Friday, December 02, 2005

I drink, therefore I am.

I don't think I can function without coffee? And even then, sometimes I'm still not functioning so well. That was today. 3 cups of coffee and I still was too exhausted. Somehow I did manage to make the bed, dump the trash, vacuum, shower, fold laundry (well, some of it), care for two babies and scrap a page. But dang, I was TIRED while I did all that! At 4pm, I really thought I was gonna fall asleep right there while giving Kyla her bottle. So....I had another cup of coffee. And now, I'm worried that I'll be up all night so I'm counteracting the effects of the coffee with a glass of chardonnay. It's going great with my dinner of....popcorn. LOL, I'm the picture of health, I know!

Anyway, I've been busy but the good kind of busy. Everything on my to-do list is decorating, shopping, baking, scrapping and caring for my family. That's a good life don't you think? I love that when I think "Geez, I have to get ___ done." That blank is almost always filled with something I love to do. I'm a lucky gal.

We bought our tree the other day. I finally decided that I could not take it anymore - we MUST get a fake tree. I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas and it's a real downer to either have to wait until Mid-December to buy our tree or else buy it early and have it die well before Christmas even comes. Fake trees look so real nowadays that the only difference is the smell. And truth be told, our live trees don't smell all that strongly and it certainly doesn't last that long. Nothing that a nice Yankee Candle can't fix. So we bought a gorgeous 7-ft. Douglas with pre-strung, multi-colored lights for only $76 at Walmart! It's perfect! It took us 5 minutes to assemble it. No wayward branches. No sap. No shedding needles. No bare spots. No watering. Hypo-Allergenic. No need to wrap and unwrap and re-wrap lights. I just LOVE it! So it's all decorated and soooo pretty. I have a mediocre camera so this is the best pic I can offer you

I've also finished about half of my Christmas shopping. I still have a few odds & ends as well as Erick's gift. And of course I need to get my cards out and my treats baked. But I am WAY ahead of the game compared to my usual Christmas schedule!

Part of my busyness was digital. I have a ton of stuff downloaded that I need to sort. Someone needs to come up with a Digi-scrapping filing software. Something that cross-references so that I can do a search for Alphas and I'll get all the alphas I own shown to me in one file but they're still stored with the kits they came with. I'd love that. Anyway, I also finished up two LOs for the CT.

My Guys

This was created for Gina's 4th Font & Sketch Challenge at TDC. I used Gina Miller's "Bee-Bop" kit. Font is "Surf Safari".
Journaling says: Luke & Gavin - my little guys. Never has an auntie been so proud to have such wonderful, adorable, loving, precious, charming, super-duper, extra-special, boys as her nephews. You both make my heart burst with those sweet smiles. I love you to pieces!

Let's Play

This is using Gina Miller's "Cool Dude" paper pack. Also used Gina Miller's Chipboard Alpha (recolored). Green frames by Mary Ann Wise.

Well that's about the most my brain can muster tonight. I'm gonna straighten up this messy living room and read some of my book.

PS - Is the Aerosmith video annoying yet? I never have my sound on so I forget it's there. Is it buggin'?

PPS - The commercials for Daisy Does America crack me up. I think I'm gonna like this show. Premiers December 6. Check out the link and click on "Watch It" for the trailer. "I'm not schizophrenic, just very busy." LOL I think I'll adopt that as my motto!

PPPS - How can I have bought this tart that bears the Yankee Candle name but the scent is not on the Yankee Candle website? Oh well. If you can find it, pick up the Ginger Spice (or was it Gingerbread Spice?) tart from YC! It is YUM YUM YUM Delicioso!


Sara said...

I had to pop on by your blog! First, thank you so much for being so sweet and supportive in my recent blog posts. It's hard to put yourself out into cyber space, and the prayers are so appreciated. You're the sweetest!

Ok, onto blog talk. I hear ya on the coffee thing, only I don't drink coffee....I live on diet pepsi. So much so that sometimes I have a headache or dont sleep well at night. I'm weaning myself down from it, using diet caffein free pepsi as a "pepsi patch".

You're treee looks great! It's all about pre-light trees. Especially when you have little ones around. But I do miss the smell of a fresh cut tree.

Have a great weekend!

Jen said...

i am so jealous your tree is up already! i think (hope really) that we are putting our up today- things are just so crazy busy that we haven't even started yet.

Julie said...

I've been waiting for a blog update!
I'm so with you on the coffee!! It's nuts, I tell ya!
Your tree looks pretty!!!
You are a busy girl, but good busy! I don't know how you even manage to put it all on a to-do list never mind get it done!

Um..the video is a teensy bit annoying, but I just hit mute when I come here! LOL

Gina said...

Ok if I'm being honest here, I always mute the video too. LOL!

Your tree looks great!!!! The colored lights are so pretty and fun. And it looks like you filled it in with a great assortment of ornaments. No Charlie Brown tree there!

Elaine said...

See I wasn't going to say anything about the video because I liked it the first two times. (I hadn't seen the video before and I liked the song!) But now it scares the bejeesus out of me! i forget it's there until it starts playing! LOL!

OH and yes, Coffee is the secret drug of all moms.

I love the tree! It reminds me that I seriously need to get one soon! Sorry you can't make it to Maddy's bday but I totally understand! We have to get together soon though! (after the holidays of course!):D