Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm so conceited - look at my blog!

Isn't it awesome how self-serving blogs are? You have a whole outlet to tell the entire world all about yourself and everything that you deem noteworthy and as far as the blogger is concerned, the whole world is listening. In fact, I can't say for sure but I have every reason to believe that our very own president of the United States likes to read my blog. You never know. Well at the very least, Bill Clinton probably reads my blog. I mean, what's he got goin' on right now? Not a whole lot.

But I digress....

Onto my real thoughts...which, I should forewarn you are nonsensical. This entry is just about reaching my word count for the day without talking my husband's ear off. Now shhh, be quiet. I've got more to say.

You know why being a SAHM rocks? Because all of your energy goes towards something or someone you love. Feeding MY family, bathing MY kids, cleaning MY home. And then when I get my "down time" I get to invest in MY hobbies.

Speaking of which....

Here are some activities that are making me oh-so-happy lately:

I'm reading Saffron Skies right now and I LOVE it. I'm just absorbed in these characters. There's a little more sex then I'd prefer but that's true of just about any fictional book that I've read these days. It's not that I'm a prude about sex. Its just that I don't care to be a spectator when others are having sex. At least with movies I can fast-forward through sex scenes. With books, you kind of just have to press on until its over. Not much you can do about it when it comes to books. No one tells you how much sex there will be in a book. You finish reading one part and you have no idea how many other sex "scenes" will come up again so you keep reading because you don't want to throw the book out. What if that was the only sex scene? If it is, you've already passed it. You're already "informed" so-to-speak. May as well go on. But then "Whoops, there's another one. Damn." You just don't know. But anyway, this book, whilst a little too graphic in a few areas for my taste is still a captivating book. And as long as you are not MORE of a prude then me (which would then make you Amish), I can give a "no suck" guarantee.

I'm enjoying the start of some traditional holiday baking. Last week I made a really yummy pumpkin spice cake. This week I'll be baking an apple pie. And soon it will be time to start planning those Christmas cookie trays again! Man that was a BIG project last year. I'm gonna have to tone it waaaaaaaay down this year.

I'm working out again. Woohoo! I haven't worked out in a loooong time. So I wanted to start off somewhat easy. I picked up Dance Off The Inches and its so fun. Its just a 15 minute cardio routine, much like Jazzercise which I've always loved. Its been great for a daily way to get my energy up and burn a few calories. After this week I'm gonna start incorporating some yoga back into my routine a few times a week. But sadly, I think I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and start doing some crunches. My belly is just pitiful after 2 babies.

And of course there is the aforementioned Digi-scrapping which has been highly addicting. Now I'm not churning out the pages as quick as most. But that's because I like to spend a lot of time learning techniques so that I can get my pages the way I like them. My first few practice pages were just "do what I can to complete this page so that its good enough". Now I want to do what I can to complete a page to my standards. I want my pages to be the best I'm capable of so that I always love them and don't want to redo them a hundred times over. And if that takes extra time to learn to do it right then so be it. Right now I'm working on our Christmas cards and I have a concept for them that I totally love. But I want the card to really reflect how adorable the idea is. So I'm taking my time. Good thing I started 2 months early huh?

Now about that....

After I posted my last blog entry, there was quite a buzz around me of people who had questions about digi-scrapping. So I wanted to post a couple of links to give a boost to a few of my favorites:

Gina Miller
In my last post I mentioned Gina whom I affectionately refer to as my digital yoda. Just kidding. That's the first time I've referred to her as that. Anyway, she's making quite the name for herself in the digital community. Even if she wasn't my friend, she would easily be one of my favorite designers. If you're a scrapper, I highly recommend following her blog closely as she is quite generous with the freebies. Sometimes she just posts some as a gift to her readers. Sometimes there is a little challenge involved to make you earn it. But it is always worth it. She produces top-notch designs. So be sure to keep an eye on her.

The Digi Chick
Browse the Gallery for inspiration. Visit Downloads for free Designer samples. And shop the Boutique for some truly amazing products (BTW, you can find Gina's products at The Digi Chick as well).

And just released today is the first EVER issue of Digital Memories Magazine. Its currently an online magazine available in pdf format. I just downloaded my copy and I am dying to get started on it. Even if you're just considering digital scrapbooking, download the magazine today and read! Its very informative and inspiring!

And for those who asked, I just started my own gallery online. I've only posted a few of my LO's (layouts) because I want to redo a few. Be kind. I'm a beginner. (Thanks to Jen for showing me this site!)

Ok that's enough for now. I have a few cute stories and pics of the girls but I think I'll save those for a separate post to be done tonight or tomorrow. I ran out of time today because one of the munchkins (the taller one) is having a "Need lots of cuddles" day. She just woke from her nap so it looks like its time to start those cuddles again.


Gina Rae said...

I'm famous! I'm famous! LOL I don't think I've ever been called Yoda before. Hey, whatever works! Thanks for giving my name a little boost on the Blog. :) Keep up the good work - you've really improved in the short time you've been doing this! Now aren't you glad you started?! ;)

Jen said...

so glad that you posted at LM :) Your LOs are great! Can't wait to see more from you.