Sunday, July 24, 2005

McKenna's Big Girl Bed!

So tonight is McKenna's first night in her big girl bed! I was actually a little close to tears when I put her down for her last nap in her crib today. What a sap, huh? = )

So we took her to Target tonight and let her pick her own bedding. Here is what she chose:

Once it was all made up, she ran in the room and said "WOW! Bear Bears! WOW!"

(Excuse the green teeth. She just finished a snack of Monsters, Inc. Fruit Snacks.)

All tucked in.

We read her a bedtime story. She just got a new book tonight called "I'm the Big Sister." She really seemed to grasp that she is the big sister and she'll get to help take care of Kyla. On one page the "big sister" in the book says that the baby is crying and they need to find out what is wrong. McKenna said "Baby crying. Hungry." And we turned the page. Sure enough, baby needed a diaper change and a bottle. I told Kenna that she'll be a very good big sister. (Side story: While I was dressing her for bed, she kept wiggling and kicking and was getting me right in the stomach. I asked her to please not kick because it hurt my tummy. She said "Sorry Kyla." )

After the book we said our prayers. She loves to pray. Usually with kids, the grown up says the prayer and the kid repeats. Not with Kenna. She already knows what she wants to say. She just starts with Dear God, says a few things I can't understand and then thanks God for Mommy, Daddy, Kenna, Kyla, Lukey, Baby Davin (that's how she says Gavin), Auntie and Bi (that's how she says Uncle Bri.) Then she nods and says "Amen". Then it was kisses and our usual "I love you" game and lights out.

She stayed in there talking for awhile (not unusual for her, especially on days like today when her nap was such a long one....2pm-6pm!!!!) and since its been pretty quiet for some time now, I'm pretty sure she's asleep.

So let's pray she sleeps as late as usual (8:30am/9am) and naps well tomorrow!! I'll let you know how it goes!

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