Monday, December 05, 2005

Sleep is for the weak.

Who needs sleep? Not me. I'm freaking super mom. Look at me caring for both kids while Erick is at work. I guarantee you I got less sleep than he did. See, when he has to get up early for work (only 2 days a week) then I take the night feeding. This is usually not such a big deal. I'm usually asleep by midnight, wake up around 5/5:30am to feed her and then back to sleep 15 minutes later until McKenna gets up around 7:30/8am. Not bad. But last night I went to sleep around 12:30am and McKenna thought she heard that damn cat in our backyard again around 2am. So she woke up scared and crying so I went in and comforted her. She starts crying again at 2:30am so I went back in and comforted her. Again at 3:30am. I told her "Ok, no more. You're safe and Mommy isn't going to come back in anymore tonight. If you feel scared then say prayers, hug your Christmas bear and think about Christmas." It seems that if I tell her that I won't come back in again then she takes me seriously and doesn't wake anymore after that. So that was the last I heard from her for the night. But then I slept lightly because I didn't want to not hear her if she cried again (even if I had no intention of going in there, I would be awake the entire time until I knew she was sleeping soundly again). So sleeping lightly means I am constantly being woken by Erick's snoring. Then Kyla woke at 4:30am for her bottle. Back to sleep by 4:45am and then Erick's alarm went off at 5:30am. He sleeps through ALL alarms so it's on my side of the bed so I'll hear it and I can wake him. Back to sleep after that and woke up with both girls at 7:45am. At first when you wake up after a night like that (not to mention being freezing cold because you weren't smart enough to dress warmly for bed) you're pretty resentful of having to actually get up. You think irrational thoughts like "Why can't they sleep in until 9am?" "Why did Erick have to work today?" "Why don't I have a Nanny who can get up with them instead?" Well, since none of those things are gonna happen in my favor, I got up. But then the day instantly revitalizes itself when I watch McKenna and Kyla greet each other for the morning. McKenna runs in my room and boosts herself up so she can peek into the bassinet. She grabs Kyla's hand and shakes it up and down and says "Nice to see you." Then she squeezes her arm and says "Squishy squishy!" to which Kyla will give McKenna her big gigantic muppet smile that she has. Kenna will lean forward to give Kyla a kiss, her hair tickles Kyla's nose and Kyla will start her little breathy belly laugh. McKenna will be so excited that she's made her sister happy and shouts "Mama! Kyla laughing!" Then Kenna laughs hysterically and tells Kyla "That's a funny face!" Then she asks me "Mommy help! I hold Kyla now! I pick her up!" To which I know I must get out of bed before she attempts to pick her up on her own (which she WILL try) and our day begins.

So that was one of three parts of my day that will be wonderful. This is part two. Kyla is napping, McKenna is watching "A Christmas Story" and I'm enjoying my coffee and computer time. (Tart of the day is "Home for the Holidays" because I know you needed to know that!) I have lots of computer stuff to catch up on. Erick had to work on an article for C6M last night so I folded laundry and watched Vanity Fair (what do I think of this movie? I loved it yet I was totally disappointed. I think I was more disappointed in the character of Becky Sharp. It wasn't the movie that let me down, it was the character. I'd hoped for a better ending.) I've been doing a ton of housework lately, making my Christmas card list (for some reason every year I have to create a fresh document of addresses. It's my way of making sure I have the most updated list possible), working on a scrap page (which I can't share because it's a DMM submission). So I fell behind on my messageboards, emails and blogs. Hopefully I can catch up between today and tonight.

The third part of the day is when Erick comes home. Ever since he had his revelation he's been coming home in a more fun and positive mood. He never comes home grumpy towards us but he usually comes home with this kind of exhausted, "I've just spent the day with juvenile criminals and it's got me down" kind of way. But lately he's left that mood at the door. He still shares with me about his day and it's hardships. But he isn't in a mood that the girls would notice. As far as they're concerned, Dad is home and all is right with the world -let the wrestling begin.

Anyway, today is his "Friday". He's off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tonight we have to make a Target run because when I went to put up my holographic snowman and present decorations outside, I realized we have no outlet out there. Fiddlesticks. I guess that means I can't make my candy-lights this year. My Mom taught me to make them years ago and they are so fun and cute. Here are the ones I made last year:

Oh well. Maybe another year. So we're gonna stop by Target to pick up some window decorations that can go inside. Pray for my checkbook. I don't know how to walk out of Target spending less than $60 at least. And I'm hoping to stop by Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up some gifts that I have in mind. Can't mention what they are because they are for people who read this blog.

Ok, a few cute stories and pics:


* If Kyla or Daddy (not Mommy because she would NEVER) happen to cut the cheese without passing out the crackers, then McKenna will tell them "Use your manners!"

* One of our neighbors has a little statue outside and its of Santa kneeling in prayer next to baby Jesus in the manger. When McKenna saw it she said "Look Mama! Santa changed the diaper!" LOL That's what she thinks Santa is doing kneeling next to the baby Jesus.

* She was looking at a scrapbook my Mom made for me yesterday. She pointed to a picture of me on my 5th birthday. That was a special memory for me because I remember my parents gave me this beautiful, super-girly, ruffly dress. And I'm wearing the dress in the picture. McKenna pointed to the picture and said "Oooooh. Cinderella!"

* She knows her full name now. Although she thinks her middle name is Riley Roo because I call her that sometimes. McKenna, what's your first name? "Kenna!" What's your middle name? "Riley ROOOOOOOOO!" What's your last name? "Beeeeeeeeeger." Although sometimes she'll tell you that her middle name is Kyla or Mommy. So she's got a bit of an identity crisis on her hands.

* Ok now this is a gross one. She was sitting on her potty and she'd gone poop. She looked in and said "Look! I made a ducky! Hi Ducky! Are you swimming in the water?" LOL Um, good imagination, gross application!

Here are two cute pics I took of her the other night.

By her princess tree:

By our tree:


Ok, don't have as many stories about "Kyla-Bo" as she is called around these parts. She's only 11 weeks old so she's still pretty much eating, sleeping, pooping and smiling. But I can tell you that she LOVES to be sang to. I get a big, beautiful smile from her when I sing "Silent Night". And she loves a Mommy/Kenna duet of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". This is a nice change for me who is used to my oldest daughter scolding me with "No Mommy! Don't sing it!"

Here are a couple cute pics of Kyla:

And this one is especially for her Auntie Melly who is not feeling well today:

Well duty calls. With that I leave you with a fun quiz.
Which Disney Princess Are You?
I'm Cinderella. Post in the comments section and share which princess you are!


Alyson said...

Ohhh I got Belle! I was just hoping I didn't get Mulan. "You're a disappointment to your parents and you dress like a man."

According to the answers you have just chosen you are most like the Disney Princess Belle.

Belle is as lovely as her name implies but her natural unaffected beauty is far more than skin deep. An intelligent and avid reader Belle yearns for faraway places and exciting adventures. She is a loyal, loving daughter and when the beast finally wins her trust she gives him all her kindness and patience and then realizes she has also given him her heart. With her inner strength and outward beauty, Belle is a young woman who can and does make things happen.

Gina said...

Woah. I have a LOT to comment on!

Firstly, I am nauseous just thinking of your sleepless night. LOL I hope tonight is better...... Secondly, Vinny sleeps through everything too BUT this one obnoxious alarm my Mom bought for him years ago. The ring is totally headache-inducing but it wakes him up and I don't have to set an alarm on my side. It's on of those "old-fashioned" looking alarms with the two big bells up top.

My kids wake up the SAME way! Isn't it cute? Just wait until Kyla is in a crib and McKenna starts climbing onto dressers to get inside. *rolleyes* Andrew is only 14 months and I am just waiting for him to escape one of these mornings. I know he is going to pick up a trick from his sister.

I half-watched, mostly listened to "In Good Company" the other night and my description would be the same as yours for Vanity Fair. It was just the character and the ending that left you dissapointed.

I do the SAME thing with Christmas card labels too! I always re-type every year.

"Look Mama! Santa changed the diaper!" LOL Cute!!!!

Emmie knows her full name now too! Emmie Rae Miller. She can't say EmiLY yet.

OMG nasty, nasty poop story! LOL!!

McKenna looks like she put on weight! And I don't mean that in a bad way at ALL! Her face looks fuller... has she been eating more and doing less of the "bird picking" thing the girls at this age seem to like? Growth spurt?

Yup Kyla TOTALLY resembles Erick. I stand firm.

Hmmm did Mel catch what Luke has?

I am Belle! Thanks for the quiz.

Ok... longest Blog comment EvEr! :D

Juli said...

Ugh! I hate nights like that!
I love that you find good things throughout the day to revitalize you though! What a sweet picture of Kenna waking up with Kyla!

I love that image of Santa kneeling before Baby Jesus! That's funny how Kenna thinks he's changing diapers! The minds of kids! LOL

Mommy was Cinderella! Go with it! *wink

Um...eww on the poop!

Kyla is so beautiful!!

I'm Belle, by the way!

Elaine said...

HAHAHA! The duck poop swimming in the water! She's too funny!And Santa changing Baby Jesus' diaper! That kid is a regular comedian! LOL!

terrarist said...

ok i thought I left long comments - good lord gina!!! but this one may equal hers so i better watch it! I am Poca-fricking-hontas!!!! Yeah Baby - grrrrrr!!!! she's tall, she's hot, and she'll kick your a**. Too bad I am the whitest white girl alive, and have none of that cultural identity in me, but hey, its a quiz.
I was laughing and crying reading your entry today Shannon - it so touched my heart cause that is just how my days/nites go too! I feel sometimes like I am reading my life through someone else's eyes!!! and i laughed SO hard out loud about the cheese and crackers story that I got stuff all over my computer monitor!!! Thanks for the laughs!
Only a few more hours till OFFICE and EARL!!!!!! WOO HOOO for TUESDAYS!!!!!
PS - I made myself LOL with my office reference to the drumroll when i went back to re - read it. That show cracks me up!
Have a good day!