to you like she did at this age. In fact, she may even push you away. Remember that there was a time when it was your arms that she needed for comfort. When she is yelling at you because she wants a later curfew, when she pushes you to your breaking point, remember this little girl who relied on you for warmth, security and tenderness. She will never tell you this but she will always rely on you for those things. No matter what differences you will face as mother and daughter, remember that you did not choose to have her so that she could love you. You chose to have her so that you could pour your love into her. When she behaves in a way that might hurt or disappoint you, remember the little girl who would climb up next to you and ask for "huggies and kissies." Remember the tiny hands that rested in your lap, the soft hair that you brushed from her eyes, those sweet, timeless moments when she was still and calm and comforted by nothing more than being next to you. Whether she needs that ever again or whether she does not, always be her soft place to fall. With love, The part of you that never wants to let go.

A Dream is a Wish...

The photos (from L-R) are: McKenna making a wish in the Snow White wishing well; McKenna & Mommy; Riding the carousel; McKenna & Daddy; Waiting for the princess parade to begin .
Credits: Cross Process and Vivid Color filters from Photoblast. Circle "frames" by Dani B., Heart brooch by Jayne Richards. Font is Fairydust.

Vanilla Caramel creamer - is it new to me? I can't even remember if I've tried it before but it is DELISH! Highly recommend. Cinnamon Hazelnut is not good.

Cottage Breeze tart - it's ok as long as you don't mind having it smell like an Abercrombie model came over, spent the day looking somber and moody and then threw up in your house. Abercrombie models, by the way, do not eat food. So what they throw up is actually 2 ounces of pure Ezra Fitch cologne.


A few cute things Kenna says that I must journal:

* She sometimes calls her sister "Ky-la-la-la-la"

* In our household, if someone apologizes then the proper response is to say "I forgive you." Today McKenna accidentally dropped a toy on Kyla and she said "I sorry Kyla. It's ok. I forgive you."

* If you give her anything that you have, McKenna will say "Thanks for sharing with me." Above all else, I am most proud of her when she uses good manners without having to be reminded.

* Whenever you ask her what her favorite is, she always replies back in essay form.
"McKenna, what's your favorite color?"
"Um, my favorite color"
"McKenna, who's your favorite princess?"
"Um, my favorite princess is......all of 'em."

* She'll tell you she likes something by speaking in third person. "Kenna likes corn on the cob. Kenna likes lollipops." It reminds me of the movie Billy Madison when Miss Lippy says "Scotty likes beans."

* I got scolded the other day when I was calling her over so I could change her diaper. I said "Come here poopy girl." She said "My names not poopy girl. My name is Kenna!"

* We all seem to have the Strawberry Shortcake theme song stuck in our head. I like the way McKenna sings it:
"Straw ba ba ba ba berry. That girl is so sweet. Doo da da doo doo DOOOOOOO!"


Ok, thanks for letting me get all that out. I just never want to forget those cute little things that my kids say and do. Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


Gina said...


Ew. I do NOT think I would like Cottage Breeze if THAT is what is smells like. You know, I can't remember if I've tried Vanilla Caramel either. I think I have and it's delish. I think I also do not like Cinnamon Hazlenut. I simply can't keep track anymore!

LOL Emily is really into 'correcting' us too when we call her soemthing else. "That's not my name... my name is EMILY!" ;)

Julie Jewels said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!
When I saw your layout I thought you did it because one of the girls was born on your mom's birthday. Doh! I should've known better because surely you would've mentioned that little fact when they were born!

I love hearing Kenna-isms! She such a sweet girl!!

Kim said...

Oh wow. So much to comment on. First, though, Happy Birthday Beth! I hope you have a wonderful 50th Birthday! 50 is the new 40, so I hear! :) You look great! Just as I remember you!

Shannon- what awesome LO's. The LO with the note to yourself is amazing. And the Disney LO has such wonderful colors! You do a great job!

I also love hearing the Kenna-isms. What a doll she is! And so smart, too!

Lindsay said...

omgosh, i am sitting here with tears streaming down my face from reading your "dear Shannon" journaling...pass me the tissues! that is the sweetest thing i have ever read and really makes me think not only about my kids, but about my mom too! i skipped the rest of your entry just so i could hurry and tell you how much i loved that! thanks!

Mom said...

THANKS EVERYONE! Today has already been so special and it's only 9:20 AM, I can't wait to see what the rest of the day has in store. Shannon I was totally sitting at my desk bawling over your Shannon Journal, you SO hit it right on the money that is exactly how I feel and felt as you were growing up! No matter what we went through with you girls, my love for you never faltered! Even as mother's yourselves now, I still love you with the every depth of who I am! and every breath that I take! Love, MOM

SaSa said...


What a beautiful lay out with your mom and one of your girls. :) LOVE IT!! Love the disney one, love the Dear Shannon one. You do such a good job not only using the papers and elements, but really capturing a sentiment. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shannon's Mom!!! I hope your day just gets better and better!!!

Shannon, I love all the cute things you share that McKenna says. They are incredibly entertaining and much better than what I get from Rhett anytime I try to tell him anything, which is "STOP it!" ((rolleyes))

Laura said...

Sorry about that, it didn't give me a place for my name before, so I had to be anonymous. LOL

momy4him said...

Happy Birthday to shannon's mom!!!
i hope you had a great day!

beautiful layouts here shannon! i love reading all of the funny things kenna says!

Elaine said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shannon's mom...You look FABULOUS! I'm sorry I corrupted your daughter with a man poster for her birthday many moons ago.. but I have a feeling Shannon's dad remembers that more so than you do.. call me crazy.

Anyways Shannon, as usual cute LO's, and really, who doesn't love Kenna-isms? They should make bumper stickers of what comes out of that girl's mouth! :D