Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hats of Meat

I know that's random. But tonight a few of my friends came over for a little girls night and we somehow had a conversation that led to a bizarre google search that landed us at this ridiculous website. It's so off-the-wall that I had to share.

I had a blast with the girls. I know I've mentioned my August Expecting Club before right? We all met on a pregnancy message board when we were pregnant with our babies (McKenna). Well, over 3 years later I am still close friends with a handful of them. I've talked to these ladies EVERY DAY for 3 years. And most of them I haven't met in person. Isn't that crazy? I've talked to a few on the phone. We've mailed each other gifts and cards. But most of them I have never seen face-to-face. It almost seems wrong because they are some of the best friends I've known.

Anyway, my sister is on the board with us. And Julie lives in Orange County so us three gals hang out all the time. Amy is from Texas and she was in town for the Rose Bowl so we finally got to meet her! Everyone came over for an impromptu night of cookies and wine. We'll get together for lunch tomorrow too so we're getting lots of fun time with her before she heads back. Here is a pic we took at the end of the night. The pose is a little August Mommy inside joke. [wink]

What else did I want to share? Oh, Erick has a fantastic article out at C6M this week. It's regarding the New Year and applicable to everyone. One of his best. Check it out if you have a free moment.

Hmm...what else. I have a few McKenna funnies:

She LOVES to play with my makeup bag. I laugh because I have two bags. One of makeup I use regularly. And one of makeup that I have accumulated that is too nice to throw away but isn't for everyday wear. It's my nice makeup brushes and my name brand lipsticks that are a little darker for more formal wear, etc. Well this bag has QUICKLY been reduced to rubbish because McKenna got into it and well....what else is gonna happen when a 2 year old gets into makeup right? So I hid it because she gets so messy when I let her play with it. She asked me "Mommy, where my makeup bag?" (See how quickly it became HER makeup bag?) After I gave it to her she handed me an eyeshadow and she said "What's dis?" I said "It's eyeshadow?" She said "Where eyeshadow go?" So I showed her how to put it on. A few minutes later, when she was a goopy mess I said "Are you ready for your bath?" She said "No, soon though."

Soon though. That's her answer ANYTIME she doesn't want to do anything right then. She knows she can appease me and avoid conflict if she adds "soon though." Which is funny because that's the trick I use on HER when she asks for candy before dinner.

Candy.....She calls candy canes "Cangy Cayngs" (the G is hard like in the word GREAT).

Yesterday she told me in an exasperated voice "You are driving me so nuts!"

She loves to watch the movie "Look Who's Talking Too". At the beginning, when the toys "come to life" in an evil way, she reassures Kyla by telling her "Not scary. Just attend." (She means "just pretend." Then when Mikey says he's gonna be the best big brother, she corrects him and says "AND sister!" And today when Kyla woke up she called her "Baby Julie" (which is the baby sister's name in the movie). LOL did I mention she insisted on watching this movie 3 times in a row?

She said to Kyla "I wanna hold you Kyla. Do you wanna hold me?" I was laughing at the image of what it would look like should Kenna try to have Kyla hold her (don't worry. I'm always watching them. It won't happen.)

Erick apparently smashed a bug with a book in front of McKenna because she retained this info. We can always find an ant or two roaming around on our bathroom floor. So today I heard her say "Come here buggie. I smash you." Then she changed her tune and said "Buggie...I be your friend?" And then I hear a smack. She'd smashed the ant with a book and she said "I told you I smash you buggie." It was like she tricked it and then mocked it for falling for her trick! I told Erick he was gonna turn her into Jeffrey Dahmer by teaching her that and she replied with "Mm-hmm. That's right Mommy." LOL she's freaking me out!

Ok, here are a few LOs I finished and then I'm off to bed.

This was for a crop chat at SBB. It is the fastest I have EVER scrapped. I did this in under 30 minutes. The theme was to scrap something that moved you in 2005 so I chose the moment that my daughters first met.
Credits: Background paper and photo mat by Amy Koyle. Photo prongs, flower and journal paper by Kim Hill. Inked edge overlay (recolored) by Nancy Rowe Janitz. Fonts are Ashley and Artistamp.
Journaling says: We knew that McKenna would be a wonderful big sister. We knew that if any two-year old could handle the transition, it would be her. But that didn’t stop us from worrying just a little about how she would handle having a new baby in the house. And then the big moment arrived - Kyla was born and Daddy introduced McKenna to her new baby sister. That’s when I realized that no one had anticipated Kyla’s birth more than McKenna had. She acted as though she already knew her sister and that she was overjoyed to get to hold her at long last. She immediately began to kiss and talk to Kyla, like two friends who had much to catch-up on. It was in the magic of that moment, that I breathed a sigh of relief and I knew that my first-born was destined to be the greatest big sister anyone could have.

This was actually one of my beginner pages that I never liked enough to post. I corrected a few newbie mistakes so now it's ready for my scrapbook.
Credits: Shabby Princess Piece-a-Cake page and photo prongs from "Sweet Sprinkles" kit. Fonts are Angelina and JFAutumnFair.

I am SO glad to have this page done. Starting McKenna's first year pics has been so daunting. I want those pages to be so special and ESPECIALLY her birth page! I wanted that to be perfect. I feel relieved to have gotten it finished. It's everything I wanted it to be.
Credits: Everything is from Gina Miller's "Vintage Poppy Flower" which will be available soon at SBB. Fonts are Angelina and Amaze.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Elaine said...

HAHAHA! I'm cracking up over her bug massacre. "tricking" the bug to be her friend and being like: "SUCKAH! I told you I'd smash you!" I was cracking up.
OH and Maddy is on the same boat with the makeup bag. I don't know where ANY of my brushes or because she keeps swiping them from me. She was playing at her kitchen the other day, I look over and there she was putting eyeshadow on the Dora face that's on the kitchen.
we have such girly girls......

Jen said...

ok that link grossed me out! I am such a freak about raw meat germs- I was almost gagging at the pictures. BLECH!
Micah has tried allowing Addie to hold him- I came in the room one day and he was "sitting on her lap" luckily her legs had spread out a bit so he wasn't fully on her- but when I asked him what he was doing- that is what he told me.
And lastly- the bug story cracked me up!

Julie Jewels said...

See, the beauty of having boys! No one to steal my makeup (god I hope not! LOL)
Kenna is a character-'soon though' and smashing the poor buggie!

Gina said...

Julie! hahaha

OMG "buggie I smash you" ROFL! Too funny!!!!!!!!

Ok I was going to close this entry pronto when you yet again mentioned those nasty, nasty meat hats. LOL! But then I saw you said a few kind things about the August gals so... I stayed. :)

I like how you re-did the circus page. I thought you didn't like photo prongs missy....huh...HUH!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Oh and the birth page is awesome! I know I saw it yesterday but it really stands out here in all it's soft, worn & shabby glory. I love it!

Laura said...

Where did my comment go? It's lost! Or did I post it under another post? Did the security gods eat it? I swear I posted it. Oh crap, this security code looks tricky!

Delighted Mom said...

I am so grossed out by the meat thing. Who in the world... I don't really want to know. Love the new layouts. Emma has a thing for make up to. A few days ago she but everything, down to my mascara, on her lips. Wouldn't you think that tastes gross?

Lindsay said...

LMAO!! I can't stop giggling at the thought of your sweet little girl "tricking" the ant and smashing it-especially how she "told" it she was going to smash it! HAHA!! I love your LO of the first meeting between the two girls-i have a 17 month old boy and we are expecting a new baby right around his 2nd birthday-just thinking about introducing them for the 1st time gives me goosebumps!