Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Not-So-Famous People I've Met

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all made it through without requiring a prescription of Zoloft. And if you were already on Zoloft, well, then I hope you at least broke even and didn't feel too sad at all the depressing "year in review" shows.

So today's blog entry is inspired by Elaine who posted on the same subject not too long ago. She has a pretty impressive list of famous people she'd met. Since we're both from California, seeing famous people is not a rare thing. And your list of famous people is like your pedigree papers. I'd always thought I had a pretty impressive list but when I sat down to write them all out, I realized it is the most pathetic list EVAH!!!!

You ready for this? It's so sad...

The dude from LIT (that's a band). I don't even know his name or what instrument he plays. I just know that the pastor who married Erick and I, well his son was friends with the dude and somehow we saw or met this guy once. I don't even recall.

The guy from Matrix. Again, don't know his name. Can't even remember his character's name. We saw him at Pink's which is a famous hot dog stand on Melrose. For you Joey fans, Joey drives by Pink's and smiles at it in the opening credits for his show. Famous people always go to Pink's. It's a hole in the wall but you're almost guaranteed to see someone famous there.

I worked for the nephew of Brooks Robinson who is (apparently) a famous baseball player.

I went to high school with a girl who dated Wesley from Mr. Belvedere.

I went to school with two guys who are apparently Broadway "stars". Why even mention their names? You'd be like "Who?" because I don't consider them the biggest names in Broadway.

At my church we have JAC Redford (the composer for The Little Mermaid) and Lauren Maltby (Margie from Disney's "Zenon").

I used to attend church with the drummer from India.Arie.

My Uncle is related to Orville Redenbacher.

I once dated a guy who was related to Doc Holliday.

And I once dated a guy who's Mom dated Mick Mars (from Motley Crue....he's the ugly one).

I share a dermatologist with Adam Kennedy (of the Anaheim/Los Angeles whoever-owns-them-now Angels)

Pump Up The Volume was filmed near my Dad's old apartment.

Gleaming the Cube was filmed at my high school.

Back to the Future was filmed at "my mall".

I went to the same high school as John Stamos (obviously not the same years).

Ellen DeGeneres autographed my copy of "My Point...And I Do Have One". However, I did not get to meet her. I went to a taping of her show, they gathered up all our books, took them back stage where she could sign them and then brought them back out to us.

I saw Luke Perry on the freeway (he was in a car. He wasn't standing there with a "Will Work for Food" sign).

I saw the Metallica tour bus on the freeway.

My sister's karate Sensei was an extra in Mortal Kombat.

My friend Elaine is an extra in the movie Tip Toes.

My husband is an extra in The Brady Bunch Movie, an extra in the television show of Weird Science, was an eliminated contestant on Singled Out, and was an extra in some BBC movie starring James Earl Jones. He asked JEJ to say "Luke, I am your father" and the good man obliged.

Zach De La Rocha (from Rage Against the Machine) grew up in the same city where I went to high school (Irvine....which would make you laugh if you saw how safe and serene Irvine was yet you heard his angry lyrics as though he grew up in the ghetto). Anyway, saw Zach at the swimming pool one day. We said hello, he coldly replied with a short hello back. We decided he was being a {insert insult here}, said so under our breaths and walked away.

I went to Jr. High with Connie Lew who was on K.I.D.S. Incorporated.

Erick and I met the drummer from Slayer at our local Irish pub. He was nice and chatted with Erick for a few. Ironically, Slayer is my most hated band. I did not tell him this.

I went to high school with Veronica Lauren who was in Homeward Bound and most recently was Cynthia on Days of Our Lives.

I was at a party and the kid from Problem Child showed up. He lived next door. It was only about 3 years after the movie so he was about 12 and annoying as all hell.

Joseph Mazzello (Jurassic Park, Simon Birch) bought tickets from me when I worked at Palace Park. I asked for his autograph and he was so snotty that I vowed never to stroke any star's ego by asking for an autograph again.

I met Mark Macguire (the guy who broke Roger Maris' homerun record) in the same scenario. He was with his family and this was well before he became the star athlete he's known to be now.

Erick went to high school with Sean Green (Dodgers). We ran in to him and his family at the fair about 2 years ago. Erick went up to say hi, since they had classes together. You could tell that Sean did not remember him at all and Erick and I had a good laugh about it later. It's fun to watch people squirm when they should remember you but they don't.

I met Willie Ames (Buddy on Charles in Charge) at a boat expo. He is big into fishing apparently. He had a fishing video and he was sitting at his own exhibition booth. Totally empty. No one around him. I went up and asked for his autograph (this was well before the Joseph Mazzello incident) and when I reached for a flier for him to sign, I knocked over his whole display. He was very gracious about it.

I saw Screech from Saved by the Bell at Denny's. He likes to tell everyone that he's Screech from Saved by the Bell. As though no one would recognize his face.

Bridget Wilson (The Wedding Planner, Billy Madison) sat behind us on an airplane. We can't say for sure but we did smell some rather foul odors coming from her direction. Maybe the airplane chicken didn't sit so well with her.

Janie Lane (from the 80's glam band Warrant). Erick's band opened for Janie's side-project band. Before the club opened and during Janie's sound check, he was on stage and I was walking by the stage and he completely ogled me. So Erick thinks its cool that one of his glam heroes ogled his wife. Of course now that we've seen Janie on Celebrity Fit Club, the coolness factor has definitely been diminished. Side note: Janie Lane and Willie Ames were on the same season of Celebrity Fit Club which I thought was a funny coincidence.

Stephen Rea (Still Crazy, The Crying Game) - Ok, this was a cool one for Erick and I because we're huge fans of the movie Still Crazy. On our honeymoon, we spent almost all our time in Dublin, hoping to catch a glimpse of Bono. We decided we'd spend two nights in Malahide which is the tiniest seaside town you can imagine. It was Halloween and we went to Smythe's for dinner and drinks. In walks Stephen Rea. Erick swore it wasn't him and I swore it was. So Erick finally goes up and asks him and Stephen (who was quite sloshy) confirms that yes, he is in fact Stephen Rea. We told him we were big fans of Still Crazy and he says "Christ. You saw that?" LOL! We got the impression that he wasn't so proud of the film. So we took a pic with him and wished him well. We later found out that it was his 54th birthday that night.

John Wayne Bobbitt - yeah seriously...the guy who's wife dismembered him for raping her. He was at Palace Park and he asked me for some tokens. My boss recognized him and out of some sick sympathy gave the guy a BUCKET of tokens. He was in town filming his porno. Gross.

Ron Jeremy - yeah, again....seriously....the most infamous pornography star ever. I met some guy who was a DJ at Billboard Live (famous nightclub in Hollywood). He said he was DJing a huge party and invited us to come along. I wasn't 21 yet so I had to get a fake ID and to get on the guest list I had to tell the bouncer that I worked for Dreamworks Productions. It didn't work. So we were snuck in the back door. We made our way onto the dance floor and in case you've never been there, Billboard Live videos the dance floor and then displays it on huge screens around the room and out on the street for the whole world to see. I look up and there is ME on the screen and who do I see right next to me? Ron freaking Jeremy. Ewwwwww. I later found out that the party we were at was a porno release party! Wha-WHAT? I didn't even know it!

Now tell me that is not the most pathetic "famous people" list ever!! I've decided that California has jipped me. I've lived here my whole life and that's what I get for my famous person pedigree? What a rip!

Ok and with that embarrassing display, I now share my most recent scrap LO.

This was a picture that my Mom took when I was about 12 or 13, the same age that I decided to stop being a Christian. So it's a very symbolic picture for me.
Credits: Kim Hill's "Apple Blossom" kit. Inked Edge Overlay and Wood Overlay by Nancy Rowe Janitz. Fonts are: TCLescuelerascript and Selfish.
Journaling says: At the moment of my birth, through every step of my childhood, when I cried at their seperation, when I turned my back on you, when I came running back to you, when I mourned at the graveside, when I met him at the end of the aisle, when I labored in the delivery room, when I rocked her through the night - you've always been there. Through every moment, through every breath, through every have never left me.


Laura said...

Shannon, oh nooo, that is a sad list. It's a long list, so maybe the quantity makes up for the quality. I think the part about Erick having James Earl Jones say that line is your best feature. ;)

BUT, I looove your new layout. You already knew that, but now eeeeveryone knows it. ;)

Melly Mel said...

Why you make me cry with your new layout?

GretGrrl said...

What a beautiful layout - so personal and touching - and convicting. TFS.

terrarist said...

How can you do this to me? I am Falling out of my chair laughing at your random pedigree, then I am BAWLING over your moving layout. I am not even CLOSE to an aunt flo visit but that is how your post made me feel!
anyways - love it all. Great post. Totally entertained me. and in answer to your question about bella dancerella - the MAIN DANCER lady wears TEETH braces, not one of the little girls ina leg brace. Buy it for McKenna, she will love it, you will see what I am talking about, we're all on the same happy page.
This is turning into a gina lengthed comment.
Happy new year!

Alyson said...

haha, that's a GREAT list! What are you TALKING about? Ironically, about the ONLY famous person I've met (as in actually said hello, got a picture with, and shook hands with) WAS Bono! haha But it wasn't cool (at the time) because I wasn't a fan, only trailing along with friends!

Your LO is breathtaking!! Oh my GOSH, amazing!

Jen said...

wow- your journaling made me cry :( you have a way with words.

Gina said...

Ok totally random posting from me: (quiet Terra! haha)

LOL Ok the list is pretty sad since there are hardly any names on it! Where are the Tom Cruises (eww...hate him!), Michelle Pfeiffers (love her!).... J. Lo's? (ummm she's only ok). And actually, she lives about 20 minutes from ME now so scratch that!

Oh man I used to love Mr. Belvedere!!! Thanks for reminding me of that show!

hahahaha Matt and I have an on-going joke about Orville Redenbacher since we are little! I'm Redenbacher. He's Orville. We still sign our b-day cards like that. LOL!

Tip Toes? Sorry Elaine... never heard of it! ;)

LOL @ the kid from Problem Child. Why did he show up? He would have annoyed me too!

saw Screech from Saved by the Bell at Denny's. He likes to tell everyone that he's Screech from Saved by the Bell. As though no one would recognize his face.


OMG I love Bridget Wilson and she is so pretty and classy looking. Please do not talk badly of her. tee hee!

And I looooooooove your new page! The journaling gets better each time you read it. :)

Delighted Mom said...

Love the lay out! You always impress me. You have a way with words that anyone would envy.

Jennifer said...

Your list is hilarious if not TOTALLY random. But it is definitely much longer than mine. On my short list is Puff Daddy/P. Diddy. Do you remember when he did the whole "Diddy Runs the City" thing? We saw him outside of his Broadway show "Raisin in the Sun" and Matt shouted that out to him. Diddy turned right around and shook Matt's hand. I actually have a photo of that. That same night we saw Hugh Jackman outside his Broadway show. There were mostly a gaggle of teenybopper girls there so when Matt shouted out "Wolverine!" it got his attention and he gave a head nod or some other guy gesture to Matt. I have a picture of that also. Hmmm...who else? I have some others but I don't want to turn this comment into it's own blog entry.

On a more serious note, that is a deeply moving layout. AMAZING journaling!

Sara said...

Both the journaling and the picture are extremely touching. Especially the journaling.


Elaine said...

OMG. I totally forgot about Ellen Degeneres! I mean, I didn't meet her either but we went to the taping together remember?!?! Too funny! I also forgot about going school with Connie Lew.
I gotta make another list because there's a lot of people I forgot!

Gina: you've never heard of "Tiptoes" HELLO- it was in "selected theatres" and went straight to DVD within months! Sheesh. Where have you been? :)

Gina said...

hahahahahahaha Too funny Elaine! I have trouble seeing movies that are in the Oscar-running. No wonder I've never seen this little gem!

Julie Jewels said...

Your list is sorta sad, but being from CA and not having an impressive list either, I'll keep my mouth shut! LOL
Although-I can say I got a LOT closer to one celebrity ROFL
LOVE that layout. But you knew that already!