Friday, January 20, 2006


Here are some things you may not know about me (well, the girls from the West Coast Scrap Chat know one of them as of last night.) ; )

1) I think Neil Diamond rocks. And I think "Holly Holy" is one of the THE most rockin' songs EVAH! Although I seriously don't know if it's about religion or sex.

2) When everyone else is playing the "What celebrity would you sleep with" game, I am actually secretly replacing "sleep with" to "have an insightful dinner conversation with." I'm not one to fantasize about celebs (or anyone that isn't Erick for that matter) - yet I don't want to be left out of the game. So that is my secret twist on the game. Neil Diamond might make that list.

3) I think Ernest Hemingway is overrated, pompous, perverted and a terrible writer. Terrible. I don't get what the rest of the world sees in his writing at all.

4) I make the weakest coffee from the cheapest brand and I pour almost an equal amount of coffee creamer in. I hate Starbucks.

5) Erick was once accused of being a gay priest. There was a series of mishaps that led to this suspicion and he was confronted by our church leaders who made him call me at work to confess it. I laughed and helped to straighten out the situation. Erick and I think this is a hilarious story. Our church leaders still do not find it funny.

Ok that's enough for today. I don't want to drive all my readers away at once.

BTW - speaking of Erick - I'm sorry to announce that he did not see many celebrities at NAMM. But he did see Rick Springfield. I know some of you chicks are swooning over that you weirdos. : P

A few noteables about my girls:

KYLA ROLLED! Back-to-Belly!
This pic was taken right afterward. I love it. It looks like she's telling me "I knew I could do it all along Mom."

McKenna is learning about safety in school this month. On Thursday she learned how to stop, drop and roll. When she got home, I thought we'd practice so I asked her "What do we do when there's a fire?" She said "What do we do?" I said "We stop, drop and....." She answered "Take a nap?" LOL!

Overheard her asking Kyla: "Are you funny Kyla? Yes? Well you ARE!"

What she tells me if I make any noise: "STOP! No making noise! Kyla's sleeping!"

She was rocking out to Daddy's heavy metal the other night when I walked in the room. She yelled "Hey! Sit down and watch me!" (Bossy little miss! LOL!)

Sometimes she asks "Can I have this?" And I'll tell her "No, that's Mommy's." And she's been replying with "Actually, it's mine!" So now I can hear her telling her baby dolls "No baby. Actually, that's mine. You can't have it."

Erick taught her how to do a great Mr. Burns impression. She taps her fingers together and says "Eeeeexcellent."

He also taught her that it's funny to "give Mommy lickins" (greeeeat):

Recent LO
I Love You Too:

I love this pic. If you look at both of their faces, it just looks like this is what they're thinking.
Credits: Papers, ribbon, vellum border and beads by Jen Wilson. Flowers are from Gina Miller's "Pretty Petals: Jewel Tone Collection" available NOW. They just went on sale and there are two gorgeous collections. These and Shabby Chic. Font is Douglas Hand.

Here are the other beautiful items that Gina JUST uploaded to the store:

Cozy Sweater Accents (Check out the detail on these. So pretty!)

Funky Flowers (ooooh, diamonds girls. DIAMONDS!)

Polka Ribbons (You would never believe these were computer generated. I actually asked her if she just photographed a ribbon which is a perfectly acceptable designer trick. No. She actually did these completely on the computer. Impressive.)

And then she created a whole line of versatile papers. Each pack contains polka papers, solid papers and a bonus stitched paper. She did a ton of great color combos so if you're shopping...pick a couple up. $3 for 10 papers that can be used endlessly is a pretty great deal! Here are the different packs:

Woodloch Springs


Perfect Princess


Dame Parfaite

Burst of Mango

Boy Genius

April Showers


Kim said...

Too many cute things here... especially McKenna's "Actually, it's mine" and the precious LO "I Love You Too".

BTW, I thought I was the only weirdo who didn't fantasize about s.e.x. with hot celebrities. I would much rather just look at the guy, or talk to him, or something. Everyone thinks I am weird.

And I agree that Starbucks brewed coffee is NASTY. If I drink brewed coffee, I also have to have it weak with lots of creamer. BUT, here is a really good light coffee: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's "Luxury Blend". They don't always know what it is, so you have to tell them that it's 1/2 Guatamala Antigua and 1/2 Costa Rica La Cascada Terraza. So good. It's what I brew at home.

Yep, Neil Diamond does rock. I have seen him in concert 3 times (did I just admit that?) My favorite song: Song Sung Blue.

Lindsay said...

that is a simply heart-warming picture of your girls-gazing into each other's faces! awwww....makes me smile!

Julie Jewels said...

Well you know I heart Neil Diamond too. Can I pick a favorite song though? I doubt it. I will admit to having 3 of his greatest hits cd's in my car though! Man when the kids aren't in the car with me, I crank it up and sing along! Because you know Nick doesn't like to hear me sing, huh? LOL

Y'know come to think of it, I never really think about the s.e.x part of that game. I just think about who is the best looking. I wonder if people actually think about the actual sleeping with part or if we all just think "hey Matthew McConaughey is hot, I'll pick him" and that's as far as the thought process goes, kwim?

I hate Starbucks too. I'll have a special from there every so often-like the pumpkin spice SOMEONE raved about over the holidays. But for regular coffee? Nope. I'm not much for experimenting with creamers either. I do like my coffee fairly strong with just a touch of creamer, but it has to be Int'l Delight Irish Cream!
Woo Hoo for seeing Rick Springfield! Did he meet him or just see him? Yes, I'm swooning! LOL

WTG Kyla!! Wow!! That's awesome! And such a cute picture!

I like Kenna's idea of Stop..drop..and NAP! LOL
My boys like to lick too. Weird kids. Probably got it from the dogs though.

What a beautiful layout!! They do look like they're saying they love each other!

And now and end to the longest blog comment ever!!

Elaine said...

OMG. Cutest LO ever! It makes you all mushy inside! :)

HEY! Neil Diamond ROCKS! My mom and dad used to listen to him nonstop when I was little, so I can't help but like him!

LOL! Weak coffee, lots of creamer and sugar. That's my idea of heaven babeee.

OK. We have to get together for a playdate soon!

GretGrrl said...

Too funny. I'm the same way about so many things -- when people ask if I want my coffee black, my answer is no, more like a light beige. Also a Neil Diamond fan (Cracklin' Rosie might be my favorite, but I like so many . . . depends on the day). Have zero fantasies about celebrities. I prefer my bald husband. :-) Except I dig Hemingway. I'm a less-is-more kinda gal, so his super sparse writing appeals to me. What else? Oh, my husband was never accused of being a gay priest. But he did tell his mother, my future mother-in-law, that I was bisexual (which is not true) - in order to soften the blow when he told her I was a vegetarian (which was true then).

Jen said...

what- no starbucks? I hate coffee- but I do love me a good frappe from the big S.
Cute picture of the girls- they are just too sweet to one another :)

traci said...

wow...Neil Diamond...rock on...i guess... ;)

Okay, I'd love to see a layout of your mug so I can get one too...but I'll take mine with Starbucks please! Actually, I'm on a Chai kick right now, so I'll take that instead.

I had no idea you were in DMM, must go see! You'll be getting a linky and a treat in a bit...I got to pick the treat out myself (aren't I hot stuff?)

And I don't want to hear any more about your preprego size patootie, k? I'd hate to have to fly to Cali and sit on you.

Enough abuse doled out here for now...onto the next blog ;)

Gina said...

LOL TRaci is making the rounds!

Thanks for the shout-out about the ribbons. ;)

Those are two cute pictures of you and the girls!

Ew I am gagging thinking of you drinkng water-y coffee. Bleck! Tons of creamer I can do. It's not that I need DARK coffee necessarily, just make it STRONG. I hate when it tastes water-y (but then again, this is your Blog and not mine so why do we even care? LOL)

HAHA "stop drop & take a nap!"

Bryan & Miranda said...

I must admit I'm a closet Neil Diamond fan too. Ahh "Forever In Blue Jeans." Now that's the life for me. Have you seen Will Ferrel's impression of Neil? Amazing!

I'm with you on the coffee. My version of coffee is two thirds White Chocolate Cappuccino and one third hot chocolate with a French Vanilla Creamer. My hubby says, "That's not coffee, that's candy!" So I like candy. So what?? lol

Your "I Love You Too" LO is just precious!! I love it. Great page!

momy4him said...

oh! that is the cutest layout!!
love neil diamond too- got turned on to him in highschool when i was in the marching band and we had to play a medley of his songs...kinda embarassing though. the other bands were playing updated songs on the field and we were playing our parent's music(sigh)

i have never even heard of the sexy celebrity game. not even understanding why anyone would even want to play that one...

not too keen on brewed coffee from starbucks either, i'm more of a tea person, yum...

i actually met rick springfield a couple of years ago on an airplane!
his drummer was a little less than thrilled when i boarded the plane with my then 6 month old deacon and sat right next to him!! ( i wasn't real happy either, was thinking that nursing deacon was going to, tricky?)we ended up talking and he was a pretty cool guy! when rick passed thru to check on his band members, he introduced us! i have never been a fan, but it was cool to meet him...i guess

i love hearing all of the things mckenna says! cracks me up!! just too cute!

wyowoman said...

Oh, I have a neil diamond greatest hits in my van right now - it's 1 of 6. the others? 2 veggie tales, a bon jovi, lonestar, and... some random icky one husband put in when he used my van AND DIDNOT TAKE IT OUT!!