Sunday, July 24, 2005

A couple more pics

After taking a couple of pics today, I realized I still had some on my camera that I had wanted to post in my latest blog update. So lest I forget the next time I update, I'll just post 'em now.

Just looking cute one night before bed:

She really loves having breakfast with Daddy in the morning. Some days they sit here and have in-depth conversations about Trogdor. For anyone who knows what Trogdor is, if you sing that song, Kenna will tell you "He's NOT a dragon man!". Anyway, she likes to have breakfast here or she asks for "Daddy and Denna tables". That means she wants me to bring them breakfast in bed with our breakfast trays. No, my family isn't spoiled. Not one bit.:

Two pics I took today.

When she grows up, will she be a sweet little dancer like Mommy?

Or will she be a little rockstar like Daddy?

That pic just screams "Chick band" doesn't it?

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