Monday, January 23, 2006

A witty title eludes me

...and therefore, that is the brilliant title you're gonna get today.

So I finished Shopgirl. I don't really know what to say about this book. It was a pretty simple read. Not incredibly captivating. Truth be told, I probably like Steve Martin a lot less after reading this. For one, he's obsessed with sex. And any book that uses the C word and the T word on the same page and refers to it as "aromatic" is, in my opinion, pretty juvenile. It wasn't at all pertinent to the story. I did really like the characters. A lot. I loved how these mismatched, broken people interacted, intertwined their lives, depended on each other, fed off each other, pushed each other away. But he talked as much about their relationships as he did about n.i.p.p.l.e.s (go away google-searching perverts) so really....the relationships got washed out. All-in-all, I don't recommend unless you get a free copy, you don't mind reading about a LOT of sex and you have a minimum IQ of 26.

On to my next book. It was my sheer excitement to start this book that motivated me to finish Shopgirl once and for all. My new book is called The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler. I have high hopes for this one. I hope I can be disciplined enough to go to bed early tonight so I can read for awhile.

I don't have anything new to report on Kyla except that I'm not sure if she was teething after all? The white spots were there for a week and now they're gone. So when we go to the doctor on Feb. 1 we'll have him give us an assessment. Feb. 1 will be Kyla's 4 month appointment (and immunizations) and McKenna will be going for a booster shot. So both girls get shots on the same day. That should be LOTS of fun.

Eeek. Speaking of Kyla being 4-months, I really need to put up her new photo page!

McKenna seems to have become Miss Uber Affection the past few days. Normally, this would mean "clingy" but it's something different. She comes by and asks for huggies and kissies and just loves on you and giggles and then takes off to play. I wish I could tell you in detail every little conversation we've had but alas, that would probably only be interesting to myself and Erick. She's just at this stage where she seems to have grown into a sweet and caring little girl who has so many things she wants to know about or wants to talk about.

These are a couple of cute things I wanted to journal just for my memory:

She tells me that Kyla (apparently) likes tacos, pickles and melons. Now granted, Kyla has never had any of these things. And McKenna herself has never eaten a taco. But she assures me that these are Kyla's favorites.

Our whole family (or rather, the 3 of us that have teeth) have been snacking on lots of fresh zucchini slices lately. Well you know how I love the mispronounced words of toddlers. She calls it "Coo-Kee-Nee."

While I was changing Kyla's outfit, McKenna stood next to us holding a marshmallow magic wand (from her Disney Princess cereal....yes they even make a princess cereal!) and she asked Kyla "Do you want to wear a Cinderella dress? Yeah? Then Bibbity Bobbity Boo!" and with that she waved her marshmallow over Kyla.

For once, Kyla was the last to wake up for the day (8:45am?!?!) so McKenna and I went to get her. McKenna wanted to get in the pack-n-play with Kyla and then told me "Mommy, take a picture of the girls in the bed!" So I got my camera and was snapping away. They were having a cute little conversation and I got some adorable pics. I asked her "Should I scrap it?" And she enthusiastically yelled "YEAH! SCRAP IT MAMA!" So now I must because it is the first time she's ever requested I scrap something. ; )

You Moms all know the Wiggles of course. Well what is Dorothy the Dinosaur's favorite drink? Rosey Tea. McKenna tilted her little head and asked "I have some?" I said "Some what sweetheart?" Then she threw her head back and giggled the words "Some rosey tea!" Like she knew it was the most ridiculous thing in the world to ask for. So I said very seriously, "Sure, you can have some rosey tea." She straightened up and looked at me with wide eyes like she couldn't believe she was REALLY gonna have some rosey tea! I happened to have a bottle of sparkling grape cider so I poured some in a pink tea cup and told her "Here you go!" That was quite a treat for her and now she daily asks for a cup of rosey tea.


"I Didn't Do It"

I tried to create a LO that would make it look like she got into my scrap supplies. = D

Credits: Papers (and tag cut from papers) from Gina Miller's "Polka Papers: Perfect Princess" set. Ribbons are from the coordinating "Polka Ribbons" pack. Flowers are Gina Miller's new "Funky Flowers" set. Stitches are from Gina Miller's "Stitch Essentials: Perfectly Imperfect" set. (Everything available at Scrapbook-Bytes). Font is Grandjean.

Auntie & McKenna
You will probably see a similar version of Auntie and Kyla soon.

Credits:All products are by Gina Miller and available at Scrapbook-Bytes. Pink paper from "Polka Papers: Perfect Princess". Green paper from "Polka Papers: Woodloch Springs. Flowers from "Funky Flowers". Stitching from "Stitch Essentials". Photo corners from "Decorative Edges". Fonts are: Grandjean, One Fell Swoop, Little Days, MA Sexy, Jefferson, Girls Are Weird.

Well I'm off to do something that is hopefully productive. I need to print up about 90% of my LO's. I always print as soon as I'm finished but for Christmas we gave my MIL her own copy of my scrap pages in a book. She doesn't have a computer so she rarely gets to see pictures of the kids or my LOs so it was a really special gift to her. So I gave her all my copies and now I need to print up some more for myself. Not to mention I have about 50 download folders that need to be sorted - all scrap supplies. Yikes! Have a great whatever-day-of-the-week-this-is!


Alyson said...

OK, I thought EXACTLY the same thing about Shopgirl! I wasn't sure what the point was, when I finished. I, too, liked the characters, but can't say I liked the story. Thankfully, my copy was free! Wahoo!

Please kiss your BEAUTIFUL babies for me! I miss you guys so much!

Julie Jewels said...

Thanks for the info on Shopgirl! As seldom as I get to read an actual book, it's nice to be able to weed the yuck ones out!

I love the stories of the girls! They are both so sweet!!

Bryan & Miranda said...

I love mispronounced little-kid words! My favorite one is my best friend's little girl used to ask us for some Kooooo-Daid when she wanted Kool-Aid. She always drew out the first syllable and said it like a question. Too cute!