Thursday, November 03, 2005

A promise is a promise

See? Didn't I tell you I'd update more often?

I thought of a funny story to tell you. A few days ago, I called Erick while he was on his way home from work and I asked him to stop at the store to pick up some formula, water and soda. He asked me "Anything else?" I said "Hmm, no. I don't think we need anything else." McKenna (who had been in the other room) came running in and said "Um...salad! And root beer! And onions!" I laughed and told Erick "McKenna said she wants you to pick up some salad, root beer and onions." Then I asked her "Anything else?" And she said "Yes! Pants! And melons and banas!"

She's at school right now. She was a little reluctant to let me go this morning, which isn't like her. Usually she doesn't care if I leave. She didn't make a big fuss or anything. Just kept asking for hugs and then when I told her it was time for me to go, she'd hug me tighter. But then Miss Elaine pulled out the paints and she was happy to let me go. She's working on a project they call "Fall colors". I can't wait to see all the art projects she worked on today. They usually bring home about 3 every week.

I love the beginning of every month because they provide a newsletter for us parents that let's us know the themes for the month and some of the special projects they'll be doing. Every month they have a variety of themes: one color, one shape and several subjects. They do art projects, read stories, sing songs, etc. that revolve around those themes. And then at the end of the month they do a special activity: in September they had a teddy bear picnic and they each got to bring their favorite doll or bear and in October they had a costume parade.

Novembers themes are the color orange, the shape of a square, the harvest, food, Native Americans and Pilgrims. Some of their projects will be painting with corn cobs, making cornmeal play-doh, and "more pud" (I have no clue what pud is). They'll paint Native American vests and make Thanksgiving placemats. And then on Wednesday the 23rd they will have a harvest lunch. The parents are invited to attend as well so that should be really fun. They're gonna do a sign-up sheet for paper goods and food so maybe I'll get to help bake for my daughter's class for the very first time! I've always wanted to be a mom who helps out with her kids' class activities!

Well, its about time for me to go get her and I don't want to be late. Something so sad about being the last kid picked up, isn't there? Its very important to Erick that she never be late being dropped off on the FIRST day of school and never be late picking her up every day. Traumatic childhood experiences ; )

Here are a few pics to share:

Erick is so proud. She loves Star Wars movies!

Daddy & Kyla, taking a morning nap:

She looks so innocent doesn't she? Don't let her fool ya. She was a mischievous little pixie this morning!


Julie said...

Kenna cracks me up! I love her grocery list!! LOL

Such a sweet picture of Daddy and Kyla! I love taking naps with babies! I think I'll bring the boys over for a playdate and go take a nap with Kyla whilst you supervise the older ones! LOL

Shannon Bieger said...

LOL It's a deal!