Saturday, August 14, 2004

Picture Time!

Here are a couple pics from the past few days I wanted to share.

She got this car for her birthday. She thinks its one she can ride so she sits on it and puts her feet up and we push her around the living room. She thinks its the most fun. Crazy kid.

Wearing Daddy's sunglasses (with her bruise she looks like a real bad ass):

The picture we used for her thank you cards. It said "Thank you fairy much!"

And my friend Amy made the most beautiful "siggy" for the messageboard that I'm on:

Other noteables: I learned an important lesson this week. Don't be ruled by the clock. A month or so ago, McKenna stopped acting tired until she'd been awake for 4 hours and I assumed this was a natural part of getting older and more active. So every day I'd been waiting until she'd been awake for 4 hours to put her down for her nap, no matter what. Well the past week she has just been such a bear after only 2 or 3 hours. So I put her down for her nap today after only 2 hours (and after finally realizing that she does give sleep cues now) and the kid napped like a champion all day long. I'd been letting her get overtired and as a result she had been cranky and napping poorly. Oh well, lesson learned.

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Jennifer said...

lol that first picture and caption killed me. so cute. i think your blog is my new favorite.