Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Video

I had to at least post this video from McKenna's Christmas program.

First, here she is before we left. This is what she calls her "Cinderella hair" style:

Now for the video, they were the first class to sing. So the audience was still chattering while the kids sang. Someone shushed the crowd and the kids thought it was THEM being shushed. LOL! What else is a two-year old gonna think right? And then of course, a little boy stands right in front of my little midget and completely blocks her for half the song. Oh well, what can you do? The important thing is that she enjoyed participating and I was afraid she'd cry the whole time. But nope, she did wonderfully. I think it helped that the week before we'd seen my Mom in a Christmas pageant at church. We kept asking McKenna if she wanted to be in a Christmas show like Grandma was and she seemed to like that idea. So that might've been part of why she wasn't nervous. Anyway, I'll admit, I cried when I saw the live version and I still get teary-eyed when I watch the video. What a mush I am:
McKenna's Pageant

After the program, we went to lunch with my Dad and then decided since we were at the mall and McKenna was dressed up (and I had a dress for Kyla in the car) why not try to visit Santa? We were positive McKenna would refuse to sit on his lap but my sister said I had to at least try so that I could have a picture of Kyla's first visit to Santa. And she also said I should just ask McKenna if she would like to help us take Kyla to visit Santa. So after I shook off the shock that my baby sister gave good advice (he he, just kidding. She always gives good advice.) I tried her trick and it worked! McKenna wasn't the least bit nervous about being with Santa! She told him what she wanted for Christmas (she said "presents" LOL! She wasn't too specific) and what Kyla wanted for Christmas (also "presents") and we took the pic, grabbed our free m&ms and counted our blessings that neither girl was crying in the photo. I have no problem having a crying child in a Santa photo but I don't want to torment my kids just for my own enjoyment of visiting Santa. So I was happy that both seemed to enjoy the experience. My scanner isn't working (what else could go wrong this week?) so here is one we took with our camera.

And here's just a cute one of Kyla because I feel horrible that I haven't had time to put up her 3 month pics yet:

And now I'm off to do one of the five billion things on my to-do list. Merry Christmas! = )


Sara said...

Ok, I would watch the video, but my very slow dial up prevents me from doing so. I'm sure it's adorable.
I love the pics!! Your kids are stinking adorable.

Have a merry christmas.

Kim Goddard said...

Cute video....

Anonymous said...

Your Santa picture turned out so cute! It reminds me that I want to get one of Jack and Rhett, (but I need to remember to dress them in something that will look good with Santa). Kyla's such a smiley girl, can't wait to see more of her as she gets bigger and her personality develops.

Laura said...

That was me again Shannon ((sigh)) I have the hardest time posting to your blog. LOL Don't know why.

Elaine said...

OMIGOD for a "hurry" blog, it sure was oozing with cuteness! First, McKenna's video was so so CUTE! I just wanted to moosh her up!
(side note, i love how we got "teacher butt" into the video too.. I swear, do they pass that butt around to each other? I remember seeing that same "teacher butt" when I was little!)
The Santa picture is cute too! Kyla is such a smiley little thing! There is too much cuteness in your house girl!!!

Julie said...

Well I already told you how much I love that video!
But that Santa picture is the best!
How great that Kenna helped her sister! Good advice, Mel!
Man I love Kyla's smile!

Gina said...

Well, that video is just the sweetest! And I can't believe you got both girls dressed and set-up with Santa! My ids would have NOTHING to do with the big dude! LOL

CUTE Kyla picture too! I can't wait for her update!!

Ok..why am I still sitting here? What is going on?! Why am I the biggest procrastinator in the world right now?!!

Jen said...

Cute video :) Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Alyson said...

Oh my GOSH! I just played that for my in-laws, as we are cooking Christmas Breakfast. That TOTALLY made Christmas perfect! I LOVE how she watched you the ENTIRE time, even when she was walking out! haha, so precious! We love her!! Merry Christmas!

Cheri said...

I just came across your blog and your kids are so pretty! Thanks for posting her video. It made my day!